Deadly Nightshade

Requested by anon: “Could you do an imagine where you caught pan cheat on you but he regrets it and trys everything to make you forgive him”

Word count: 2,177

Warning: Swearing, violence, light smut,

This will be in two parts as I had too much happening and didn’t want it to be too long. I changed it up a little as I couldn’t really think of a way to have him cheat without that stuff I added. I hope it exceeds your expectations xx

  “Wake up,” Peter’s soft voice broke into my dreamless sleep as he shook my shoulder.

  “No,” I groaned.

  “There’s someone new on the island,” I could hear the smile in his voice.

I turned over to face him with an unhappy expression. “They better be the fuckin queen,”

  “No that’s you,” he chuckled before leaning over and kissing me. I smiled as I kissed him back.

  “Okay… fine… I’ll wake up,” I said between kisses.

He jumped up and tore open the curtains with no warning.

I shouted and covered my eyes as they hadn’t adjusted to the light.

Peter, the Lost Boys and I made our way to the beach where the shadow drops the newbies in search of the one Peter sensed this morning.

  “How old do you reckon he’ll be?” one of the younger boys asked as we all hiked along.

  “I don’t know, am I a witch?” the older boy he walked beside snapped.

  “Hey!” I shouted at the older boy. “One, what the fuck do witches have to do with knowing someones age? And two, speak to him or anyone like that again for no reason and I’ll remove you tongue,”

The older boy glared at me but apologised and ran ahead. The younger boy grinned at me and thanked me and also ran to find his friends.

  “I love it when you get all ‘authority’ like that,” Peter snaked his arm around my waist as he whispered seductively in my ear.

  “Really?” I looked at him out the corner of my eye with a smirk. “So if I was to pin you against a tree and do whatever I wanted to you, you wouldn’t object?”

  “I would not, but it’ll have to be later or we’ll miss meeting the new boy,” he winked and grabbed my hand as we sprinted past all the lost boys so that we were ahead of the group.

  “Race?” Peter smiled at me but didn’t wait for a response before letting go of my hand and running even faster.

  “Hey no fair!” I tried my best to catch up but I was no match for his long legs and lean build. He was just fast.

He burst through some bushes in front of me and disappeared from my view for a few seconds before I also hit the same shrubbery.

  “What’s wrong?” I asked when I made my way through to almost crashed into his back as he was standing completely still staring out to the beach.

  “It’s…” he said slowly.

I looked around to see the new comer.

  “A girl,” I finished his sentence.

She turned at the sound of our voices with a glorious smile. She wore a white dress  that swayed as she turned. It was long and sleeveless with ruffles around her claves. It looked like a 1800’s sleeping gown.

Her smile vanished when she made eye contact with me. Despite her unhappy expression for me, her beauty was striking. Golden curls fell down her back and her fair face was dotted with freckles across her cheeks and nose. Big hazel eyes glared at me with a hate that made me feel intimidated.

Peter seemingly unaffected by her glare, walked forward with his signature smirk.

  “Welcome to our island,” he bowed dramatically. “I am Peter Pan, King of Neverland. And you are?”

  “I am Belladonna,” she flash the same hypnotic smile from before and gave a small curtsy. “You can call me Bella,”

I frowned as I tried to remember why her name rang a bell in my memory.

  “Belladonna… “ Peter hummed thoughtfully. “Y’know this island has its own deadly plant. But I must say it is nowhere near as alluring as Belladonna,”

That explains why her name is familiar to me.

I stepped forward also and gave a warm smile to this girl.

  “Hello,” I said, still smiling. The smile she had for Peter turned into a scowl for me. I ignored it and took a protective hold of Peter’s hand. “I’m Y/N. Peter here refers to me as his Queen since he is king here. It’s going to be nice no longer being the only girl,”

  “There are no other girls?” This Bella girl said this as if she was hopeful or relieved.

  “Just me and like 30 teenage boys,” I laughed nervously. “I could help you set up a nice tent a little ways from the boys. They’re lovely but they’re still teenage boys so-”

  “That’s okay,” she cut me off as she smiled at Peter and took his  other hand. “I can handle some teenage boys. Just fix me up a tent while the King gives me a tour,”

  “Uhm,” I had to hold myself back from biting her face as she looked at my boy liked that. “I offered to help you set up your tent. I’m not going to do it for you,”

She gave me the filthiest look then turned back to Peter with a smile.

  “Give me that tour now?” there was something about the way she spoke to him. She looked at him like she was giving a small child instruction.

He smiled at me awkwardly but I could see in his eyes that he truely wanted to go with her. So I did what anyone would do. I gave the bitch a glare that said ‘touch him and I’ll kill you’ then I  released Peter’s hand and walked away.

I was back at camp setting up this girl’s tent as she a Peter still had not returned. I’m a murdering pillaging queen (sorta) and I fucking hate this girl but I have a role on this island and that is caring for it’s inhabitants so I’m not about to let her sleep outside.

Still there was something very off about this girl. The way she looked at Peter and they way he seemed to be under her spell.

I furiously searched my brain for some kind of magic she might’ve used to enchant him.

Is she some kind of siren? A fae?

She’s a bitch either way.

  “Hey Y/N?” I heard one of the boys call my name. I turned and saw Felix.

  “Yeah?” I dropped the tent fabric I was holding and brushed dirt off my knees. “What’s up?”

  “Didn’t Pan go ofw with the new girl?” he scratched his head as if he was uncomfortable with the topic. “Don’t you think they should be back by now? It’s sundown and he’s usualy back before then. He never misses dinner. Should we go look for him?”

I looked at the sky and saw he was right. I’d been so focused on my displeasure of setting up this girl’s tent that I hadn’t noticed how dark it was.

I was suddenly very worried.

  “Get the big boys together, but have Connor stay with the rest,” I instructed. “We’re going to go find them, but I need to make sure the littlies are safe,”

He nodded then jogged of to find the ‘big boys,’ which were the 12 oldest, ages ranging from 15 to 17.

He returned with them all and they stood before me awaiting further instruction. Some held torches.

  “We’re heading to the beach to track them from there,” I took off at a jog, leading the group to the spot where we found Bella.

It was a short journey at this pace. Or that might’ve just been my mind zoning out until we got to the beach.

  “Find their tracks,” I shouted. “Then fan out and pay attention to anything that might be off,”

I found our footprints in the sand from earlier and followed them in the direction Peter and Bella left the beach.

  “This way,” I called and the boys spread out and followed the direction I was heading.

We’d been following these tracks for about an hour and a half when I saw something that made my mind reel.

  “Stop!” I hissed. I reached out to the fabric hang from the branch in front of me.

Peter’s shirt.

The boys all halted in there tracks and stared at what I was holding.

  “What the fuck…?” Felix muttered. “There aren’t any water’s here…”

  “I know,” I growled. I thrust the shirt into Felix’s arms then I stomped forwards.

I pushed my way into a clearing. It was dark and I couldn’t see much but I could hear fine. And what I heard was moans, groans, heavy breathing.

I looked to my left, where the noises were coming from.

There they were. I could see their silhouettes in the darkness.

Then the boys and their torches came into the clearing, lighting up the place and the sight before me had me shaking with rage.

Peter was sitting on the ground, obviously without his shirt. He pants were pulled around his knees but his privates were covered, by Bella.

She straddled his hips with her dress hitched up around her thighs.

He held her in place with his hands on her thighs under her dress.

She held his face to her chest and he stared up at her like she was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen.

Her striking beauty from earlier was gone however.

Her skin looked grey and her light brown freckles were now black. Her hazel eyes were a piercing ice blue and her golden hair was orange, it looked like flames dripping down her back, Her curls quivering as she grinded up and down on Peter’s lap.

But this was not the most fearful thing about her appearance.

No, she had strange growths on her back, poking out of her long hair, tearing through the fabric of her dress.


Dark grey leathery wings sprouted from her shoulder blades like those of a giant bat.

I know what she is… Why she hated me, why she was happy there aren’t any girls, why Peter is mesmerized by her.

  “Succubus,” I spat.

She looked at me now. She made a sound that could only be described as a shriek and bared her pointed fangs at me.

Peter blinked as if waking up from sleep. He looked at was happening and it was like a switch was flicked in his brain.

He vanished from where he sat on the ground and reappeared a few metres from Belladonna with his pants returned to his hips.

  “Witch!” he snarled at her. “What spell have you cast on me?”

  “No spell,” she laughed. Her voice was still like music. “You are merely a male, and they are weak to the charms of my kind,”

  “She’s a succubus,” I explained to him, but after what I saw, I couldn’t bring myself to look in his eyes. “They’re demonic women who prey on men. Some stories say they eat their flesh, others say they eat their souls but the stories always has sexual deeds in common,”

Peter noticed my lack of eye contact and his face filled with shame and guilt.

  “Y/N…” he took a step towards me but I turned away from him and focused on Belladonna.

  “Fitting name by the way,” I said to her. “‘Deadly nightshade, commonly known as Belladonna’ means beautiful woman, but is a deadly flower. Did you come up with that yourself?”

  “Actually no,” she smiled as if remembering some great memory. “A village I used to torment gave it to me after I killed half the men there-”

Her face suddenly contorted in pain and she clutched at her throat.

I looked at Peter and saw that he was using magic to choke her.

  “Filthy creature,” he seethed as he stood in front of her. “You come to my island, and think you could do your vile things to me?

  “I did pretty well don’t you think?” she managed to squeak out. “I could feel how close you were. Didn’t you enjoy yourself? I know you did,”

He pulled his dagger from his belt and drove it up under her chin into her skull.

Her eyes rolled back and her hands fell from her throat, lifeless at her sides.

Peter dropped her corpse, not removing his dagger.

He turned away from her and stared at the ground.

  “Boys,” he said. “Please leave us,”

Felix looked at me worriedly but left with the others.

I looked at my feet, unable to look at Peter. I know it’s not his fault but I still have that image of him with another woman seared into my mind.

  “Y/N,” his voice was filled with such sadness.

I looked up at him briefly. There was blood spatter on his chest. If this was some other situation my demented self would’ve found that riveting but it just made me feel sick. Even though he killed her, she is still on him.

I turned my head down and squeezed my eyes shut.

  “Y/N please…” he pleaded.

  “I-,” my voice came out as nothing but a whisper. “I have to go,”

Then I ran away. Away from him, away from the camp. I didn’t have a destination in mind. I just ran.