Love Muhammad

The Prophet (ﷺ) said:

“I guarantee a house in Paradise for one who gives up arguing, even if he is right; and a house in the middle of Paradise for one who abandons lying even when joking; and a house in the highest part of Paradise for one who makes his character excellent.”

[Abu Dawud]

I can never get enough of the Prophet’s (pbuh) beauty; he was so sensitive to people’s pain. He was their comfort when they were hurting. Can you imagine a grown busy man stopping to sit down and comfort a child hurting due to the death of his pet bird for as long as he needs? He did. Even when he was in pain himself, he would still comfort others.

When people ask me what I love most about him, I always say his beauty. It is fair to describe him as the most beautiful human being, a trait which takes a lot of strength and courage. There’s so much to learn from his personality alone. 

Illuminated Leaf


16th Century

(via and The Metropolitan Museum)

Poem by Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī

My heart is like an oyster shell, the Beloved’s phantom is the pearl; now I am no more contained, for this house is filled with Him.

Night split the lip of my soul with the sweetness of His talk; I am surprised at him who says, “Truth is bitter.”

Mortals’ food comes from without, but the lover’s food is from within; he regurgitates and chews, for the lover is like a camel.

Be swift-faring like a peri, denude yourself of your body; nakedness is not allowed to him who has the mange.

Salah al-Din has come to the chase; all the lions are his quarry; that man is his servant who is free from the two worlds.
Gabby Douglas Got Beautifully Honest About The Olympic Backlash She Faced
"I literally felt that the world was against me."

“And I didn’t qualify to certain competitions that I worked so hard for. So when people didn’t get that, like, [they would say] “Oh, why is she mad?” Because I literally broke my body for this sport. If you don’t get what you want, like a job or something, you’re gonna be sad! It’s human nature. So when people didn’t get that, I was devastated.” 

“As African-American athletes, you’re just kind of almost held to a different standard,” said Muhammad. “And even though you’ve won a medal and you’re standing on the stage representing your country, there’s always someone that’s gonna pick a photo with a fine-tooth comb and say, ‘Oh, well this is what makes her unpatriotic, this is what makes her different.’” 

May Allah grant us al-firdaus whose roof is the ‘Arsh of Allah.

Never think you are too far from attaining this level, wallahi, it is His Mercy and only through His Mercy that you will enter Paradise.

Work hard, and strive to gain His Love.

ومن يطع الله ورسوله فقد فاز فوزا عظيما

“And whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger has certainly attained the highest achievement.”


“When Allah loves someone, He calls Jibra'eel عليه السلام saying, "O Jibra'eel, I love so and so, so you love him.” Then Jibra'eel عليه السلام will call to the angels of the heavens, “Allah loves so and so, so love him.” And the angels will love (that person). And then Allah will place acceptance on earth for that believer.“


Wouldn’t it have been enough for Allah to just love a person?

But subhanallah, look at how al-Wadood (Loving) and al-Kareem (Generous) He is that He tells the angels about His Love and that love then descends to the earth.

How then can our hearts not love Him?

We invest so much time in trying to gain the love of people that we forget the only everlasting love is Allah’s.

No matter how far you have gone, no matter what you have done, turn back to Him. He will accept you. He will raise you and love you even more because He loves those who repent and purify themselves for His sake.

His doors of Love and Mercy will never ever close. Not even for a disbeliever. They will always be open. You just need to call on Him once, just need to take a step towards Him, and He will come to you at speed.