Dmitriiii nooo… 😭 😭 😭

One of my favorite opera singers passed away today. He was 55.

“Журавли” (“Zhuravli” / “The Cranes”) 

“I sometimes think that the fallen soldiers
Who have not returned from fields of blood
Never lied down to rot beneath our soil
But must have flown off as white cranes…”

Goodnight, sweet prince. Thank you for your voice.
You’re already missed. </3 

“From Montauk”

I hired that actor,
           the once-hokey one,
to swing
a sledgehammer
                       —[_] into my chest [_]—

His cost
was your loss,
                       was five million memories,
and money is no object
           ——( ,, ) in a rut ( ,, )——

So I let him go
to watch his practice
           become fine art ;
`’`’A mosaic of bones`’`’
                       a doomed decoration

Then his show
                      was through
and I garnered one thing :
My breaths will be short,
           “,“ but my mind will stay spotted ”,”

“All I wanted was to be loved as much as I had loved you. With my heart and my soul, with the entirety of my life. But you couldn’t give me that could you? All those times you told me you loved me, all those were lies.”

-Excerpt from a book I’ll never write (excerptsfromstories)

“They say you should listen to your heart and that’s what I did, but you left it shattered and now I can’t hear it anymore.”

-Excerpt from a book I’ll never write (excerptsfromstories)