Love Her Dress

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What does jeast look like?

like this



“If I had a flower for every time I thought of you… I could walk through my garden forever.”
—Alfred Tennyson

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Queen bendy?

(purely aesthetic appreciation of looks)
“ Queen is literally one of my best beauty dolls, I love dressing her up a lot <3”

(how close a friend they consider them)
“ There’s a reason why people don’t like us when were together in the same time and place. ;) Plus she been there for me during our golden years and both understand each other thick and thin man. ”

(wanting to have sex with them)
“ Kehehe, some times we have  needs and its benefits. ”

(hoping for a romantic relationship)
“ We’re best friends, hell sisters, but its never a moment where I don’t think about her to be honest, but it’s one of those moments I don’t care if it was a relationship or not, I’m just glad I have someone in my life that’s amazing as them really.”

💔 Non-existent
💗 Very low
💗💗 A little
💗💗💗 Hopeful
💗💗💗💗 High
💗💗💗💗💗 Maximum


“As we wanted to show a slight passage of time in costume we made some slight changes – Belle is wearing a jacket that was embroidered by hand in our workshop and is a collection of stylised images of different animals. She is wearing a red fichu and an apron with printed flowers which references French provencal style and is part of the small selection of additional things she wears during the montage sequence at the Castle.” — Jacqueline Durran


harlots // charlotte’s fuchsia dress