I’m gonna shut up now, but the NERVE of Louise to wish happy 6 years on a picture of Harry and Lux alone is just… You’ve been working with the four of them for ages. You had time to take thousands of pictures. There are thousands of pictures available. You could ask Cal Aurand to lend you one.

This is one of the worst ways of saying happy anniversary to the band. Especially in the context the band’s in right now. Everyone else has made an effort to reassure fans. She doesn’t have to reassure anyone, but the least she could do is not exclude three fucking people from her congratulations post.

Next time, don’t post anything. It’d be 10 times better than this. I’m fucking furious for Liam, Niall and Louis, because they’ve been ignored. And for Harry, because he’s being exploited. Fuck off.

Lou laying the smack down.