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Hey folks,  

I was lucky enough to write the song “Get Over You” for the episode Love Games.  Which I must say, not having written many songs, was one of the most stressful things i’ve ever had to do.  It was based off a riff Cole played on a guitar which i extrapolated on.  I wish i could tell you what i am playing but my knowledge of chords and keys are not what they should be.    (EDIT:  added chords in.)

The Lyrics go something like this: 

(D) When I’m heatin up my lunch / (Fmaj7) Or delivering a dungeon punch / (G) I can’t, get over you (D).

(D) Your kiss is burned into my brain / (Fmaj7) Simon’s hair is cloggin’ up my drain / (G) I just can’t, get over you (D).

(D) I see your face all over OOO / (Fmaj7) Sticks to me like a coat of glue / (G) I can’t, get over you (D). 

anyway here’s the demo i made with me playing guitar and singing quite froggily.   hope you dig it.