“why do u like that triangle so much” bruh bill cipher is such an interesting flippin’ character, he defied the entire universe and destroyed his own dimension all for the sake of his freedom

his whole motivation, his whole purpose, is the pursuit of absolute freedom

and of course that pursuit is morally ambiguous as is the concept of absolute freedom itself but that’s just it

bill is willing to fuck up the whole universe to achieve it, to “liberate,” as he calls it, every dimension from the “tyranny of the arbitrary whims of the universe” or however he said it

bruh how can i not find that interesting

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I've been seeing Inuyasha on my dash a lot recently, so I finally decided to watch it cause Inukag seemed really cute and all, and I had no idea it could be so frustrating to watch, I mean one moment I'm like "omg I love these dorks" and the other moment I'm like so angry and I wanna beat every character up! When does Inuyasha forget about Kikyo for good? ;w;

ahaahhahaahahahahahahahahahaha…. oh boy. o h boo  y y 

i have bad news for you

i can’t believe that hawkgirl won’t be a regular on lot anymore. i am so upset over his because she was the reason i got into lot so like… now what ???

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Do you feel like they're focusing less on the Indian characters (minus Aafrin) as the series goes on? Ever since the bombing, it seems like the revolution has mostly taken a back seat to, as you said, rich white people drama.

Yeah that’s basically it. It’s honestly really frustrating because Season 1 had an interesting set of characters and showed a lot of potential in terms of showing how upright and snobbish the British were with their imperialism. But Season 2 just seems to be going on with more drama and it’s starting to bore me. (Like I would love to see more of Sooni getting involved with the revolution? I mean Aafrin was even a part of a revolutionary group apparently, but after Kaira’s death, there was no mention of it at all? Where are all of Aafrin’s apparently revolutionary friends?)

the worst thing in maths is when you have a lot of triangles and circles and you have to prove that some angles are the same

okay, here I am, I’m going to talk about ski lodge.

the rucaya triangle reminds me a lot of a “triangle” of sorts I’m sort-of involved in, and maya reminds me of me and riley reminds me of the other girl. so, God, I really wanted to hold out hope that someone like me could get the guy. that maybe someone could look past the brokenness. lucaya, the thought that lucaya could happen, that gave me hope.

but now it turns out that not only is lucaya not happening, but all the boys are obsessed with Riley. and I was wrong, and it’s a personal reason to be upset over ski lodge but I’m upset over ski lodge.

and the charade is finally over. i’m on episode 12 and tbh was too to into it to write formal halfway thoughts, so i guess i’ll do it as i’m entering the final act

i really like the way the secret got revealed right as Gi Tae was going to make a real move on Jang Mi, and i liked that they are both equally in love with each other. i really haven’t hated Se Ah until this moment, because she hasn’t really been underhanded. but this wasn’t her secret to tell, and i really hope Gi Tae will stay mad at her for a while

i am still not a huge fan of Yeo Reum. as far as second leads go, he’s kinda of a dime-a-dozen Nice Guy™ and it’s super bland. i do like that Jang Mi does actually like him, because a lot of love triangles are just the main lead getting jealous for no reason, but Yeo Reum does pose a legitimate threat here.

i really just want less of Yeo Reum and Se Ah and more of Hong Doon and Hyun Hee. i don’t love how Jang Mi realized she had been neglecting her best friend, but didn’t change her behavior at all. Hyun Hee’s pregnancy is way more interesting that the love triangle will ever be, and I hope Jang Mi will try to help her more in this final arc

all in all thought, i still really love the show. i’ve been trying to pace myself and maybe wait to watch the last few episodes over the weekend, but i doubt that’s going to happen. i really feel like this was a show i was supposed to binge, but real life is demanding some of my precious time, so i have to settle for 1 or 2 episodes a day

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Triangle thingy (I'm sorry I'm on mobile)

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Kissing their forehead or cheek

Even when Bellamy was a captain himself, he couldn’t say that he and his crew were nearly as close as the Straw Hats. Its baffling, really; he’s been here, what, a whole month and a half, and the blatant displays of affection between them all are just … 

Its a bit much.

He’s been called on a bit to “join the fun!” by one crew member or another and Luffy always drags him into it even if he’d rather sit back and watch. But tonight they sing shanties to the sea and to the sky, all bandaged and aching from a scuffle with marines earlier.

Bellamy drinks from his mug of rum and hums a bit of the tune — a familiar one from North Blue — while Robin slides up and sits beside him. This one has always been the most intimidating, he thinks; he’s not smart, not like she is, and she has a very dangerous air that’s only bolstered by her reputation.

“Hey, Robin—”

And then she kisses him on the cheek, right over one of his bandages, wordless.

“I. Huh?”

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1 and 11 for Hidden Stars cause it's one of my favorite series (:

1: What inspired you to write the fic this way?

well i really wanted people to like both jungkook and yoongi. i’ve just read a lot of love triangle fics where oc should clearly be with one of the guys over the other, so i wanted it to seem very conflicting to the reader. (even though i know many of you hated jungkook but there were still a lot of people who though he should’ve been the one.) so yeah i wanted to make sure y.n’s relationships w both characters was very fleshed out. 

11: What do you like best about this fic?

ahh this is hard ahaa, i think maybe what i liked best was being able to show that just bc two characters have very strong feelings for each other (in this case jungkook and y.n) that doesn’t necessarily mean they should be together or that they will end up together.


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So what do you think about Hopper Croakington taking Ginger to the dance?

“What do I think? That’s ever-after-awesome for them!  I’m glad they’re going together–they’re sure to have a fableous time. I was involved in the party planning committee, so you KNOW it’s going to be a total page-ripper!” She tried to steer the conversation away from the original question as naturally as possible, but it might have been a little more clear than she’d like to show that she was uncomfortable with the subject matter.

It was a thorn in her side, and the worst part was that she didn’t even know  why. It wasn’t like she wanted to go to the dance with Hopper or Ginger…Maybe she just regretted that she didn’t have the  o p p o r t u n i t y.  Or maybe she missed the attention she would have gotten from Hopper if he didn’t have a different date, misplaced and inappropriate as the attention was.

Either option was a fairy selfish way to feel on Briar’s part, so she tried her best to suppress the disappointment and support her friends. She would not let anyone catch her causing DRAMA  just because she couldn’t handle some weird new emotions.

UNFILLED: Isabela/Merrill one-sided pining

I would love to see an in-depth angst fic with these two featuring one-sided pining! Maybe Hawke is with one of them and the other is jealous, but misunderstandings ensue! I see a lot of it with love triangle Fenders but I would love to read a love triangle starring Merribela!

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