Lost Signal


I found this sketchbook in a restaurant and It may be impossible but I want to find the author.

The sketchbook was found in El Albaicín, Granada, Spain and I think the artist isn’t Spanish, maybe a Chinese tourist or someone who are learning Chinese but who knows u_u

In the drawings you can see some monuments of differents sites of Spain, that’s why I think she/he could be a tourist D:

I already tweeted it and a lot of people are sharing (all my love for you guys<3) but I want to try to find him/her here too


Did you ask the restaurant staff if they know it?: I’m the restaurant staff, I work there and we can’t remember who is the owner, sorry

- Did you use the reverse image search in Google?: Yes, I do and got nothing u_u

- Can you check the CCTV?: Em… no…  We don’t have it in the terrace and my boss would never let me see them

What you could do is put a note at the door of the restaurant saying ‘have you lost…?’ : I’m the only one in the restautrant who cares about this and again my boss would never let me do that.

If they are a tourist and you just found it recently, they are probably still travelling and might not check their social media as often: Yes, I know, but maybe someone can recognize his/her style or something 

Please, just share and help me to find him/her ;_;

Thank you!



 Enya the Silken and Luthien the Schipperke have been missing since December. Yesterday, someone posted a photo of a dog that looks a LOT like Enya in a lost dog group. This dog was spotted in Newark OH, about an hour and a half from where she originally went missing, and she was also wearing a collar and tags, which Enya was not wearing when she went missing. It is possible that this dog is not Enya OR that it is Enya and she has been kept by someone other than her original owners since she went missing but now has escaped again. A loose Silken is guaranteed to be lost rather than abandoned under any circumstances. 

 Please keep your eyes peeled if you live in this area and signal boost as much as you can! This is the best lead we’ve had in months and whatever the case, this dog’s should be returned to their rightful owner. Remember that sighthounds will always choose flight over fight so don’t try to chase them to catch them. 

 If you have any additional information please let me or @silkenagentsofcsbeck (Enya’s breeder) know!



I lost my 3DS at the beach in Oceanside California. I wanted to take it with me to the beach hoping to get some street passes and I guess I misplaced it somewhere. I lost it June 27th 2017. 

It was in a little pink bag exactly like the one in the photo. It’s a purple 3DS with a Saturn symbol I drew on it with a white gel pen. I had a purple sheep key chain connected to it exactly like the one in the photo (the one in the photo is ripped but I got the same key chain again.) I have the Purple Star theme (like in the photo). The miis name is Vivi (i dont remember but the name might be steph). The last game I played on it was Animal Crossing. 

Please please, contact me if you find it. I haven’t been good, I lost everything. I know it was really stupid but I just really want it back. I’ve been so depressed and anxious. 

Please contact me here on my tumblr or 


my email:  stephaniemuniz16@gmail.com

if the gems had tumblrs
  • steven: cute instagram photos of food, dragon ball nostalgia, and lost pet signal boosts
  • amethyst: ugly instagram photos of food, postmodern pseudoironic meme hell, avatar would be a photo of a screaming possum
  • pearl: austere photography in spare pastel colors, gardening tutorials, pictures of sand
  • garnet: empty blog with default theme; title says "garnet"
going on a road trip with chris evans would include

(a/n tysm for all the support!! please leave requests in my ask and ill do them! thank you)

-chris deciding it was a perfect weekend to drive from massachusetts all the way to maine

-packing both of your clothes all into one large suitcase

-at the start, you only purchase a few snacks

-but chris insists you need A LOT more snacks

-“baby, that’s not going to last even an eighth of the trip.”

-so you have to go back to the store, and buy 20 more snacks

-dodger being really excited to come along

-you and chris taking turns driving

-chris holding the steering wheel while his other hand holds your hand

-singing in the caR!!

-yelling the lyrics of “party in the USA” at the top of your lungs


-chris thinking it’s the cutest thing in the world

-when you’re napping, chris likes to take his eyes off the road for a few seconds to admire you

-chris whispering “i love you y/n”

-you sleepily mumbling “i love me too.”

-chris having to wake you up from your nap

-“y/n. y/n. doll, wake up.”

-“leave me aloneeeeee.”

-“there’s clam chowder.”

-boosting up from your seat and running into the restaurant

-dodger bouncing out of the car for lunch

-chris putting on his “disguise” which consists of sunglasses and a hat

-telling chris that disguise won’t work

-“chris, people are still going to recognize you in that.”

-“doll, if the disguise worked for steve rogers, it’ll work for me.”

-when the food you ordered arrives, you both devour your food in a few mere bites

-chris sneaking dodger a few bites of his food, despite your efforts trying to keep dodger healthy

-after lunch, you’re back on the road

-sitting in the car in a quiet but comforting silence

-becoming really horny so you start reading chris evans smut

-“what'cha reading there, doll?”

-“ummm. nothing??”

-chris talking about upcoming interviews and how stressed he was

-you gladly listening and offering advice

-pressing a long, tender kiss to each of his knuckles to help him relax

-constantly asking chris if he wants you to drive yet

-him constantly assuring you it’s okay he’s driving

-“chris, you sure??”

-“absolutely doll.”

-“like, are you sure sure?”

-“yes doll, you just sit back, relax, and continue being amazing”

-practicing pick up lines on chris when the signal gets lost for the radio

-“hey, chris. are you a light switch?”

-“no, doll. why?”


-chris blushing like a huge dork

-dodger ends up barking because of your terrible pick up line

-chris telling you stories about being on the set of “gifted”

-“so there was this one time where mckenna….”

-those stories eventually lead to the talk about your future together as a couple

-“and we’ll live in a house in rural massachusetts, maybe 2 or more kids,,,”

-“but chris, what if we don’t get married?”

-“oh doll, i’m making sure you’re becoming mrs.evans”

-you blushing like craZy

-falling into another deep sleep

-chris (again) looking at you while you sleep

-him smiling as he touches the engagement ring box through his jeans

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Hi everyone,

My baby Coraline hasn’t been seen since Wednesday, October 4th. I’m worried sick - I love her as much as anything in the world - and I’m trying to reach out on every social media platform possible.

She went missing in Shaker Heights, OH, near the intersection between Lytle Rd. and Scottsdale Blvd. We’re putting her food and litter box out in hopes she’ll want to come home.

I’m really worried, especially given the fact that I wasn’t around when she disappeared. I can’t be there to look for her because I’m hundreds of miles away in another state. I’m so scared and nervous - my mind immediately jumped to the worst possible conclusion.

Please signal boost this. If anyone has seen a short, overweight, brown mackerel tabby American Shorthair with green eyes and a red nose that has a tiny black speck in the center, please reach out to me at esbiscoe01@bvsd.org or PM on tumblr or reddit @ r0m3d4.

Thank you all so much for reading. I hope I find her soon.

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I’m sorry this isn’t art related but… Monday morning, June 26, 2017, I was informed that my little buddy, Tempus, went missing. Me and my family are devastated. I’m scared and worried sick about him. I don’t want to lose him… he’s part of a family and it aches so much to not have him with us.

If its okay, for those who living in Philadelphia area, especially within the Roxborough area, can you spread and share this around? Thank you!



Hi everybody.  Last Friday, September 1st, 2017, my son lost his bear.  I believe this happened aboard Bus 586 from University of Washington to Tacoma, but could have happened before or after.

If you happen across this bear, I have a 4-year-old who would love you forever.  Thank you.

WHAT:  A small, stuffed bear.  The bear itself is a dingy white and he has a blue blanket attached to him.
WHERE:  Potentially: Bus 586 from UW to Tacoma.  Other possibilities:  University of Washington, around Denny Hall; Tacoma Dome Station; 6th Ave Tacoma, near Goodwill.
WHEN:  Early to mid afternoon.  We boarded the BUS at 2:40 PM.

If you have any information, please message me here.  I know it’s just a toy, but he’s had it since he was born and calls him his best friend, so we’re trying every avenue we can think of.  Please signal boost.

Hey Guys I Need Your Help

So @queerly-found came across this work of art on instagram with no mention of the artist nor their tag. They were wondering if anyone knew who the artist is so that they can give them credit where credit is deserved. 

If anyone has any information regarding the artist or where it was originally posted I plead with you to contact @queerly-found so that they can help put this work of art back into its original artist’s hands. Thank you. 

Hey guys, so this is my baby Marley…. my family has had him for 8 years and yesterday he went missing… he’s an African sulcata tortoise and CAN NOT SWIMM!!!!!!!! We live in Frisco around hillcrest and rolater, if you find him please please please!! Send me a message… the back right side of his corner shell is turned up and damaged, please help me find my pet….


Hello guys! I have some commission slots open!

type: single character portrait ( bust - up )

price: 37 usd

payment: invoice after the commission is finished

Commissions are fully painted, so they take a bit of time to produce. I regularly sent out sketches and wips, and gladly make edits and corrections according to your desires.*

Shoot me an email with your characters description and references if you want one: consik@msn.com

Send me a message via messaging system if you have any questions!

For examples please look through my “art” tag, or my “finished commissions” tag.

Invoices are being sent after the commissioner has seen and approved of the final product.

* i reserve a right to turn down any commission i’m uncomfortable with!!!

so uh someone stole my cat. he means the world to me. if anyone in the Seattle/Federal Way, WA area sees a long haired black and white cat, name of Max, please contact me. he’s fat, has no collar, has bug bumps, and can’t meow properly. i’ve had him for almost 15 years and i’m really heartbroken, i just want him back. thank you