so let me get this straight,,

Louis being casually mentioned in Harry’s interviews
Prerecorded interview where they ask H if Sweet Creature is about Louis
The “hack”
Lou responding to a tweet about how she cut H and L’s hair (basically confirming that they got haircuts together and are hanging out)
Lou styling Louis for his photoshoot, putting on her story that it was her second job of the day (H was her first, it was the same day as the Sweet Creature premiere and he had a radio thing)
Russel (L’s manager) hanging out with Harry Lambert (H’s stylist)
H and L’s respective teams are publicly in the same circle of friends
H and L are the only two of ot4 who are with Sony
Harry and Louis are both publicly in London right now

correct me if im wrong about something or if there’s more, but I’m right to be suspicious as hell, yeah???