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We love hockey for many reasons but perhaps the greatest aspect of hockey is its fans.

For a few months now the Rangers subreddit has been collecting donations to Dominic Moore’s foundation for cancer, the Katie Moore Foundation. He’s a center for the New York Rangers who lost his wife. See his moving story here (x), 

Usually on reddit, fans have a friendly wager that changes the design of the subreddit to the winning team’s colours but this time the Kings subreddit decided to change it up.

They are battling the Rangers subreddit for who can get the most money donated to the Katie Moore Foundation. Hockey teams fans, foes during the stanley cup final, coming together for something that is much greater than hockey. 

Awesome movement and awesome graphic by KnightTheLamp

Gotta love hockey.


Hockey Is Back!

To celebrate, here are all my team mascots.  Some old ones. Some new ones. Some revamped ones. I’m happy with the majority, but a few I may rework in the future.  These have been featured (by divisions) on TSN’s blog, BarDown, so maybe you’ve come across them there.  Enjoy!