To those who said that after xfactor 2010 one direction wouldn’t last, here we are 6 years later, still going strong, finding a home at a 1D concert and supporting their music even if people tell us that we are childish for doing so. After 6 years the boys are still thanking US for everything we’ve done when it’s us that should be thanking THEM for changing our lives and giving us happiness when hearing their voices. Whether we support Larry, whether we don’t - whether we love Ziam or Narry or Zouis, we are all here for the same thing and to support the same people. Even if you’ve only listened to one album, or one song, or you used to be a fan and not anymore, we’ve all been a part of changing their lives and spreading their love and watching the band grow into so much more. So this is for them and for every other person who’s stood by their side and helped create the 1D family.