do you know what’s the most important thing about climbing mountains is? it’s not about having the courage to challenge it, it’s about having the courage to back down.

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anonymous asked:

Hey! Would I be able to request a poly relationship of Mari x an Energetic S/O x Dia? Hope that's okay

yes!! i love these kinds of requests :D !!!

  • Mari is definitely more energetic than Dia, but the two of you together can usually rouse her into doing fun stuff
  • That, and Dia could never say no to your excited face, bouncing up and down and begging her to come along with you two
  • You’re always dancing around the house, playing upbeat music and singing along, and Mari often joins in
  • The two of you make housework so much fun
  • Dia doesn’t usually put so much energy into every task, but she will definitely smile at how cute you are
  • She admires your ability to just let go and be childish and carefree
  • When the three of you hang out at the park, Dia was expecting you to maybe go for a walk, or sit on a bench and talk, but you immediately run for the swings, yelling at them to push you
  • Mari grins at Dia, and runs after you, saying “Yeah, Dia!! Push us!”
  • Dia, left behind, is forced to run after you to keep up, and she protests that she can’t push two swings at a time
  • To fix this, when Mari catches up to you, since you’re already on a swing, she jumps on your lap with an acrobatic level of coordination, landing facing you and wrapping her legs around your torso, and you both laugh, yelling for Dia to push you together
  • Dia just smiles, catching her breath and giving you a hard push, causing both of you to squeal in excitement
  • Dia sits on the swing next to you and basically just watches you and Mari run and play around chastising you when you get too reckless, smiling at parents who are watching their kids in the same manner
  • As much as she can’t keep up with you, she loves you to death
  • Now Mari can absolutely keep up with you, and she does
  • She is a terrible influence on you, you’re always driving too fast, climbing on things you shouldn’t, but you’re having fun, and what else is youth for anyways?
  • The only thing is, she’s absolutely not a morning person, and when you come to her super early in the morning (like 10:30), she refuses to do anything, she just wraps her arms around your neck and kind of hangs off of you, being super dramatic until Dia pulls her up, gives her a kiss and hands her some coffee, which perks her up really quick
  • And although there are definitely calm, romantic moments between the three of you, you all are on the same page that fun is fun, and you all push each other to new and adventurous heights