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What's the fusion of Noblebright and Hopepunk?

That’s a pretty hard fusion, because IMO they’re pretty mutually exclusive. 

Noblebright is things like Arthurian myths – you know who the Good Guys are and who the Bad Guys are, and the Good Guys are kind and bright and righteous and scrub behind their ears. They are usually visually coded as Good. Grimdark has never existed in the Noblebright world, because grimdark is a wide and all-consuming mediocrity of evil, and noblebright has never known such a thing.

Hopepunk is a response to grimdark. Hopepunk grows out of grimdark like a flower grows out of a crack in a big parking lot. 

Imagine a triangle. Hopepunk, Noblebright, and Grimdark are points of the triangle. They’re all opposites of each other.

Noblebright says that you don’t have to fight, because Evil will eventually be vanquished for good, probably by an knight-errant in shining armor, so it’s not really your problem unless you ARE that knight-errant. And that’s pretty antithetical to Hopepunk, because Hopepunk thinks that’s bullshit. Hopepunk knows Evil will never be vanquished for good, because evil lives in all our hearts, and we ALL have to make a conscious choice every day to keep fighting against it in the world and in ourselves. With Noblebright, you don’t have to think about it. There are never any hard ethical choices. There’s just the Right path and the Wrong path, and they’re clearly labeled. Nothing in Hopepunk is clearly labeled, because that’s life. You gotta judge each thing on its own merits as it arrives in front of you, and sometimes you make mistakes. No room for mistakes in Noblebright!

This is a lil bit off topic, but I would also like to take this moment to publicly address the person who whined about how Tolkien isn’t hopepunk, because yes he fucking well is. If you look at the text itself, you might miss it, but take literally one step back and you see a guy who was literally fighting in the trenches in World War 1, who saw the kind of horrors and monstrosities that most of us can’t even imagine, who saw his friends die around him, who saw chemical weapons drifting in clouds across the battlefield and burning people’s lungs out, and who decided that the thing to do would be to write a book about an ordinary person taking on an extraordinary burden that he was not asked to take up, and struggling every step of the way to do the right thing, and to persevere until the end, and to stand up against a huge and monstrous evil and say in a quiet, single voice, “No.” 

Fuck you, whiny person. Tolkien was hopepunk as shit. 

Sigil surroundings are exactly what they sound like. They are shapes, designs, and/or glyphs you put around your sigil in order to enhance its magickal purpose. This part of sigil magick is usually never talked about, and it is very hard to find online, or in any other sources. Some of this information will be based off of kuji kiri, and majutsu which are two japanese mysticisms, but most of it will be base on chaos magick, and other western magicks, but I digress.


The circle is a powerful symbol used in all different types of magick. It embodies the energies of protection, unity, cycles and focus. In sigil magick the most talked about, and used sigil surrounding is the circle. The magickal purpose of drawing a circle around your sigil is to allow its energy to build up around itself, and to protect the sigil from being tampered with. Some practitioners are so into using circles around their sigils, that they actually draw two of them to ensure there will be no leaks of the sigil’s energy. Some of these practitioners will also fill the inter space between these two circles with other sigils, magickal symbols, and/or a magickal alphabet of some kind to enhance the energy of the sigil within.


The triangle represents the trinities, and embodies the energies of ascension, manifestation, and duality. Sigils surrounded by a right side up triangle will be much more expansive, and active, and sigils surrounded by a right side down triangle will lower the spiritual energy to a more tangible plane level, and make the sigil a lot more passive. Triangles are also used in the act of manifesting spirits, and other entities. Being used in order to trap them, and to keep them away from you during the summoning, and manifestation. These type of triangles are usually a “Triangle Of Art”. The triangle part is use to magnify the strength of the spirit, while usually names of gods, or other sigils a place along the outside sides of the triangle to trap the spirit in. I believe the reason that a “Triangle Of Art” is not some other shape is, because the triangle is the first shape with space in the middle. Meaning it’s the first shape to hold space from a side perspective, and only three sides to barricade in order for the spirit to not be able to sneak out.

Square, And Rectangle:

Square embodies the energies of structure, balance, and community. Although I use the word square most of all this can be used in a rectangle. Sigils surrounded with a square allows the sigil to be housed, and reserve its energy. It is for sigils that are used in more of a balanced state where its energy will be used more like a battery, and called upon. The square also allows the energy of the sigil to steep, and if there are more sigils, and/or magickal symbols in the square, their energies will combined together making a new, and unique energy.

Pentagram, And Pentacle:

The pentagram, and pentacle embodies the energies of the elements, power, and protection. Certain practitioners would place their sigil in the very center of the pentagram, or the pentacle to allow them to be stronger, and to take on the energies of the elements. Using the pentacle would also mean you would gain the magickal benefits of the circle also pretty much supercharging your sigil. Also the spots on the arms, legs , and head of the star could be used as a prime spot to place more sigils in order to enhance your original base sigil.

Super quick centaur/horse body tutorial!

You’ve asked me a lot for a centaur tutorial but I absolutely suck at doing stuff like that because I rely so much on my own eye measuring and I almost never do sketches like this, so bear with me.

1: The horse body!

I managed to break down the body into lots of triangles and lines and what have you, in a way that I find easy and accurate to use.
This is the body of Dan, (an english full blood) but it’s really easy to alter between breeds!
For example, I used this when doing the lineup, take two of the most altered ones:

2: Put some meat on it

Keep in mind that if you have no idea how to draw then you probably should just drop this because as you can see I’m skipping ahead assuming you know how to meat a stick figure, and also have a ground feeling of what a horse really should look like.
But it’s starting to take shape, doesn’t it?
The tip of the withers should be around the tip of the hip.

3: Legs and hooves

Make sure you don’t make the knees and hocks too defined
(if you want to draw a full grown horse will say. It works on younger horses and foals though!) And also not like noodles. Watch out for making the hind legs too curved or too straight when standing properly.
You want your hooves to be balanced, keep that in mind!

4: Add the human body

You’ve got a nice red line there to keep track of the spine. Dan’s human part is slim and a bit smaller, which adds to his rather big but slender breed.
Now of course I’m still assuming that you know how to draw humans as well. That’s what it’s about, draw loads of humans and loads of horses and mash them together in a way that you see fit!

I prefer to use colours that the actual breed can have, and to match their hair with their tail. A paint is a difference though, as it might have different pigments in skull and tail root.

This has been a quick and confusing tutorial in which I also claim that I am in no way an expert on this, thank you good night

HC where Quill asked Mantis to never ever touch Tony unless Tony specifically asked her to and if he did to never let Quill and the other knows what Tony feels unless Tony said so. Quill said it’s for Tony’s privacy and well-being. Drax knows Quill’s just afraid to learn how Tony strongly feels about the Captain even if Quill and Tony had been dancing around.

Imagine: if Jaune and Sun has been one character

We would have our new “Jaune”.

A faunus, dorky dude. Raised in Vacuo, but started attending Beacon.
He would still befriend Ruby on his first day and would still be the leader of his team.

Rather average in combat, below everyone else we know, but not helpless.
Still clueless about auras and history, so still the audience surrogate.

Instead of wanting to be a warrior because of his family, he would have lied his way into Beacon to escape the poverty in Vacuo and make something good out of his life.
He didn’t have the means to attend a school like Signal, so he couldn’t build a weapon like everyone else, instead using a simplistic baton and training as much as he could by himself.

So, his only way into Beacon was a fake school application.

Learning about this would spur Weiss’s racism, leading to the Blake arc.

Instead of having a monkey faunus introduced all of the blue, our new Jaune would have been there already.
He would have admitted he had suspected that she was a Faunus all along.
His crush on her would have been made clearer at that point. He would genuinely spend time with her, who also enjoys his presence, instead of harassing Weiss. He would still be oblivious to Pyrrha’s crush on him.

Honestly, it would prevent a lot of unnecessary love triangles, of rushed romance, the storylines would be condensed and result in a more interesting and well-crafted character.

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I wanna see afull body of Nightmare Bill so badly because goddamn he looks 👌👌👌

His color scheme is a lot closer to his triangle form, and he’s a bit more glow-y haha. I remembered the fact that he can remove his exoskeleton, and kind of wondered what he’d look like under it–Of course his human form is also a farce, so the point is kind of moot anyway pfft

Stelena fanfiction recommendations

A list of fic recs has been requested a few times over at my sideblog (hellyeahstelena), so here it is. 

  • All stories are written in English. 
  • All stories are complete. 
  • Each story has the rating, word count, genre, summary and a little personal summary from myself. 
  • Most of them are years old and set during the early seasons, but unfortunately, there are very few Stelena fanfiction writers that are still writing. 
  • There are a lot of one-shots since there aren’t many long/multi-chapter stories out there that are actually complete.

I’d recommend checking out this post, which is probably the most comprehensible list of Stelena fic rec’s I’ve come across. I could’ve included a lot more fics on this list, but most of them are already listed on the above list, so go check it out. It includes some of the best Stelena fic’s/writers out there. 

A Dream and a Prayer - StelenaIsMySunshine

“Elena’s vivid hallucination/dream reveals the nature of her deepest desires… A bittersweet Stelena one shot.” 

Rating: M  ||  Words: 1,723 || Genre: Smut

Set around the time of 5x16 when Elena was infected with the Ripper virus and hallucinating. Mostly smut, and as the summary says, this is pretty bittersweet, meaning, there’s no happy ending to be found here. 

A Lazy Summer Day -  ariadne melody

“ “It wasn’t easy to get out of bed in the morning.” Stefan and Elena have some fun during the summer. Oneshot.” 

Rating: M || Words: 1,720 || Genre: Smut/Fluff

Just a simple fluffy one-shot of Stelena enjoying quality time together during the summer and getting caught up in their passion and love for one another.

A Place Called Home -  ariadne melody 

“ “He’s not you,” she whispered. ” 

Rating: M || Words: 2,524 || Genre: Angst/Smut

One-shot set sometime in late season 3 before 3x22. Elena is in bed with Damon but can’t sleep and soon finds herself in Stefan’s arms. Very angsty.

Autumn Leaves -

”Post 4x02, right after the memorial scene. “She had broken him with her lies, and he had broken her with his truths, and together they were just a pair of vampires wishing they could just go back.” One shot.”  

Rating: T ||  Words: 1,833 || Genre: Comfort

Pretty emotion-heavy one-shot whereby a vulnerable and sad Elena takes comfort from Stefan. Very sweet and romantic.

Bonded For Life -  ICURAQT2 

“Alt S4 cont’d unsired! Please review! Original premise: Here’s what might be happening in Mystic Falls post 409. Inspired by Stefan finding out about certain DE shenanigans and a vision of what it might be like when the sire bond can truly be broken…because I don’t think what Damon told Elena to do at the end of 409 truly did enough to break it.” 

Rating: T || Words: 190,102 || Genre: Angst

A multi-chapter story (39 chapters to be exact) which is an alternate take on season 4. A lot of angst and drama. Be warned, this ends on a cliffhanger.

Chances Areveraflynns

“AU spin of the end of 119. Stefan catches Elena trying to stab him with the vervain dart and makes it known he isn’t happy about it.” 

Rating: M || Words: 4,433 || Genre: Angst/Smut

An alternate take on the end scene of 1x19. After Elena tries to stab Stefan with the vervain dart, things get heated and one thing leads to another. Basically just shameless smut.

Hold My Hand
 - electricsymphony

“Perhaps our ingrained longing for love is really just human nature’s way of itching at the seams of its most profound evil to find someone in whom it can realize the truest embodiment of acceptance; a mesmerizing twisted fun-house mirror whose depravity reflects and echoes the darkest crevices of its own soul. AU post-3x22; dark & unconventional Stelena.” 

Rating: M || Words: 4,242 || Genre: Smut

This is an OOC AU where Stefan teaches a newly turned vampire Elena to feed. Has a very Datherine vibe. 

Holding On -

”Just one more Stefan and Elena one shot.”  

Rating: M || Words: 7,248 || Genre: Smut 

Set during the porch scene at the end of 4x04 where Elena returns home to Stefan after learning how to feed with Damon. A vulnerable and sad Elena leans on Stefan for comfort which inevitably turns into a passionate and steamy encounter. 

I’ll Be Home For Christmas
 - chinocoop81

It’s Christmas, and Elena realizes where home has been all along. Stelena. Slight spoilers for 4x09. One shot.” 

Rating: T  ||  Words: 2,497 || Genre: Angst

Set immediately after 4x09, Elena realises she made a mistake and leaves Damon at the lakehouse to go and find Stefan to make things right. Starts out pretty angsty, but has a happy ending. 

Let The Right One In -
Moonlit Tides

“With the recent discovery of the sire-bond and the revelation of the cure looming, Elena, Stefan and Damon are forced to question their relationships and are faced with their greatest challenge yet, as they embark on a journey that could potentially change their lives forever. Re-write for season 4, with focus on the triangle (Stelena endgame).”

Rating: M || Words: 249,888 || Genre: Angst/Smut/Everything

This is my story (I know I’m so narcissistic including my own on here, my bad) and the longest one I’ve ever wrote. It includes the full ensemble cast and really does have a bit of everything, but particularly lots of drama. Not one for those that are extremely anti-Delena since there’s focus on the triangle. Lots of Stelena angst (there’s even a mini AU sprinkled in there for that bit of fluff) and does contain smut.

Never Again - NeuroticFiction

“What I hope will happen during Stefan and Elena dancing in 4x19. Elena thought she had everything turned off for good, but are her feelings for Stefan stronger than no humanity? Stelena oneshot.” 

Rating: T || Words: 1,617 || Genre: Angst

Set in 4x19, Elena’s dance with Stefan leads to an awakening of her humanity. A short but satisfying take on something all Stelena shippers believe should’ve been canon. Angsty. 

Perfect Match -

”Stefan and Elena are best friends in high school who are both secretly in love with each other. What happens when they have to pretend to be a couple? Will their romance rise, or will their friendship fall? AU fic. STELENA!” 

Rating: T || Words: 53,294 || Genre: AU

Very sweet story whereby Stefan and Elena have grown up together as best friends and slowly come to realise they’re in love. This is a great story if you want to just read about Stelena since 99% of it’s focus is on their relationship. Quite fluffy and romantic with occasional drama sprinkled in.

Snapshots of Me & You
- HufflePuffPatronus

“A series of drabbles revolving around Stefan and Elena living the life that they deserve.” 

Rating: M || Words: 1302 || Genre: Fluff

This contains two drabbles focused on a future human Stelena. Short but sweet with lots of fluff. 

Tearing You Apart
- electricsymphony

“Under the bright lights of the city of sin, thoughts get muddled, actions are severely impaired and inhibitions are reduced to nothing more than beads of sweat trickling down your body. And sometimes, the heat of bodies pressed together can surface past reflections and bring about surprising new revelations. A short little smutty Stelena ficlet.”  

  Rating: M || Words: 959 || Genre: Smut

A smutty one-shot involving masturbation. There’s no plot, but as the author makes a good point of, this fandom could always use a little more of this.

These Mornings - 

To Elena, these mornings were perfect. STELENA.” 

Rating: T  ||  Words: 867 || Genre: Fluff

An adorable drabble that showcases a very happy and in love Stelena. Basically just pure and utter fluff.


  • BePassionate024 - Has a tonne of Stelena stories of all kinds and although, there are occasionally spelling/grammar mistakes within her writing, she is very creative with her ideas/stories and great at capturing the essence of Stelena. 
  • Future Memory - One of my favourite Stelena writers. I’d reccommend all of her stories, but particularly her more recent ones as her writing has improved vastly from her first stories.
  • zalrb - Her writing style is fantastic and I’d recommend reading any/all of her fanfictions. Most of them do contain smut, so a warning for those of you that don’t like it. You can also find her FF account here, but she primarily shares her stories on her Tumblr blog.

And on a final note, you can find all of my Stelena one-shots here, and if you have any Stelena fic requests feel free to send them my way and I’d be more than happy to write them for you.

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Hi! I hope you're feeling a little better :) I'm quite new to tumblr so not so competent at it, would you be able to explain or send me a link to the discussion of who represents flowers and dogs in spn? I loved your meta on 12x11 but I was lost at this point as all I know is sam loves dogs and not sure if that's relevant lol :) thank you!

Thank you! I’m sorry but I’m awful at keeping track of posts, but I’m sure that better functioning people like @elizabethrobertajones or @mittensmorgul can track down something about those topics…

I remember that people have been analyzing flower imagery, especially in regards of wallpapers and decorations, in relation to Cas. I must admit that I haven’t been following discussions about the meaning of flowers in the show because I know absolutely nada about flowers so they kind of all look the same to me lol. In the Carver era flowers have been important (there’s that kind of flower that also appeared in Fan Fiction associated to Calliope if I’m not mistaken that had, like, a lot of meanings, but I’ve already forgotten lol) and different kind of flowers were invested with different meanings (like that red flower that was associated to queer men in older movies and that has been associated to Crowley and Dean, etc etc) but I remember that there was a pattern that associated flowers to Cas, especially in relation to Cas’ importance for Dean. I think that in general flowers have been associated a lot to the triangle Cas-Dean-Crowley in the Carver era. I mean, if you asked me which characters have been associated to flowers the most, the first characters that would come to my mind would be Cas and Crowley, in the context of their relationships with Dean (well, one could say that Cas’ and Crowley’s characters have always been about their relationship with Dean. The Dean-Cas-Crowley triangle is one of the most fascinating narratives in the show for me tbh, but I’m digressing ^^; )

Anyway, from what I’ve gathered from better meta writers’ analyses, in general flowers=Cas (then certain kinds of flowers are associated to other things).

As for dogs, Dean has been the character most strongly associated to dogs - even since s3-4 and the hellhounds (I think there is a connection between Dean’s fear/dislike of dogs after going to hell and Dean’s self-hate after hell, and in general Dean has been paralleled to dogs a lot - episodes like Man’s Best Friends With Benefits and Dog Dean Afternoon have been super criticized for many reasons but were extremely interesting from this pov… then at the beginning of the MoC arc Dean literally meets Crowley’s hellhound, which foreshadows him actually become Crowley’s demon companion, etc etc). So yeah then the theme has been super strong in the Carver era, even with Dean kind of becoming a dog literally in Dog Dean Afternoon, and it’s mostly been in relation to Dean losing agency (i.e. mostly the MoC arc).

More recently Cas has been associated to that kind of imagery too (attack dog, a dog that thinks he’s people, him watching a program about dogs on television, etc.) and even more recently Sam too, in a minor extent (Toni bringing him to a veterinarian saying that there’s no much difference between humans and dogs, mostly), and of course Crowley has been associated to dogs in the Lucifer arc last season, with Lucifer calling him ‘doggie’ and keeping him on a leash, and so on. In general the show uses dog metaphors to indicate a character’s lack of agency/being someone’s “bitch” (in Cas’ case for instance the dog references are mostly connected to remarks about him being a tool for the Winchesters and so on).

So the main four characters have been associated to dogs recently but Sam in a way minor extent, so I’d say that the dog imagery still mostly applies to Dean plus Cas plus Crowley.

You know I didn’t expect at the beginning of this post to end up with the conclusion that both flowers and dogs are associated to Dean-Cas-Crowley??

I mean, flower imagery and dog imagery aren’t exclusive to the three of them of course, but now that I think about it they have been used heavily for the three of them. I mean maybe I’m biased as the Dean-Cas-Crowley narrative is one of my favorite things in the show… other people’s thoughts?

(You know, I was around the fandom between s8 and s9 and I remember that a lot of people complained that there was nothing left for the show to do with Crowley and they should kill him off because there was absolutely no possible storyline to get out of his character. There was basically an electoral campaign for the throne of hell in the fandom and a lot of people supported Abaddon because Crowley had supposedly run his course in the narrative… and then Dean x Crowley happened. Season 9 was wild times in the fandom. But I’m digressing again :P)

the story of me and langst dating for a few seconds

Alright, so picture this - a shitty southern state (that a trump hater such as me doesnt wanna be in), and a teacher that gives worksheets to teach while highkey only caring about his football classes (he was an athletics coach and a teacher. never a good combination). 

Okay so  we have had some adventures in that class! A few words have slipped that we all thought was true… “theres a huge thing in this class that can help you…” (ill save the story so yall dont cringe 100 times, langst knows what im referencing…)

Oh my god, in that class, there was SO MUCH SHIPPING. Lots of gay love triangles christian texan kids will repress for the rest of their lives. Theres Clayton (a huge football player), Sebastian (the skinny love thief), Riley (the mistress of Sebastian), and Cooper (Claytons man). Wait, thats a love square. Yes, complicated.

One day langst was feeling competitive af and found out they had a tie with this guy about how many people they have dated. 

Wanting to break this tie and win, Langst asked me out (of course telling me that this was to win a competition) and broke up w/ me loudly two seconds later lmfao

So thats why i leave annoying messages to my ex whos also my wifey


Submitted by the beautiful wonderful Maddy ( @honey-sweetie-baby) who I won’t be opposed to dating for .5 seconds again. If this post gets five likes we’ll go into more science class stories because oh god, there are a lot of them, like me calling our science teacher fat

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Hey! Do you know any jikook fics with a love triangle? Preferably with angst? Thank you! :)

I don’t think I know a lot of jikook love triangles but I’ll look for some…..

Training Wheels by jeonify [rated G, 4.8k]

Him by PinkBTS [rated M, 35k]

I Know I Can’t Have Him (but I want him anyways) by Shealezz [rated E, 19k]

Drops of Sky by untrueee [rated T, 6k]

This Time by spankjimin [rated T, 16k]


-Admin Nana


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! :D

You don’t have to spend this day with your significant other, just take this time to appreciate and love the people whom are around you. Show to them that you care!

This video is totally inspired by @the-triangle-cat about their Frans comic, Stand In!
Totally should go check it out! Love how she depicts these two adorable cinnamon rolls :)

just in case, the video is totally out of the story’s context. I just felt it was necessary of me to actually give a shout out to my favorite Frans comic. Hence, y’all should toooootaaaaalllyyyyy reaaaaddd ittttttttttttt

S: Ok, a couple more observations.  

L: Yeah?

S: First, there are LOTS of triangles and diamonds decorating this place.  I find it interesting that the structure is all round and curved and the decoration is very geometric.  It kinda makes sense because it’s like facets of a cut gemstone.

L: Ok, what else?

S: Lots of figures with multiple arms!

L: There are?

S: Yeah, the big statue on the cliff over Steven’s house has multiple arms, obviously.  And then earlier when Pearl showed the picture of what this place used to look like there was a fountain with four arms.  And now there are statues in here with multiple arms.  

L: Huh.

S: I wonder if some of the gem people have multiple arms.  Like… going back to my original theory, maybe if they’re more monstery they have more arms?  But it seems strange that they’d make statues about that, so maybe if they have stronger magic then they have more arms?  That would be really weird.  I hope Steven doesn’t grow a third arm.  [laughs] A third arm, right out of his bellybutton.  That would be a picture.

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Not to cause alarm, but the A of 'PEACE' engraved on the silver ring Harry always wears reminds me very much a lot of Louis' triangle tattoo.

“not to cause alarm” WELL YOU’VE CAUSED IT


(UPDATE: I found a ripped Super Mario 3D Land character which was 3071 tris, so the rumored 2000 triangle limit is without a doubt false! I’m still glad it prompted me to research topology and polycount optimization, but now I’m at a complete loss as to what resolution to aim for! Please send help!)

It’s study-time!

Since I’m working towards ancient tech restraint limits, I thought I might as well attempt to make game graphics which would fit on the 3DS (now that Unity has 3DS support!).

However, people online seem to claim that the 3DS has a “hard limit” on 2000 triangles rendered at the same time, which is insanely little. For comparison, the PS1 developers usually aimed at 3000 triangle limits, although the machine could probably do a bit more. Some rumors say that the 2000 triangle limit is an artificial restraint, and it’s probable that it’s enforced to make sure that all games in the 3DS library runs at decent framerates, even with post-processing and fancy materials applied (implying that Nintendo doesn’t trust 3rd party devs to optimize their games properly). My graphics won’t be using post-processing at all, and shader materials will be unnecessary because I’m using vertex colours, so I’d love to swap that computing power for more triangles.Now, I’ve thought long and hard about how to solve this problem (and still retain a decent amount of detail and world-size).

First off, I looked at how the old classics did it.

Keep reading