I am absolutely struck by the recognition and acknowledgement Steve has given Louis for their first Platinum award for “Just Hold On.”

It is striking in the absence of any congratulatory messages from Louis’ own management team, PR team or the label this was done under (SYCO.) It’s so deeply disappointing that his own team cannot celebrate his achievements and first triumphs as a solo artist.

Louis’ team had SO MUCH to work with from Ultra – social media posts and press releases on Louis’ first major solo performance to an EDM crowd of 100K, a true cross-over moment performing his hit song, or indeed, celebrating his first platinum achievement as a solo artist.

But as usual, they neglect to do anything that is in Louis’ best interests, and certainly anything that will give good press on his music and solo career. It is heartbreaking to see.

So as always, Steve is making up for the failings of Louis’ own team, and giving Louis the recognition he VERY MUCH deserves! (And blasting it all over social media.)

Thank you, Steve!