hello darlings! sooo, skam ending, eh? well, the skam website being updated is indeed something we’ll no longer see, but to me skam isn’t just completely over yet. because they’ll still be there, these four seasons we had, with all the moments we cherish and all these characters we’ve grown to love. you’ll always be able to watch your favorite scenes, you’ll always be able to re-immerse yourself in that universe, when you have a day off and you feel like watching complete seasons, or when you’re thinking about that particular clip and you have 15 minutes to spare so you rewatch it 

and you see, the wonderful thing about skam being in real time is that it really does feel like these characters will continue to live their life after today. they’re all still going to be there tomorrow, in the skam world. and i know some of these characters have provided good representation and were people you could see yourself in and people you just cared about, and the beautiful thing is that you’ll always get to keep them with you. you always get to picture what they’re doing at a particular moment, and picture their future. as odd as that might sound, they’re sort of like different colored playdough, that is shaped a certain way now, but that are still malleable and that you get to shape however you want from now on

now i’m not going to tell you the typical “don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened” because it’s okay if you’re feeling sad about not getting skam updates anymore. it’s understandable, and you’re not overreacting, and you’re allowed to feel the way you feel. but i truly hope that, if not today, then tomorrow or the day after, you’ll still smile because it happened, and as it keeps happening. because as long as your love for these people and their story is there, as long as your imagination is there, skam lives on, in a truly special way 

and on that note, a relationship should grow out of a story, not the other way around!

if you think that the only way to appeal to people with romantic fiction is by writing smut, you’re not developing your plot and characters well enough and it’s not your audience’s fault if they find your work uninteresting…

Perhaps I’m just imagining it, but I really love how Groot almost instantly latches onto Peter in the first movie.

Pretty quickly, the talking tree stays close to Peter like he stays close to Rocket, and I caught him smiling at Peter once or twice, too. And not to forget the moment in Ronan’s ship, where Groot beats the henchmen to a pulp and then turns to smile at Peter and Drax much like “Did I do good?”

That could either be because Groot is just gentle and kind and easily likes people - and let’s be hones, Peter is also kind and Groot probably knows that - or because Peter actually talks to Groot, even though the other says only one sentence the whole time.

From the beginning, Peter answers each of Groot’s comments. First with sarcasm (“That’s gonna get boring really quick”) and later with interpreting the words (“Thank you, Groot” or “Groot gets it”) . He’s the only one, apart from Rocket, who really reacts to Groot’s words. The others just, let him talk, because they don’t understand him, anyway. Or they go over him and turn to Rocket to ask for a translation.

 I really like to think that Groot takes an extra liking to Peter because Peter is actually trying to talk with him.

all the awards, holy hell, @bluestale hell yes hell YES HC ACCEPTED

i literally dropped the animation i was working on because i got emotional just reading your message earlier today at the memories of that song - then i listened to it, and immediately doomed myself - soooo here, here you all go, please join me in having feelings about Blue?? it’s a storyboard-style video but i had to do something with all of these feelings aw geez.

(also go listen to the full song here if you haven’t heard it)

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I was reading your pyrokinesis post and the only thing I could think of was tododeku. I'm in deep.

OH BOY you just gave me ideas (tododeku is such a cute ship honestly)

[here have a video]

anyways imagine:

-like todoroki just randomly throwing fire at something which makes midoriya instinctively pull it to him. So midoriya’s just there, spluttering, holding a ball of fire and todoroki deadass turns around and says: “I guess this means I only have a flame for you” OR “I guess you light a fire in me” or some sappy bullshit like that

-keep in mind he says this with a completely straight face and with complete sincerity, most likely in front of a large crowd of people

-midoriya probably burnt the place down 

-people calling the both of them ‘twin flames’ 

-the both of them doing combo fire attacks so the villains are never sure who the flames are going to come from

-when midoriya gets embarrassed he starts muttering rapidly which soon turns into rapid fire-breathing and todoroki is frantically called in to stop the flames and helP US OUR CLOTHES ARE ON FIRE

-midoriya helping todoroki to melt his ice

-midoriya playing around with todoroki’s fire

-everyone avoiding the both of them when they’re having a fight

-everyone avoiding midoriya, todoroki and bakugo whenever two or more of them are having a fight/fighting

-midoriya helping to control tokoyami’s quirk in the dark

-midoriya holding an ice cream, but accidentally activating his quirk and melting it when he opens his mouth, then becoming depressed about it for like a month

-the next time this happens todoroki immediately freezes the ice cream (or maybe ice lolly/popsicle) before it falls to the floor. (He was lowkey Ready the moment midoriya bought it)

so yeah


Hypothetical “2D and Murdoc paint their nails together scenario” under the cut:

Of the four, it’s actually 2D who’s the most prone to googling himself and the band. It’s often against his better judgement since he’s had one too many unhinged fan encounters, but he’s also maintained some of the overblown ego and self-involvement that he cultivated during the first and second albums so sometimes he just can’t help but want to read (just the positive) things about fans write about him and the band.

So one day he’s googling himself and stumbles upon all of these theories and think pieces fans and critics have written about why they think Murdoc paints (or used to paint) his pinky finger red and he starts to wonder, “well, what kind of theories would people write about me?” He also connects this to his recent, self-assigned journey to find himself. Because he knows that in his current state, he still doesn’t consider himself fully “found” he decides that it might be time to start venturing outside of his usual style and routine. So to address both thoughts he settle on it. He’s going to paints his nails.

Murdoc has always been THE nail painter of the group, and by now, he’s also become used to (resigned to?) 2D wandering in his room to use his piano. Or 2D walking in his room to borrow his necklace. Or 2D stopping by to take some darts. Or 2D sitting down in his room to meditate because Murdoc’s room is the room with the big windows and the best view of the sky + other calming scenery. When he told them he was going to install cameras into all the rooms in the house he was met with the unanimous vote that if he was going to invade everyone’s privacy, then he shouldn’t be upset if he gets the same in return. And 2D turned out to be his most frequent flyer.

So he’s not exactly phased when 2D, yet again, just waltzes into his room, but he is surprised when he starts asking about his nails and whether there’s any technique involved in nail painting and what inspired him to do it in the first place so on and so on. And at first Murdoc is just like, “For fuck’s sake. Just takes some polish and leave, please,” but then he sees 2D start to just like slosh polish onto nail’s and he’s getting it everywhere, so he quickly changes his tune to “No, you idiot. You’re doing it all wrong and you’re going to waste it all. Let me do it,” and he wipes his hand down with polish remover and neatly and precisely paints one of his nails. And 2D is like, kind of marveling at how gingerly Murdoc is doing this and how good he is at it, and he blurts this out and Murdoc just grumbles.

He ends up painting both hands. 2D offers throughout to finish them himself to which Murdoc responds, “You just nearly spilled my one bottle everywhere and you can’t even tie your own shoelaces. No.” But later, as his nails dry, 2D shoots back, “Well, if I never get to practice then I guess I’ll never know if I’m any good at this or not. Which I guess means you’ll be doing this every time” and Murdoc just rolls his eyes and lets out this melodramatic sigh. Then he thrusts both of his hands into 2D’s, and 2D’s first response is, “Why do you want to hold hands right now? You could’ve just asked…” And Murdoc grumbles back something to the effect of, “No, wtf are talking about? You wanted to practice, so you’re going to practice on me…” before also adding in that’s easier to start off by practice on someone else. And 2D’s like, flipping out for multiple reasons now, but he eventually gets out, “What…color do you want?” and after getting his answer, very tepidly starts to paints Murdoc’s nails. He goes painstakingly slow, and Murdoc sort of coaches him through it all. And when he’s finished Murdoc examines his nails and remarks that it’s “not a bad job.” And that’s that.

And later, when 2D is recounting this to Noodle and Russel at dinner, Noodle comments, “Oh, so you both painted each others nails,” which causes Murdoc to immediately interject with, “UM. WE DID NOTHING OF THE SORT HOW DARE YOU.” And Noodle laughs and responds, “You took turns holding each others hand and administering nail polish onto your finger nails. That’s painting each others nails.” And 2D is just like, “Huh. Yeah..I guess it is.” And Murdoc is still trying to fight a losing battle like, “No, that’s patently false. I was doing charity work out of the goodness of my hear, he could have never done it without me,” etc. etc. but they all know the truth.

And that’s one explanation of how “2D and Murdoc painting nails” began.

The Sha Ka Ree sequel I promise I probably won’t write

I canโ€™t help myself. I keep trying to think about other things but then there it is, hanging out in my brain space like this little tempting nugget of potential plot.ย โ€œLook at me,โ€ it says.ย โ€œThink about the themes youโ€™ve introduced and new ways in which to explore them. Think about furthering character development while establishing a stronger mythology to the planet. Think about answering whatever remaining questions there may beโ€ฆโ€

SO Iโ€™VE BEEN THINKING ABOUT IT. More below the cut because I guess they could be considered spoilers. For something Iโ€™ll probably never write. (Although what follows is a little over-detailed because I want to keep this just in case someday I do, haha)

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Listen I love Henrik but I really cringed when he said "You know I like gay people!" to Morten and also when he said "Me and Tarjei are comfortable with our sexualities and we know there is nothing gay between us so it wasn't awkward". Bby please don't talk

god i know… also, such a shame there is nothing gay…. imagine not being gay. i wouldn’t wish that upon anyone 

Please take a moment, if you will, to imagine with me:

We finally, finally have received the trailer for whatever they have decided to turn the scorpio races into–be it a movie, a mini series, a graphic novel (that’s…. actually not a bad idea), whatever–and it’s going to be glorious. It will be full of panoramic shots of Thisby, emotionally fraught scenes between Puck and her brothers, Puck and Sean, Puck and the islanders… Perhaps we will see her on the blood rock. Perhaps we will see Mutt and Skata, fearsome and terrible. Perhaps we will see Puck standing before a bonfire, with the scraps of a jacket spiraling up into the sky. Perhaps Sean Kendrick will tell us what we need to hear.

But first: the trailer opens on a shot of the beach. The sun is glinting off the sea. Corr and Dove gallop together, Sean and Puck on their backs. It is in suitably dramatic slow motion, so we can hear the thud of their hooves and the whuff of their breath and see the spray of water everytime Dove’s hooves come down on the surf. It cuts to black intermittently, the sounds continuing, so we can hear Sean tell us about what the races are like. He stops speaking, and the voice-over narrator begins (also suitably dramatic), and it goes something along the lines of this:

“Some race to win. Others race to survive. For the first time, a girl and her pony–”

There’s a record scratch and the frame freezes, a la the Emperor’s New Groove. Puck wanders on screen, hair disheveled and hands on her hips. She’s glaring fiercely at the camera. There is mud all along her right side.

“Horse,” she says crisply. “ Dove is a horse. Why doesn’t anyone ever listen to me?”

The narrator isn’t visible but we can sense his bemusement. Sean wanders on screen and and places his hand on her shoulder, whispering something we can’t hear. Puck continues to scowl darkly, but allows herself to be led off screen. The narrator clears his throat, and hesitantly starts again as the frame begins once more:

“Some race to win. Others race to survive. For this first time, a girl and her horse…”

We receive the rest of our trailer in peace. It is just as wonderful as we always hoped.