Love Song 1


You are the only exception and I’m on my way to believing.

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The White Buffalo ~ Love Song #1

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The Internet- Love Song 1

We know exactly what you’re thinking…Odd Future has a girl in its crew?!?!? WTF. That makes about as much sense as George W’s vocabulary, jumbo shrimp, or Rick Perry’s brain.  Still, this girl, Syd Tha Kyd, is fly as eff, and definitely hardcore if she can roll with the wolf pack. After listening to this though, it all makes sense tonally at least.  Vocals over a gentle off beat- minus the anger and the incendiary lyrics.

A modern love song? By The Internet?  Oh, of course…


This is my favorite song of all time. I feel in love with Me'shell from this song. 


      The White Buffalo - Love Song #1


This always reminds me of my closest friend! I love this song and I love her very much!

I was on an island, an island for one.

I was burnin’ my eyes, starin’ at the sun, starin’ at the sun.

I was always silent, had I gone deaf and dumb?

I feel like a loser, cause I never won, well, I never won.

Til you blew in just like paper in the wind, I just wanted somethin’ to believe in.

I just want to be your man, your friend, carry on with you right down to the very end.