Lost s5

What do you mean that is not Valentine’s day anymore????

I finished watching s5 and OMG it was SO GOOD! i can’t wait for them to be reunited next season 💙❤️posting this old meme before it gets lost in s5 sketch dump

Does Netflix Know Something We Don’t About Sherlock?

This picture is from December, so it may have changed since then (I was too lazy to check), but read the description of The Final Problem.

“A reunion with a resurrected foe.”

Hmm. Interesting choice of words, considering that in this episode, we see a Moriarty from 5 years ago, not from the present. We’re to believe that he is in fact dead. So why say “resurrected?”

We know that the people who write these blurbs on Netflix sometimes do a crappy job, but surely they weren’t referring to Eurus as the resurrected foe? I mean sure, Sherlock forgot about her, but she was never dead. Also, they rehumanize her by the end with that awful hug between her and Sherlock as some sort of attempt to redeem her, so is she really a foe?

Plus, let’s not forget about THIS:

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Some people allegedly saw this before the Final Problem, but others saw it after the end credits of the Final Problem (including me!) So, what are we to make of it all?

Well, according to a recent interview, apparently there is already a script for Season 5 (although whether we will ever see it on screen is still up in the air) and it has existed for some time.

I think that Moriarty is alive, and if we get a season 5, we will get our favorite Irish villain back!


She chose him. He made her happy. Welcome to another round of heartbreak.

Our Sherlock fandom tho
  • When a season ends on a cliffhanger: Oh no. I can't wait for 3 more years! How can they do this to us?! I can't even asdfghjkl
  • When a season doesn't end on a cliffhanger: Oh no. Everything's been wrapped up. The show is over. How can they do this to us?! I can't even asdfghjkl