Vanished Silk Road city studied in China

BEIJING (UPI) – Chinese archaeologists say they’ve found evidence of agricultural activity in an ancient vanished city that was a pivotal stop along the famous Silk Road.

Scientists from the Institute of Geology and Geophysics said remote sensing procedures, field investigations and sample testing in the area showed there were once large tracts of farmland in Loulan, an important trading city that mysteriously disappeared in the third century A.D., China’s official news agency Xinhua reported Sunday.

Farmland featuring regular and straight plots stretching for 200 to 1,000 yards, as well as irrigation ditches running throughout, have been found, Qin Xiaoguang, a member of the research team, said.

Grain particles in the area’s ground surface are very likely the remains of crop plants, Qin said.

Evidence of an ancient canal measuring 10 to 20 yards wide and 5 feet deep suggest the city, which is thought to have perished in drought, was once rich in water resources, the researchers said. (source)

there are several times I couldn’t help picturing one woman with Yao-.-

and I thought she should be Loulan(ancient kingdom in Xinjiang,but it was killed by the sand and desert). I’ve seen such a similar character in many Chinese novels for the youth.Seemingly,China has nostalgia for the disappeared kingdom

localization things i will always be peeved about: the change from touma to valla

what gets me more is the wiki’s failure to acknowledge the trivia behind the original jpn names for the place like loulan, rongtao… bc obviously IS was very specific in their choice of names.

see the point of touma/valla is the fact that its situated right between the east and the west..sure okay so is greece but there is already so much european influences in nohr…. why make another kingdom be european fantasy??

what makes loulan so significant was that it was an oasis city situated along the silk road and their king was assassinated before the han chinese took over. today, loulan is nothing but ruins surrounded by desert.

as for rongtao (anthony in eng)……HIS NAME IS A BIG HINT AT HIS BETRAYAL AND HIS LOYALTY TO HYDRA LMAO….. bc im sure the “rong” is “long” ( 龙 ) which is chinese for DRAGON…..