Love Torn in Dream

You didn’t just break promises, you broke me.
—  “I promise to love you forever”

A drunk!Dean x Reader / fluff

A/N: Hey, it’s me! Just writing two things in one week. (It’s probably going to snow). This is just something that popped into my head, because I love drunk!Dean/Jensen. I hope you guys like it. Your response fuels my writing. Let me know what you think! ♥

Word Count: 1,302

- language.
- implied smut (kind of)

Tags: (at the end)
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It was early for you, considering you normally didn’t wake up until at least noon. Looking at your phone, you realized it was only 7 am. Sam wasn’t even awake yet; his bedroom door next to yours still closed. With no windows in the Bunker, it was hard for you to wake up with the dawn anymore, your body used to the sun being your alarm clock. Walking down the hallway into the kitchen, you could hear faint giggling. It was a deep, goofy giggle, and you knew exactly who it was coming from.

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Dreaming of sights beyond her front door

Her life is full
Of small mistakes
But love is
An easy one to make.

She wants to go
Beyond this town
Pursue her dreams
And follow her hearts sound.

But through lifting her up
He’s holding her down.

She wants to travel
But can’t seem to unravel
The strings binding
Her soul to his.

She has aspirations
But her admiration
Of the boy next door
Will keep her feet on the floor.

She wants to soar
To see much more
But she cannot leave

Her heart is torn.

Stay With Me

 A Dean x Reader / fluff

A/N: This is the first fic I’ve posted since May. I feel so dirty. Plus, this is a rewrite of one of my marvel fics, called ‘Unexpectedly’. I haven’t had the mojo to write anything new lately, so I wanted to put some content out for you guys. I hope you like it. Let me know what you think! ♥

Word Count: 1,257

- none. (that I can think of)

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“Y/N,” Sam started, walking towards you with the first aid kit you kept in your bathroom. “Do you mind cleaning up Dean?”

Looking up from your laptop, you raised your eyebrow at him. You were a bit squeamish with blood, but you couldn’t deny a request from Sam. He extended the box out to you, a sweet smile on his face. Being around Dean always gave you mixed emotions. You were extremely attracted to him, there was no denying that, but their lives were complicated. Seeing him hurt like you knew he was right now, would only put your fears into perspective. With a soft sigh, you closed your laptop and stood up.

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shades of loneliness

a crayola box of grays, these feelings, 

so many brilliantly silent shades of loneliness 

that everyone’s world is stained with, despite everything

killed passion, shot love, empty hearts, torn souls, 

ripped dreams, stormy minds, 

and in my case a chronic case of selfishness 

but i draw a tiny pinpoint in the center of my cement parchment, 

bright yellow, 

and i call it hope 

-rachel | @whatrachelwrote

anonymous asked:

How would Kouen and Sinbad react to falling hard for a s/o but they get utterly rejected and later finds out that she doesn't want to be in a relationship with them because she doesn't want to become like a queen or something like that if that makes sense? Lile royal or some one important to the kingdom because shes with them


> For Kouen to fall so hard for someone in the first place, is very new and needs time for him to understand. Afterwards he finds it rather frustrating that  she’d refuse his advances. Once he finds out what his crush’s reason are, he’ll have to admit that it makes sense that she’d refuse, since the responsibility was quite overwhelming indeed. Even though he’d still like to offer her the possibility to stay in the palace without having to take any position on, Kouen knows that it would only make her unhappy and will respect her wish. Though he’ll make sure to come and see her from time to time, even if she doesn’t want him too, hoping that one day she might change her mind


> He’s very unsatisfied with her refusal and can’t really get it into his mind. He’s just not used of something not going his way. Upon hearing her reasoning he’ll excuse himself, wanting to think about it for a while too. Sinbad would never have thought, that the thing in his way to his happiness with his crush, would be the very position he always wanted to achieve for himself and the people around him. He’ll be torn between his newfound love and his dream, but in the end realize that he can’t simply throw away what he worked so hard for. Instead he’ll promise her that if she goes out with him, all he can do is try to keep her out of everything that she doesn’t want to be included in and if they can’t accept that, then there will be nothing he can do about


Your wings
fleetingly as clouds
and dissipating as easily

Your wings
beautifully forged
with colors no man could ever dream of to perceive

Your wings
created by love
torn off by hate

Your wings
once a life source
a pride

Your wings
are not you

Your wings
are your past

Your wings
a shadowy image
a memory

But you still remain
and for that I am truly grateful

Cause I will have you
with or without Your wings

- celtic-poetry

dreaming of you: [4:48 am] i’m thinking of things so wrong, with my eyes closed, screaming in my sleep, dreaming of dreams so sinful, so torn. oh love, i’m all alone, it’s the middle of the night, and i’m thinking of you.

last night i dreamt that somebody loved me - dala; alone/with you - daughter; if you wait - london grammar; fossa - daughter; rose (acapella) - anna tsuchiya; lonely hands - angus and julia stone; hiding tonight - alex turner; atlas - coldplay; the sinking man - of monsters and men; morning song - the lumineers; the devil’s tears - angus and julia stone; last night i dreamt that somebody loved me - low

listen to me - for god’s sake, i’ve been dreaming of you for centuries.

first cringe of morning

A post-wall scene, pre-BWB Doomsday ficlet

655 words

There are moments when Rose can forget that she’s lost almost everything, moments when the pain of having love and dreams and forever torn away isn’t trying to create a void where her heart had once resided.

(Sometimes she thinks that there already is a void there, just like the one that separates her from the home she’d made in the TARDIS and in his arms. Some days she feels so numb that she can’t help but think that all the void stuff that had floated around her once upon a time had made a home in her soul.)

(She almost retches when she sees a pair of 3-D glasses and is reminded of how he’d grinned while explaining what they were for.)

These moments of blissful forgetfulness never last long. She finds them in between sleep and waking, those precious seconds of peace and contentment and wondering what the Doctor had planned for the day before reality came crashing down once again, crushing her and leaving her gasping for breath as everything fell apart anew.

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If I could really get ontop of my ridiculous eating habits, holy hell i’d have the most bangin’ body. Forever torn between my love of food and the desire for my dream body. *frustrated groan*

anonymous asked:


As a hello

He’s almost always the first one awake.

He’s found that Abby will spring up out of bed at a moment’s notice, without any grogginess or disorientation, if need be; knows that she can wake immediately at the slightest sound of urgency in voice.

Otherwise? Abby is many things, but a morning person does not seem to be one of them.

It’s a surprising thing he’s learned only recently; a facet to her personality he never would have guessed.

As he looks at her sleeping form next to him, he can’t help but feel awe at all the hidden things he gets to know about her, now. That she can’t fall asleep unless her feet are covered. That she’s more ticklish on her right side than her left. That a kiss along the slope of her neck always makes her shiver.

He feels her stir next to him, her body stretching languidly along the lines of his. As she turns to him and smiles, the sleep still weighing heavily in her eyes, he indulges in one more thing that is new and uncomplicated and extraordinary.

Brushes the hair from her face and says:

“I love you.”

Not as a shaking confession, torn from him in hopeful dreaming. Not as a whispered secret, a wish given shape only to the air and the stars.

But something simple and light - as obvious and expected as “hello” or “good morning,” as easy as breathing.

The sleep disappears from her eyes as she smiles up at him, threads her hands in his hair to bring him down for a kiss.