Love Her Dress

W.i.p - Shenga

I can’t get this image out of my head…it’s nowhere near publishing quality haha XD but this is a snippet/idea for one of my Shenga pieces :3 it’s been a while since I’ve actually written Shenga haha

(song: Miguel - Crazy in Love)

Her mask: black lace
dress: blood-red, floor length, long sleeved and off-the-shoulder, with a slit up to her left thigh.

She moved with an elegance that bordered on beautiful and strangely lethal. Every motion and gesture her body made was nothing short of mesmerizing…though Kaidan was biased.

Her body was pressed tightly to James’, the blood red of her dress trailing around her like the petals of a rose, his hand caressing her slender waist. He lifted her thigh to his hip, his fingers tracing the exposed skin as he dipped her back with ease. She rose to meet him and his lips ghosted along the column of her neck, never touching, but giving those who watched, the show they wanted.

Kaidan’s eyes glided over his two lovers; from the tense, strong lines of James’ features, to Tessa’s exposed thigh, curled at their boyfriend’s hip and the small strip of black lace that Kaidan only then noticed peeking out from beneath the slit of her dress.

Kaidan knew how she’d feel in James’ hands, how every flex of sensual muscle would feel beneath the rough callouses of his fingertips.


I was never the hero you wanted me to be.