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Friendly reminder that Magnus wears nose rings.

Friendly reminder that Magnus sometimes wears multiple earrings, which also means that he has multiple ear piercings.

Friendly reminder that Magnus smokes.

Friendly reminder that Magnus wears see-through mesh shirts.

Friendly reminder that Magnus once had a pink mohawk.

Friendly reminder that Magnus parties and gets drunk off his ass.

Friendly reminder that Magnus actually isn’t really helpful to people unless they’re in danger, or someone he cares about, or a friend of someone he cares about.

Friendly reminder that Magnus is still such a good person, and a bleeding heart, despite his cynicism and struggles through the years.

Friendly reminder that Magnus called Valentine Morgenstern an asshole.

Friendly reminder that Magnus flung Valentine Morgenstern into a wall.

Friendly reminder that Magnus, while being eccentric and a bit melodramatic, is actually pretty chill.

Friendly reminder that Magnus canonically has a very, very deep voice.

Friendly reminder that Magnus is literally the son of a Prince of Hell, and an extremely powerful warlock.

Friendly reminder that Magnus can teleport.

Friendly reminder that if it weren’t for Magnus, most of the problems in The Mortal Instruments wouldn’t have been solved.

Friendly reminder that Magnus once caused a llama stampede with his terrible music play.

Friendly reminder that Magnus, when he was younger and had less control of his magic, accidentally caused earthquakes.

Friendly reminder that Magnus has no problem with theft, or law-breaking.

Friendly reminder that Magnus himself is technically a thief.

Friendly reminder that Magnus probably, most likely, definitely smokes weed.

Friendly reminder that Magnus had Catarina wipe his memories of Camille because he couldn’t handle the pain and heartbreak they caused him.

Friendly reminder that Magnus once took notes of people’s requests for magic spells used for sex, and has definitely used those spells since then.

Friendly reminder that Magnus once basically saved the world by himself by closing an extremely dangerous, extremely open portal to Pandemonium, aka the demon city, aka in another dimension, aka a demon dimension.

Friendly reminder that Magnus can threaten somebody one second, and offer to help them with something trivial the next, all while completely sincere. 

Friendly reminder that Magnus that has a stash of comic books, and is likely a huge geek.

Friendly reminder that Magnus has a temper.

Friendly reminder that Magnus is canonically gorgeous, and incredibly sexy.

Friendly reminder that a lot of people are afraid of Magnus.

Friendly reminder that Magnus is so, so amazing and complex, and actually a real character that we get to love.

“What is it?” Alec said.

“Never kissed anyone?” Magnus said. “No one at all?”

“No,” said Alec, hoping this didn’t disqualify him from being datable. “Not a real kiss —”

“Come here.” Magnus took him by the elbows and pulled him close. For a moment Alec was entirely disoriented by the feeling of being so close to someone else, to the kind of person he’d wanted to be close to for so long. Magnus was long and lean but not skinny; his body was hard, his arms lightly muscled but strong; he was an inch or so taller than Alec, which hardly ever happened, and they fit together perfectly. Magnus’ finger was under his chin, tilting his face up, and then they were kissing. Alec heard a small hitching gasp come from his own throat and then their mouths were pressed together with a sort of controlled urgency. Magnus, Alec thought dazedly, really knew what he was doing. His lips were soft, and he parted Alec’s expertly, exploring his mouth: a symphony of lips, teeth, tongue, every movement waking up a nerve ending Alec had never known he had.

He found Magnus’ waist with his fingers, touching the strip of bare skin he’d been trying to avoid looking at before, and slid his hands up under Magnus’ shirt. Magnus jerked with surprise, then relaxed, his hands running down Alec’s arms, over his chest, his waist, finding the belt loops on Alec’s jeans and using them to pull him closer. His mouth left Alec’s and Alec felt the hot pressure of his lips on his throat, where the skin was so sensitive that it seemed directly connected to the bones in his legs, which were about to give out. Just before he slid to the floor, Magnus let him go. His eyes were shining and so was his mouth.

“Now you’ve been kissed,” he said, reached behind him, and yanked the door open. “See you Friday?”

Alec cleared his throat. He felt dizzy, but he also felt alive — blood rushing through his veins like traffic at top speed, everything seemingly almost too brightly colored. As he stepped through the door, he turned and looked at Magnus, who was watching him bemusedly. He reached forward and took hold of the front of Magnus’ t-shirt and dragged the warlock toward him. Magnus stumbled against him, and Alec kissed him, hard and fast and messy and unpracticed, but with everything he had. He pulled Magnus against him, his own hand between them, and felt Magnus’ heart stutter in his chest.

He broke off the kiss, and drew back.

“Friday,” he said, and let Magnus go. He backed away, down the landing, Magnus looking after him. The warlock crossed his arms over his shirt — wrinkled where Alec had grabbed it — and shook his head, grinning.

“Lightwoods,” Magnus said. “They always have to have the last word.”

He shut the door behind him, and Alec ran down the steps, taking them two at a time, his blood still singing in his ears like music.

—  Cassandra Clare Extra