Saezuru Tori wa Habatakani Chapter 24 English Scanalation.rar
There are touching moments, gentle moments, heartbreaking moments, and sexy moments in this chapter. Towels are available in the lobby.

Typesetting: Lustfulcat

Translation: Steve #2 (We still miss Steve #1, who died from the kiss in the last chapter; he wouldn’t have lasted through this one anyway.)

Scans: The Lovely Anonymous

Special Thanks To:

@Mikachan2005 and Netherminde bless their kind souls.

Since there is another chapter 24 scanalation on Mangago already I guess I won’t have to worry about this being shared, but you guys know the drill. It would be greatly appreciated if this would stay in the Tumblr fandom.


listen, i’m just a smol yoonjin babie, drawing my headcanons. 

(headcanon when seokjin tried 2 call yoongi in his v-live)


Freddies Christmas House 2016 by fredbrenny (The Sims 3)

Christmas is all about traditions and this years Freddies Sims 3 lot building tradition is a small Swedish cottage originally from the Astrid Lindgren series Emil.

You will find an interior in whites and off whites and a set table in the dine in kitchen. Probably no room for your Sim to sit and eat, but this is all about the decoration. Just remove the plates if you need them to sit down. There is also quite a big mudroom, or laundry room. I have not furnished it.


December Trio Niconama in 7 hours!

The last trio nama for the year! The one we’ve all been waiting for… :3c

The next niconama, featuring Shukashuu, Aiai, and Suwawa, will air December 9th, at 20:00 JST. That’s in seven hours. Make sure to get some sleep if you live in an inconvenient timezone o7

Stream Links: Niconico, LINE LIVE

(!!) NOTICE: I will not be liveblogging this niconama, since it actually distracts me from watching the nama. My deepest apologies… (இ⌓இ )
I will, however, make a summary post at the end of the stream and then do a rewatch with liveblogging as soon as a YouTube VOD comes out.