Lost Signal


song is “the light” by stars

cw for implied abuse

I know this is an X-Files only account, but I’m a musician and I released my debut EP today. It would mean the world to me if you could check it out!


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The WTF XF HD crew
(a.k.a. Agent Knickerbocker)

Something creepy as fuck just happened to me.

I was watching tv and the signal simply died, and inbetween the static noise and black and white dots a sign showed up, saying “YOU DID IT”, and then it vanished.

I’m pretty sure there´s a logical and rational explanation for it, but still, it was really creepy..



Lost Cat “Mog” (female, 8 yrs)

Today my fiancé and I were traveling north through South Carolina and we stopped at a rest stop just north of the North Carolina state line near Grover, NC. We had Mog in a harness and on a leash, letting her stretch her legs in the grassy area. She escaped out of the harness, ran along the fence line, and eventually escaped under the fence. We both jumped the fence to try to search for her but the plants and trees were so thick that she get ahead of us quickly. There seemed to be a neighborhood behind the rest stop that she may have run into. We finally had to leave the rest stop and leave her behind because we hadn’t seen any sign of her in awhile and had no idea which way she’s gone. We made our way up to Richmond for the night and we’ll be traveling up to NY tomorrow.

Please reblog this and share with anyone who may be in the North Carolina/South Carolina area, specifically the area around Interstate 85.

Message me if you have any information!

She’s very skittish and may take some coaxing to get her to approach you. She is declawed and has one cloudy eye. She has no collar or microchip (took collar off to get harness on and haven’t had a chance to microchip her). Her family misses her very much.


So, this is a long shot if there ever was one. I’m trying to find a gift for someone and what I have in mind is a book from our childhood, however neither of us can remember what it was called or the author. 

It was a collection of children’s stories which included:

- A story of a girl called Hannah who’s dad would travel for work and who brought her back a jade elephant,

- A story about a boy who really wanted a goldfish, so he ate an entire jar of jam (jam sandwiches, jam tarts) to put the goldfish in,

- A story about a girl who would squirt all of the toothpaste out of the tube onto the taps and around the house, so her mum iced a cake with toothpaste to trick her,

- A story about a girl who kept on eating chocolate biscuits so her mum switched them with dog biscuits.

Those are the ones I can remember, I have googled pretty much everything I can think of to no avail.