How You Get The Boy - Sixteen

where Tenley sees another side of Harry

“Midnight Haven, huh?”

He let out a chuckle, shaking his head a little. “A bit cheesy, yeah, but-”

“Hey,” I stopped him, “I didn’t say that. It sounds better than The Cup, don’t you think?”

Harry frowned at me, two lines forming between his brows, as he nudged me with his shoulder. “Heeeey, don’t insult my workplace and your favourite café.”

I kinked an eyebrow at him, “Who says it’s my favourite café?”

“I think it’s quite obvious, bunny.” He pointed out and I could hear the hint of smugness in his voice. “You come in nearly everyday, which is enough to prove that you love The Cup. Unless you come just to see me, is that it?”

“Dream on, button,” I said with a roll of my eyes and a scoff, “C'mon are we just gonna stand out here or are you gonna get me inside?”

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I clearly never actually knew how to draw arms…

Anyway, I was admiring @pantheon-for-a-muse art work and her men (Please go check her out, shes amazeballs) so I decided to actually study the male upper body and share it with you guys. There are lots of triangle and diamond shapes when it comes to the male figure…And I really never knew how to draw arms correctly. One of those Hades is from two weeks ago…and the other from 2 years ago. Prometheus was drawn up about a year a half ago? Since he is a Titian I wanted to try and beef him up.

The next study I think is going to be legs… and then beards. I’ve got to study beards. It’s 3 AM. Bed time.

BROvincials: If You Thought We Were Close Before...


We competed at the CBJJF BC Provincials today.  Without getting into too much boring precomp week detail, I have a messed up sinus that was keeping me away from work and a couple ribs that dislocated twice, mostly keeping me away from the mats.  (I snuck on a couple times.)  I didn’t know if I’d be able to compete until midweek.  Couple that with the fact that I’ve been living off of roasted vegetables and Chadcakes™ for a month, and it’s safe to say I was probably a little difficult to be around this week.  

Despite my absences, hungry delirium, and seemingly permanent RBF, I managed to sit down with Hus-bro (Vik’s, not mine) and figure out a solid game plan based around closed guard that involved a lot of triangles and cross-collar grips.  Armbars were vetoed early on because I had never actually finished one if I didn’t have the mount.  Like not even in sparring.  Armbars from guard are Vicky’s bread and butter, not mine.  Even while we were circling the venue for 20 minutes trying to figure out where the entrance was, we were joking about whether or not I actually knew how to do one.  

We eventually found the entrance, took advantage of the 3 hour advanced weigh in, then went to White Spot, where I smashed a chorizo hash with white bread and jam.  Breakfast of champions, right?  By the time I suited up back at the comp, I felt great.  I had the power of super-refined white carbs coursing through my veins for the first time since the holidays.  I was unstoppable.  That is, until I was literally stopped at gi check, where I was informed that I wasn’t allowed to wear my leggings under my gi pants.  The IBJJF lets women wear leggings and I hadn’t bothered to check if the rules were different for this comp.  Here’s a little TMI for you: I was wearing a thong under said leggings and didn’t bring an alternative, so Vicky, being the ultra dependable brah that she is, handed me her full-coverage, leopard print underwear so I could compete.  

I feel like I don’t even need to tell you what happened next, but I’ll do it anyway.  About a minute into my first fight, I won via armbar from closed guard.  I won my third match the same way.  Using some shady calculations and an iffy-at-best scientific method, I’ve concluded that Vicky’s armbar powers come from her underwear.  This may or may not mean that I have to be the ultra creepy person that only competes in her training partner’s underwear from now on.  Listen, it’s weird and maybe gross, but winning feels really good, guys.  

I dislocated my top two ribs for the third time at some point in my second or third match, but I signed up for the absolute anyway trusting that the adrenaline and magical underwear would get me through.  And they did!  I won double gold!  We had a really great day surrounded by the pals and teammates who came out to support us.  And Vicky was a beast!!  But I’ll let her tell you about that.  It’s the least I can do, since she’s never getting the underwear back.


Alright. I’m the worst. The actual worst, and I apologize for that. To anyone who has been subjected to the torture of my presence pre comp I may sound like I have to cut horrific amounts of weight, and really, I’m here to tell you, that’s a dirty dirty lie. The scandalous truth is that I’m a filthy bread and chip eater who packs around more water than a camel, and about five days pre comp I have to decrease my salt bread, diet coke and sugar intake so that I can start flushing 5-7 lbs of water retention.

NBD, right? Except I make a tragic production of it every time, because I’m a little bitch baby who is addicted to sugar and aspartame. So, much like Darcie I’m not going to really get into it it- except to mention that I have cutting a half lb a day to such a science that the impending bloat of my womanly gift really threw a monkey wrench in my last minute “cut” and I felt too tragic to write blogs this week. I was busy eating vegetables.

I made weight. Is fine. I know you were worried. Moving on.

Local comps are such a cool reminder of what a great jiu jitsu community we have in Vancouver. I mean maybe all jits communities are good, but today I was encouraged by old coaches starting new schools, congratulated wholeheartedly by the coaches of my opponents, was honoured to fight awesome tough girls who showed me what I have to work on, and my community of badass jiu jitsu femme warriors grew larger after each match.

Also- jiu jitsu is about humility and I’m about that principle- but! Gimme a minute here-I won double gold today! How cool is that! And so did Darcie, WHAT?! So proud of my baby deer white belt. Her fierce animal was in full effect today. Combined we had zero points scored against us, and 7 combined submissions. #badbitches. Not really. #oldbitches? Whatevs.

Now I know that I could walk into my next fight and lose in under 30 seconds and that would hurt really bad. I also that know pans is coming, and  I’m going to fight adult which is big and scary. But- just for now, I want to savor the feeling of all the work I have put in over the last two years, and  the coaching that Rod, Chad, Jen, Vanderson and Brancao have put into me, manifesting into something that came together as a victory.

And watching that happen for Darcie, seeing how supporting one another makes us all stronger is pretty cool too. Also psychic snuggles to the bro-boos who were the best cheerleaders ever today! Chef, The Chad, husbro- what would we do without you. Max does Kung fu now, but he was there in spirit.

On the down side my face is a lost cause and my guard pulls are a mess. Maybe I’ll throw a wrench in this guard pulling machine and start hip tossing everyone. Wouldn’t that be a surprise! 2017 ouchi garis all day err day!




Philippe dreamed of being a photographer but first was a comedian, playwright, and stage director. Then he went to a photography workshop in NYC, fell in love, and shot his first official shoot the next week. He is a unique artist with a very recognizable, provocative style as he likes to surprise and question his viewer. Self-taught, he focuses a lot on the triangle of his concept, himself, and the model…

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Ok so the music building in my uni was built sometime in the 1970′s so there’s asbestos in the walls. It’s not everywhere but a few years ago they put up a lot of these yellow triangle stickers high up on the walls that say ASBESTOS WARNING- AUTHORIZED ACCESS ONLY. Which is hilarious to everyone and horrifying to everyone’s parents.

Anyways now they sell official Faculty of Music t-shirts with big asbestos warnings on the chest.

I really support theories that Peridot’s weapon is either a Drill(Gurren Lagann), or an arm cannon (Think megaman). 

There’s a decent bit of of circumstantial evidence to support either. 

She’s been very heavily linked to drills (The power Drill she uses while building the core Drill, not to mention the number of times she’s been to the kindergarten, with huge, virus-shaped drills.)

For the megaman arm cannon, just look at her prosthetics. Early Peridot looked an awful lot like X with a triangle hairdo. 

Had a great time in reflex development. I still need a lot of work on my triangles 😓😝😜 #medixsteve #mexijew #medic #matrat #jewishmedic #jewjitsu #jiujitsusavedmylife #JiuJitsu #jiujitsu4life #jiujitsulifestyle #krav #kravmaga #kravmagalifestyle #bjj #bjj4life #benice #befunny #besilly #beyourself #lovinglife #loveyourself #Igetinshapeforcara #ilovecaradelevingne #caradelevingne #graciejiujitsu #instagood #graciecombatives #isacrificemyselfsothatothersmaylive #istandwithisrael (at Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy Beverly Hills)

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8. Something old. This is a page in my first #BulletJournal when I came back from a yearlong hiatus of not using a Bullet Journal. In my dailies I had a the old Bullets in use, a timeline I came up with to track what I did, meals, gratitude, snippets of notes all over the place, things stuck into it like paper and stickers, and I used an indexing system in addition to the regular index along the edge of pages (which you can see at the edge of the bujo here), I tracked water, lots of signifiers…I’ve tried out a lot of things. The triangle stickers were for notes I wanted to stand out. In this spread you can see where I first came up with my blog name 🌞 http://ift.tt/1SbRknf

Importing Lightwave Object & Scene Format (LWO/LWS)

Writing importer is sort of like knitting: you have all the pieces already their, you just got to the work. It’s not the most exciting or challenging work, rather zen-like to tell the truth, but in the end you get something that looks nice. So since the weather was appalling the last couple of days, I added yet another importer to my app: LWO/LWS files.

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