In case in some people have forgotten

Fujoshi: Typically a straight female who fetishises gay pairing and calls then her ‘yaoi babies’, can’t stand 'yuri’….etc, puts tropes like 'who’s the submissive fem or the dominant male in the relationship’

A normal shipper who likes gay ships and supports LGBT: Anyone who ships a gay ship and treats them normally, doesn’t objectify gay pairings, is inclusive and supports trans characters and lesbian ships and other LGBT characters…..etc

“What girl?”

“One boy…”

“The girl I’ve heard so much about.”

“At night desperate to sleep, you imagine an ocean. I see it. I see the island.”

“… and in dreams…”

“What do you see?”

“Light. Darkness. The Balance.”

“I need someone to show me my place in all this.”

“Kylo failed you. I won’t.” 

“Let the past die. Kill it if you have to. It’s the only way to become what you’re meant to be.”


I’m ready for some action. Are you ready for perfection?
– A 1940s AU Series about PI Amaya Jiwe in the style of Agent Carter
Decorated WW2 nurse Amaya Jiwe returned to the US in the hopes that in postwar 1945 America, she could fulfill her dreams of becoming a policewoman- Turns out they weren’t quite interested in hiring women, especially not black women. Frustrated at postwar America’s lack of progress, Amaya takes matters into her own hand, using her extensive knowledge and skill to open up an PI Firm. Business is slow to start- Until  Nate Heywood, the cousin of her fallen wartime comrade Henry, comes to her doorstep with a mystery big enough to send the whole east coast into a panic. Embroiled in the dead center is switchboard operator and not so secret genius Zari Tomaz, who insists on helping them get to the bottom of this mystery. And once she’s started with one big case, one thousand little ones suddenly pop up…

Amaya may have wanted to go into law enforcement, but she’s more capable of protecting people now than ever before. But the more well known her exploits become, the higher the stakes get…