Ok but Spike totally wears eyeliner

How does he put it on when he can’t see his reflection? Somebody else does it. Mostly Angel. “wake the fuck up old man you gotta put my face on” “it’s 3 am” but Angel’s been doing it for years so he’s the go to

Fred used to do it lots too and sometimes she’d wing it and Spike thought it was the best thing ever “now this. this is art” but Illyria doesn’t do it cause she can’t seem to hold the thing without breaking it and that shit’s expensive ok

Gunn tried once. It was a disaster. They don’t talk about it. Lorne has it on video.

Lorne is a fucking God of makeup ok but Spike won’t go to him cause then Lorne’s gonna bring out all the makeup and Spike just wants his eyeliner ok he doesn’t need- wait what’s that brush do

Wesley hates doing it but he’s actually good at it and nobody can figure out why. Turns out Wes had a goth phase. Running from your goth phase is a race you’ll never win Wes. You’ll always be one with the eyeliner.


angel: top 5 of season 2 (as voted by my followers) 2. there’s no place like plrtz glrb

I had to come back here to find out I didn’t have to come back here. I don’t belong here. I hate it here. You know where I belong? L.A. You know why? Nobody belongs there. It’s the perfect place for guys like us.

Happy Pride

Some main LGBTQA+ Buffyverse Characters

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(I know the last three are ambiguous or only implied but I’m counting them)


“You went from helping the helpless to hunting down the guilty. Blood vengeance is a luxury of the lesser being. You’re a champion, Angel. I mean… you were, at least.”
“What do you want me to tell you?”
“Everything. What’s in your heart, why you stopped caring. You know, the whole ball of wax, so I can help you get back on your path.”