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I ship them so much! If only there were some way! A permanent crossover maybe? Just somebody please make this canon before I explode! They’re both cute and awkward with raging sex drives! I love them both so much!

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Bob’s Burgers to do one-hour Christmas musical special

Adam Driver will be featured in the holiday episode

Bob’s Burgers always serves up a tasty special holiday episode (“Tina and the Real Ghost,” “The Quirkducers,” “God Rest Ye Merry Gentle-Mannequins”) but there’s one in the works for later this year that’s extra special.

Creator Loren Bouchard announced at the animated Fox comedy’s Comic-Con panel on Friday that this year’s Christmas episode will be an hourlong special, which marks a first for the show. (Last season, fellow Fox animated comedy The Simpsons offered up an hourlong episode.)

“It should feel almost like a little Christmas movie,” he said. “It’s kind of epic. It’s got an hourlong feel to it.”

He also revealed that Adam Driver would be featured in the special, which is slated to air in December.

The panel also unspooled a sneak peek at the season 8 premiere, a “completely fan-drawn episode,” Bouchard said, featuring a “new style in every scene.” The show solicited fan-animated (fanimated?) from viewers earlier this year in three categories: title sequence animations, background static panel, and character static panel. “It is crazy-making to watch, but it is also incredible,” Bouchard teased. “It’s so fun to hear these guys’ words coming out of a different design.”

When asked by a fan whether any crossovers were in the works, Bouchard said the Bob’s Burgers team was working on a couch gag for The Simpsons. (Bob Belcher previously shared the screen with Homer Simpson in the Simpsons–Family Guy crossover episode in 2014.)

Also being featured in season 8 is the voice of Silicon Valley star Thomas Middleditch, playing a kid named Alex who hosts Gene for his first sleepover. “Gene, as you can imagine, has really horrible time,” Bouchard said.

Season 8 of Bob’s Burgers begins Oct. 1.

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The hilarious short Kristen Schaal directed for our “Bob’s Burgers Live” show is now online, courtesy Entertainment Weekly. Features our cast and creator Loren Bouchard. Check it out!

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'Bob's Burgers' cast on Tina’s best romantic philosophy
  • DAN MINTZ: I really liked when Tina had dated what she thought was a ghost. It felt like such a real teenage love story, and yet she was dating a cardboard box. I like her approach to romance because she’s always bold, which is inspiring to someone like me who’s too shy to risk rejection.
  • EUGENE MIRMAN: She’s so wonderfully both awkward and self-assured in such a great and earnest way and knows what she wants but is so anxious. She’s probably very much like Dan Mintz was, but probably when he was like 31.
  • JOHN ROBERTS: I love that she’s very free about her sexuality and that she’s in control of it, and it’s not a dirty, bad thing. I think the things that would maybe turn Tina on in her adult life are a little more interesting. She’s going to be an interesting adult.