date an angel who’s lips always taste of honey and vanilla. who’s skin is pale and eyes are tired.

date an angel who’s words sound foreign. who speaks a language long dead in their sleep.

date an angel who will watch the moon with you. who will gaze at you with the same awe every night as you bathe in the moonlight.

date an angel with scars they can not remember, who’s suffered even now and who’s words of the Bible burn their mouth as they speak.

date an angel who runs with the demons at night, who always smells of smoke and sin but cradles you in a gentleness unlike any other.

date an angel who’s voice drowns out any other, who speaks for the broken and left behind, who refuses to let their words be silenced.

date an angel who burns with a desire of freedom, who gazed at churches with a longing and familiarity. an angel who burns brighter than any other, who speaks the words of the divine with a passion and who never lost faith.

date an angel who crumbled and fell. who felt abandoned and lost their faith long ago and now finds it in you and worships every step you take for you at their hope and home.

Major Hiatus

Hey all.

So basically we’re gonna shut down the comic where it is and start over at a later date. I’ve come to a point as an artist where I’m incredibly unsatisfied with my art and my current mental status is.. very jumbled, to put it lightly.

I started this comic as a project for a college class, and it was a good way to kick myself in the ass and get myself to do something I really wanted to do. But as a result of being forced to do this, I personally feel as though the content deteriorated as time went on because of stress and my terrible art skills. Now that I have one more semester until I graduate, maybe I can figure something out and do this the right way since I feel like I’ve been doing everything wrong.

We’re not going to delete entirely, but the blog will either delete all its contents and basically be empty or be password protected, I’m not sure yet.

I’m sorry to anyone who was looking for another update. We’ll be starting over once I figure myself out. I’m sorry for the disappointment if there was any. 

Pisces - Losing her in other realms

Pisces illustrates two drenched figures guarding her curved gate, signifying her constant entrance and re-entrance into the spiritual ocean. The Pisces symbol illustrates these winding gates, the entrance is of course obscured, and once she leaves there’s a possibility she will never fully return. When reality becomes static and threatening, she plunges headfirst into the sea to burry her ears with water and tune into another world. You see Pisces do this frequently with books, television, daydream, sleep, their creative work, sex, or substances. There are angels and devils that reveal themselves in Pisces, they are such a porous and diluted essence that any entity - immortal or not can energise from them. They have energy that vibrates well on the spiritual plane and poorly on the material plane. It creates an agitating conflict in the individual, she often feels alien in her own body and form. This is also why people suffering spiritual crises are unconsciously drawn to Pisces, they drink her nectar like they are drowning, but they so often leave her too exhausted to save herself. In her darker moments she submits to devils, luring her into false or fanatic belief systems, becoming hostage to delusion and escapism. There’s a valid reason that Dane Rudhyar refers to the Piscean temperament as a battlefield. But the angel also rides the energetic light of Pisces, and she frequently whispers cosmic messages in some form, tapping into her psychic functions and protecting her from a distance. She wrote a severe contract for earth before incarnating as Pisces. And God knows this, so her support system is rich and active. It’s ensured there are angels, guides, ancestors, and spiritual mentors always on call, this is why so many Pisces make natural spiritualists, healers, witches, and clairvoyants. The 6th sense is how she perceives, feels, knows, and understands the world. The ocean is vast and largely undiscovered, in a spiritual sense it symbolises everything. This is the experience for Pisces. The intensity of containing such spiritual mass is too harsh for a physical body. So the Pisces has many bodies she can swim into. She glides into new states of consciousness and adapts her form with the ease of her changing mood. In all of this mayhem, there is a very peaceful, silent space inside Pisces where she is held by her guides and cocooned in a dreamy coma. Her enlightenments are small but frequent, there are miracles waiting to reveal themselves to her eyes only. Pisces is ruled by Jupiter and symbolises the higher mind. The ancients taught us that imagination is the conduit to entering the higher mind realms. The Pisces imagination is her ticket to the cerebral spiritual kingdom, in her moments of daydream and escape she typically undertakes tremendous, internal spiritual voyages. Along the way lost devils and angels find her light and flicker by her side, energised like moths to a flame, and there are times when she fools us that she is one of each.


(art: Yang Na)

Theories (Peter Quill)- Part Two

Pairing: Peter Quil x OC

Prompt: Sequel to Theories (Peter Quill)

Warnings: Smut, smut, smut for daysss.

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I paced the tiny length of my room at least a dozen times, trying to shake off what had just happened between Quill and I. Even with weeks of grazing touches and longing looks behind us, that was the closest we’d come to…to what? What exactly had I been about to say to him before Rocket had interrupted with his imperfect timing? That I had feelings for him? That he was right?

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