You’re leaving Neverland, he knows it and allows you. You tried every single way to make Peter express his feelings, but no one made effect. You’re done trying silly ways, so you take advandage of your good friendship with Tink and ask her for this secret potion that makes you express how you feel without knowing why.

The same day you’re leaving, you mix Pan’s water with the potion and he; without knowing; drinks it and he sees you.

- Well, I guess i’m leaving, goodbye Pan. - You turn around.

- Wait!- He says; obviously confused for what he just said and, afterwards, he gives you a hug. - Don’t leave me… - You hug him tight.

- Never. - He can’t believe it and stops hugging you while making a step back.

- None of this happened, now, go to your tent again. - You notice the effect only lasted seconds, but you smile.

- Yes, Sir. - You say happy but hidding your emotion with a sarcastic voice.


LOST GIRL. Credit goes to blackorphan


Me and Emily met on a plane from Amsterdam. We really hit it off right away and vowed to contact each other after we separated on the airport, but I lost her information! I know she is on tumblr. Emily is of Swedish descent, so she sometimes jokingly “curses” people in swedish, she has chickens, sings soprano, is generally interested in Europe, loves Harry Potter and brilliantly imitates Hermione with her fake british accent. So especially everyone in the HP fandom please reblog! 

If you think you know her (or are her) please contact me here on tumblr or on my email: hortensia_neiti@yahoo.fi! THANK YOU!