MASTERING: Los Détroit – The killing EP

I was jamming this lovely release today and realized I hadn’t posted anything about it. I had the privilege of mastering this little gem from this California band. Highly recommended if you’re a fan of vintage 4AD records with some modern production twists. Available on iTunes, Amazon, eMusic and several other places.

If you are interested in having me master a future release of yours, please contact me. I love all styles of music. As an artist myself, I know that money is not a commodity most of us have in abundance. But, that doesn’t mean the end product of your work should suffer. I’ve got quality gear and lower than average rates. Let’s talk. =) 


Greedy fastfood

Thousands of McDonald’s workers took to the streets demanding to raise the minimum wage to $ 15 an hour. The action took place in New York, Detroit, Chicago and Los Angeles. Demonstrations has become part of an international protest against the tyranny of big network companies whose owners have set an hourly rate of pay for their employees to unbearably low level. More than half of Americans, engaged in catering, dependent on state subsidies.
Earlier this year, McDonald’s management declared about increase of salaries of employees in more than a thousand restaurants. However, about 90% of McDonald’s employees still have not received a raise.


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Love this way to much!!


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By the same guy that brought you 5 minutes of happy goalies….

Diggin' This: JMSN - "Addicted" (Official Video)

Detroit-born, LA-based singer and producer Christian Berishaj bka JMSN (pronounced “Jameson”) has crafted this excellent soulful, strings-laden, future R&B jam, complete with some spacey voice echo snippets, some Timberlakey vocal overdubs and an addictive, rubbery hip-hop beat.


JMSN – “Addicted”



JMSN follows up his…

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Week 2 in Review: Still sitting over .500 and the arrival of Bryant

I didn’t geek when Theo Epstein and company finally decided to call Kris Bryant’s number on Thursday night to have him start for the Cubbies on Friday. It was more like a sigh of relief and only for a handful of reasons. For starters, the Cubs had a huge hole to fill at the hot corner with Mike Olt and Tommy La Stella out on the disabled list. It has been an utter disappointment with Olt having his stints here and there when he was projected to be one of baseball’s top prospects for the Texas Rangers when he was drafted in 2010; with the Cubs acquired Olt in the Matt Garza deal of 2013. La Stella, another young prospect acquired during the off season for the Cubs, has been shuffled from second base to third before suffering an oblique injury. Enter Bryant, who has been the sensation of the nation kept under the radar since his spring training blowout and finally got to prove that he can hang in the big leagues. The injuries were not the only reasons that I gave a huge sigh of relief. I was happy to see that the Cubs finally had an infield that not only can get the job done with their bats, but defensively too. With the addition of the cubs bringing up Addison Russell this morning, it is looking more and more surreal that the Cubs are looking to be a competitive bunch with a young team for years to come.

However, I am still holding my breath little by little. After taking a series to the Cincinnati Reds and dropping their first to the loaded San Diego Padres, the Cubs dropped from first to second under the shadow of the haunting St. Louis Cardinals whom continue to prevail as division leaders. After a grueling win last night in Pittsburgh, the Cubbies have a long week to go with this series against the Pirates and then traveling to the Great American Ball Park for the first time this season. Three points that I am still worried about are Jon Lester trying to get comfortable as this team’s ace in the rotation, the bullpen finding quicker solutions for closing out close games, and Kris Bryant finding his feel as a clean up hitter in the batting order. 

Lester is still without a win after three starts and a great deal of Cubs fans’ faces are turning into grimaces. The independent articles by sports writers are slowly oozing out to the surface mentioning the idea that maybe signing Lester for that big contract was probably a bad idea for Chicago. However, manager Joe Maddon is still behind Lester and believes he is slowly, but surely, finding his rhythm at this ball club. And I get it, being the ace of this squad has been quite difficult over the past couple of years. There hasn’t been a consistent starting ace pitcher for the Cubs since Carlos Zambrano. Lester I am still in your corner, but if we get to the end of the month without some better number, then you are going to start hearing some questions from me. 

The Cubs’ bullpen suffered their first hiccup during their series against the Padres over the weekend. With two promising games in the bag for the Cubs on Friday and Saturday, the Padres came back with runs of their own towards the last three innings of both games. Securing victory of the Friday match up, it was the Cubs who won in extras innings on Saturday afternoon. Rest assured, this is one of the new breeds of teams the Cubs need to be ready for if they are looking to be in the playoffs this season and for years to come. This bullpen needs to be ready to play against top batters in this league and surely needs to out pitch pens that are far better than theirs. So far the bullpen has proved to be much better this season, but there is much more they need to keep in the tank for the long run.

If you are already tired of me blowing Kris Bryant’s horn, stop reading and keep scrolling to the next post. Obviously you are not hyped up for the future stars of this league for the next years to come. For all I know, I can be wrong for calling Bryant a star, but he has the huge opportunity to being a franchise face of this team along side Rizzo, Castro, and Lester. After his big league debut striking out three out of the four at bats in Friday’s loss, he came out big with collecting six hits in fourteen at bats and four RBI’s. Hitting .429 after last night’s game against the Pirates, we will be looking to see Bryant’s first home run of the season sooner than later. He has already proved he can play third base pretty well, my only prediction is that he will lead the team in either RBI’s or runs this season.

As far as the rest of the league goes, the Detroit Tigers continue to demonstrate as the best team in the league with only two loses; followed by their division rivals, the Kansas City Royals, with only three loses. These two teams continue to be potential threats to everyone in the American League while division leaders have changed in the West and East. The Houston Astros only lie a half a game ahead of the Athletics, but will not last long if the Athletics are the only team in the positive category for runs scored-run allowed ratio statistic. With the Angels, Rangers, and Mariners all having the same record, the leader board should change between this week or the next. The East is almost parallel to West with the Yankees, Blue Jays, and Rays all having the same record; while the Boston Red Sox cling onto a one game lead over the Baltimore Orioles. As predicted, this division will be at each other’s throats to see who will come up on top by the end of the season. The best team in the National League is the power surging Los Angeles Dodgers at 9-3 with their bats doing most of the talking. Best story I have heard around in baseball is the fact the Adrian Gonzalez bat is back and is tearing it up with the best batting average in the league thus far. Meanwhile, with everyone in New York saying “Sell the Team” is starting to put the billboards to shame with the Mets being the best team in their division. Although, spectators believe it will not last long with the Mets going into the Subway Series against the Bronx Bombers this weekend. The St. Louis Cardinals had a better week then the rest of their division as they calmly took over first place over the Cubs and look to stay there with the five game winning streak they are riding into this week facing a struggling Washington Nationals and Milwaukee Brewers ball clubs.

That is it for now, Cubs fans. As always, I will be reviewing Fantasy Baseball values, stats, numbers, and all that jazz by the end of the week, The Champ came back strong over his long distance rival that should be reading this article…..right….about…NOW! Tune in next week to see if the Cubs will still be over .500 and I can only hope they take one of these series to remain there.


It felt amazing to work outdoors in the sunshine and breathe in the fresh air of a new season last week while I photographed the beautiful Hailee Fritz for my new portrait project, #ConfidenceLooksGreatOnYou. You can read her story and see more images here: http://confidencelooksgreatonyou.tumblr.com

OPSN Major League Baseball power rankings: Week 3

OPSN Major League Baseball power rankings: Week 3

Teams have played more than 10 percent of their regular season schedule now, and there are still some surprises lingering as we head into the month of May. Here is the new list of our top 10 Major League Baseball teams, followed by their spot in last week’s rankings.

1. Detroit Tigers– Their lead in our rankings and the American League Central division is thin, but it’s still hard to find any…

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Mr MilitantNegro™
Jueseppi B

I have never been one to tow the line. Never followed the beat of everyone’s drummer. Never wanted to be liked or well thought of……To be honest I just never gave a damn what others thought of me or what I did in my life. 

I posted these two images separately in the past 24 hours on Twitter  and it caused some pretty pathetic responses which I of course responded to then I spam blocked those stupids with several colorful images….which I can’t display here based on offending you good folk.

I had responses to include how the coming together of these 3 groups, The Bloods, The Crips and The Nation Of Islam were stupid, silly, dumb, a joke, not significant and so on. I was told these 3 groups were nothing more than gangs responsible for the deaths of more Black folks than ALL caucasians combined in America, including lynchings and murders by racist organizations.

The dumbass racists caucasians who tweeted this got it directly from jackass Bill O’Riley himself….the number one expert pundit on racial murder in America.

Now that set me to wondering just how many Irish, German, Russian, Asian and Italian gangs have slaughtered their own? The above mentioned gangs are well organized and have been dealing their brand of gang violence for centuries. Oh wait…..those gangs are of a “white” skin tone. My Bad. Never mind.

Oh yeah, when you sit and ponder facts & truth there are indeed two militant gangs bigger than any of the organized gangs mentioned above….law enforcement agencies in AmeriKKKa and The United States Of AmeriKKKlan Government, which includes their strong arm force: The United States Of America’s Armed Forces.


Scares the shit out of you racists because you never want to see Umoja between these groups of Black Americans…..cause if they unite and stay on one accord, your dumb backwoods cousinfuckin asses are in deep shit. The power of Umoja is not lost on you, even if your teeth are lost to you. 


I said I would not post the visual response I had to the racists Twitter tweets sent to me….I lied…..

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Although this is a very serious post on a very series subject, I do hope you got a chuckle or a giggle…..no belly laughs are allowed.

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#gallery-0-14-slideshow .slideshow-slide img { max-height: 410px; /* Emulate max-height in IE 6 */ _height: expression(this.scrollHeight >= 410 ? '410px' : 'auto'); } Two Images That Strike Fear In The Minds & Hearts Of Racist AmeriKKKlan. I have never been one to tow the line. Never followed the beat of everyone’s drummer. Never wanted to be liked or well thought of……To be honest I just never gave a damn what others thought of me or what I did in my life. 

hey i need to start following baseball bloggers again so i’m going to tag a few teams and if you are scrolling through that team’s tag and you post a lot of baseball then like this post and i will follow you i need more baseball on my dash ok?



Tired & Frustrated

I went to church this morning and was expecting something to keep me going but it did the opposite. It made me more upset. My pastor spoke on what to do on after the riots of Baltimore and his response: wait on the Lord.

Excuse me, but the fuck?! Wait on the Lord? Really?

We’re approaching the anniversary of the death of Mike Brown with the only difference is that our voice have gotten louder – yet still not heard. Not by the powers that be.

I didn’t have a problem with the message, it was of Paul and Silas in the roman jail praying to be freed and still being in the cells to protect the guard. My only issue: it was a poor message for crafting a response to Baltimore.

I could go in to theology of the story, but I’ll refrain. The setup was placed with the riots of Detroit, Los Angeles, and even the previous one in Baltimore and the parallels that our media as skew us to see. He explained that we were rioting then of the disparities of high unemployment, poor opportunities and loss of industrial jobs and for the most parts, none of the areas have recovered since. So with 20-40 years of desolation and no regrowth your answer to me is to pretty much just “keep the faith?” FOH.

I have a growing issue with the generation of my father and mother and their wait-and-see approach. Not because of the tacit, but because of the logic. Nothing. NOTHING in the history of this country has been given peacefully. The damn anthem that we so proudly proclaim is a song explaining the sights of war. Every freedom that every gender, sect, race in this country other the white man was due to some act of riot. There has always been a resistance, then truth, followed by rioting, then action.  The problem I have is that not only the wait and see approach, but the dependency on federal government to step in on States rights.  Most of the injustices have been cleared on a federal level however due to States rights, many of them created loopholes to allow themselves to continue the status of white-particharical-heteronormative-supremacy. This is due to lack of low-voter turnout due poor educational systems and low-wage jobs preventing those from having the access to vote (it’s mother fucking 2015 and I still have to vote by my house for it not to be a provisional ballot). Let’s not even get in to gerrymandering..

But I digress. Last time a checked the savior I supposedly  am suppose to believe didn’t just  “wait on the Lord.”  He was seen as a radical. He demanded that all be seen equal. So to only tell me keep the faith disturbs my spirit. Because I was taught the truth will set you free, and the truth right now is being revealed. So why would I want to rest with this forward momentum?

1.5 Million Missing Black Men

“There are more missing African-American men nationwide than there are African-American men residing in all of New York City — or more than in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Detroit, Houston, Washington and Boston, combined.”

This is deeply upsetting. And it’s hard to see hardcore prison reform happening anytime soon.