More doodles? Why? Why not?

In the previous post, I mentioned a few general things about Rynne - like his occupation, and the fact he’s a Spring Courtier in Salisbury. The location itself is… unfortunate, as Salisbury, England is just an hour or two drive away from Stonehendge, and that place happens to be, perhaps, the world’s most potent Trod and a path to the otherworld. In particular, the chaotic hellscape whimsical land of Arcadia.

But this is perhaps not Rynne’s primary concern. It is the Summer that fights against the goblin armies of the True Fae. The Spring Court focuses on the world at hand, the real world. Spring Courtiers are those who try and adjust to the fact that their lives are forever changed, but they are their after all. Many see them as revellers, hedonists and goofballs. While certainly these comments echo true, Sprint Courtiers are also counsellors, guides, therapists, baristas and all other occupations that have them close to the people - and, potentially, other Changelings, many of whom require a helping hand to adjust to life back from the horrors of the Thorns.

Rynne has been offered help by the Spring, and subsequently joined to offer help himself. At the moment, he lives in a small but comfortable apartment with his other changeling friend, a Beast girl named “Kit”. Rynne works at a gym, both as a replacement trainer and as an organizer of his own martial arts class. He takes on a variety of students, in various age categories (though the most popular one is, of course, from 10 to 24, so school and university years).

The man’s wish is to help those people become a bit more independant, and a bit more wise, able to take care of themselves and those they value. As little as his contribution may be, even a single person capable of avoiding the clutches of the Fae is, at least for Rynne, a difference.


So guess who is making the first ever Keeper of the Lost Cities cosplay item!!! *pumps fists in air*

I took my favorite compact (it used to be dark green), one that has great sentimental value to me, but that I have no use for, and decided to make it even more awesome! (The only way it could be better was if it was double mirrored, but it’s close!)

Next I just have to seal it and glue on the pearls. This took MUCH, MUCH longer than I thought it would, but it was totally worth it!!! I can’t wait to glue Cygnus onto it!!!~ :D

I wanted to wait to post this until I finished it, but I couldn’t wait~

Ps. The color doesnt show up the best in the pictures, but its enamal blue :)

“Curated by tate and developed by UK creative studio ISO, ’the gallery of lost art’ is a year-long online exhibition of artworks that have disappeared 

For reasons of theft, arson, rejection, discarding, or the temporary nature of the project itself, among other reasons. ’art history tends to be the history 
of what has survived,
’ reflects the gallery’s curator jennifer mundy, ‘but loss has shaped our sense of art’s history in ways that we are often not aware of.

The website is visually structured as an open warehouse floor, viewed from above, with different chalk headers on the ground delineating the subject 
of that area of the gallery: destroyed, stolen, discarded, rejected, erased, or ephemeral. users can zoom into particular areas, and by clicking on specific 
projects they can access essays, photos, film footage or interviews, and other material about the artwork. the circumstances behind the loss of the piece 
are also documented.

initially opened with the works of 20 renowned artists– among them frida kahlo, marcel duchamp, and tracey emin– the 'gallery of lost art’ is expected
to more than double its exhibition pieces by the end of 2012, adding one new work each week for six months. six months after it is complete, the website
itself will disappear like the pieces that it had preserved." 

(via the tate gallery of lost art)