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May I request a Dutch/Tennie fusion?

I was gonna draw them doing the Electric Slide but for some reason I still associate Dutch with the Lindy Hop, SO

Their fusion would be super cute!  And have the maximum number of arms with which to make cutting-edge super-functional art installations.  Soft-spoken, but taking approximately -293% of peoples’ shit.  

Plus they would use all their arms to the fullest at all times?  They’re uniquely spectacular at using all four of their arms for four different tasks all at the same time. 

Can definitely do four different secret handshakes with four seperate people all at the same time.  Or build a four-armed jaeger to do it for them.

Stuff from the past 3 weeks working at PinkCherry:

1. we sell dicks literally the size of my leg, and lifting one is a fucking hassle let me tell you. One of the biggest ones is called the “All American Challenge”.

2. I collected an online order for a highschool friend who i still have on facebook. And was disappointed when he didn’t get anything interesting, only a fleshlight, some lube, and toy cleaner.

3. we sell the stress toy dicks, and they’re like, those jelly squeeze things. so of course i squeezed one, expecting sparkles n shit to show from inside. there was little rubber sperm in it, and i snorted really awkwardly and ended up nearly choking on my own spit.

4. Sex Position Bathbombs exist, and they’re what everyone is getting for christmas from me.

5. there are multiple items i’ve picked up and gone ‘omg this would be great for my _____ cosplay.”

6. me and some coworkers played ring toss in the lunch room. with a buttplug stuck to the table, and a bunch of different coloured cock rings. 

7. the Free Shit shopping cart. products that come in damaged packages, are the last in the line of a toy, are from the display room, are discontinued items no longer on the website…. just. piled into a shopping cart with a sign that says ‘free shit’. It was there for 3 days, and we were allowed to take anything we want from it. Instead i stuck multiple suction cup dildos to the wall and that’s where the cock rings for ring toss came from. I took home a 50 shades of gray ‘feather wand tickler’ as a cat toy. Dexter loves it.

8. We might be going paint balling next month as a ‘team building exercise’, all paid by the company.

9. the other day we mailed an online order for like 20 dildos and a fuck ton of lube TO A HOTEL.

10. I get to send my girlfriend unsolicited dick pics all day at work. Dick pics, or just, cropped images of product titles. on my second day she got “ROBO SUCK” sent to her with no context.

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Hi I was just wondering do you read tother peoples fanfics or do you just write your own and if you do who are some of your favourite writers?

Hi there!

Yes, I read a TON of other peoples fanfics! I try to read ever single fic I am tagged in. I started reading it before I started writing it. 

But I have a bunch of favourite writers that I check everyday!

@jpadjackles: one of my favourite Sam!girls!! If you love Sam, Bronwyn is your girl! 90 days of Autumn is one of my favourites going on right now. She is also a very good friend of mine.

@ilostmyshoe-79: Kim is the one person that makes me question everything that I thought I knew. She kills me ever single time she posts something new! She posts literally everything and its always something different. I definitely recommend reading some of her work!

@hasta-impalasta: Cali is a remarkable writer and she keeps me on my toes, especially with her ongoing series ‘His Last Request’. She can go from teeth rotting fluff to heartbreaking angst in a snap and I love that about her! 

@leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid: Sundae writes some of the best smut I have ever read! She is another one that makes me question something I would have never ever considered in my entire life. She is also one of the kindest people I know!

@lipstickandwhiskey: Lips is another amazing writer! She had me hooked on her writing with Balconies and we’ve been friends ever since. She writes Sam amazingly! Her Dean is amazing and don’t even get me started on her Benny! 

@deansdirtylittlesecretsblog: Mimi is another writer that I really like. I look up to her as a writer as she was one of the two writers that inspired me to start writing in the first place. Although I still find her slightly intimidating, I encourage you to read her entire master list. Fair warning it super long. Hopefully by the time your done, I will have plucked up enough courage to start a friendship with her! lol

@torn-and-frayed: I don’t think the right words to describe Steph have been invented yet. This girl can make me smile like and idiot then make me want to hop on a plane to demand her to fix my broken heart. Even then, she’d laugh and that’s one of my favourite things about her. Read her work and you will see what I mean!

@impalapossible: Ada had me hooked on “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow”. An amazing series that I loved reading. She is doing a sort of continuation for it that I’m sooo excited for. I am still yet to complete her entire master list but I suggest you check her out!

@chaos-and-the-calm67: I spent one night last week reading through her entire Dean master list and part of her Sam one and I will tell you, I’m hooked. Bev is an exceptional writer!

@sis-tafics: I just recently found Jill which I am super happy about. She has just started a new series and she has me hooked. If you like Dean smut, she’s your girl. This series is hot!

@nichelle-my-belle: Another fantastically awesome writer! She writes everything and everything is so good! Her smut is fantastic, her angst is flawless! Just seriously, check her out!!

@thing-you-do-with-that-thing: Karina slays with her aesthetics! Like seriously; DAMN! She is also a very talented writer. I just started reading her series “Strawberry Wine” last night and I love it! All of her writing is just amazing! She’s another one that I’d love to be friends with!

@blacktithe7: Erin is another one that will make you smile like and idiot, but be warned because she will then rip your heart and stomp on it, make you beg for the next part *cough cough* “Silk and Rough Velvet”. She is very kind as well!!

@not-moose-one-shots: Bethany is a great writer and I love getting to notification that she has posted a new fic! She writes a whole range of characters! I personally love her Dean and Jensen one shots! You seriously need to do yourself a favour and check her out!

@kas-not-cas: Kassie is a fabulous writer. I especially enjoy how she writes smut! She will also break your heart and threaten to keep it broken (Kassie you know what I’m talking about!) But she is a very nice person!

Alright, this is getting long and I’ll probably be here all night if I continue like this so I’m just going to name off a bunch of others that I really enjoy: @iwantthedean @d-s-winchester @ellen-reincarnated1967 @jensensjaredsandmishaslover @meganlpie @ackleholic-hunter @soaringeag1e @crowleysplaythings @redlipstickandplaid @waytooinlovewithdeanwinchester @ariannawinchester @deandoesthingstome @bringmesomepie56 @a-sea-of-fandoms @kittenofdoomage @dancingalone21 @jotink78 @percywinchester27 @mrswhozeewhatsis @just-another-busy-fangirl @with-love-imagines @jensen-jarpad @winchester-writes @deans-pie-101 @blushingsamgirl @whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname @fandommaniacx @wayward-marvel-and-more @katnharper 

I know I’m forgetting a bunch of people and for that I am sorry! But this should keep you busy for the next 100 years! Happy reading!

was rewatchin this episode and i think i figured out exactly what’s been bugging me about amethyst’s lil “pep talk” here

like–i dunno, most people don’t really seem to question it, but i feel like it doesn’t make any sense? peridot isn’t focused on “who she could be” she’s focused on the fact that she feels really left out and her friends are treating this thing she can’t do as something she has to do

and it doesn’t make sense to say what amethyst did to someone who is pretty much always talking herself up and acting like she’s great. you know, the Great and Lovable Peridot who consistently acts like she deserves way better than what she’s getting. i’m pretty sure peridot has an idea of how great she is

but knowing amethyst’s arc *after* this episode makes it really clear: this isn’t amethyst saying what peridot needs to hear, this is amethyst saying what *amethyst* needs to hear. amethyst is projecting her problems onto peridot.

anyway yeah idk how well this is worded but thats basically the thinkings in my head

@jangoandtheclones i know that feel

@shiny-shock yOU ARE LITERALLY ALWAYS ONLINE WHEN IM ALMOST GONNA GO TO SLEEP /and I have so many questions for your characters/

@chelcdora-tonks u r around 12 hours in the past from me. Hello from the future.

@silversong79 CANADA IS BETTER THAN HOLLAND also both of our sleeping schedules suck. I see you 👀 and yet I literally will stay up till my eyes are heavy to talk with friends

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Taylor has no idea what personal space is when she with her friends she's just more private with what she shares now online.

yes she does. did you see the ingrid concert? where karlie tries to pull her in and taylor ducks out? or when karlie tries to grab her after the arm wrestling and taylor shakes her off on the best bestfriends video? she knows who she can be all over and who she cant. i dont think shes against/afraid of the gay rumors i just think shes trying to protect karlie when she does shit like that

i might delete this later but im working on a story that may or may not be adrien x nathaniel *cough* i haven’t had time to draw it so here’s a sneak peek i drew in school