what was once real
turned to a memory
like my undying
love for you

i remember thinking
you were the only one
for me
and that
i was in love

i told everyone
i fell in love with
but i guess i was

because love isn’t real
it’s just a chemical
telling you
that you just wanna fuck

funny isn’t it

you’ve said i love you
to people for years
and yet
it wasn’t true

you’ve said
i’ll love you forever
when someday forever
will be non-existant

funny how love
is equivalent
to so many

funny isn’t it

how i’ve lost
for those
broken hearted

because how can
your heart break
from love
if it’s not real

love is just
a moral dilemma
and i’m sorry
but you got yourself into this

thank you

you left me
to think
and didn’t speak
a single word
after that day

and while
i’m still in pain
i’m learning
about the world
and how to live

you taught me
how to be a person
how to be me
how to forgive
and forget

so as i dry my eyes
in a desperate
burning pain
i just wanted to say
one last thing

thank you for everything
thank you for being there
when i needed you most
just know you still hold a place in my heart
thank you