Lord disick

Got the app back after I deleted it bc I wanted to prove that I can make the A-list in this pointless game. I hacked it, got rich and in less than 12 hrs I’m now #1 and slaying. I would like to thank my crab-ass manager Simon, my psycho publicist Maria, and my homegirl Kim K. Also I would like to mention that Willow Pape is B-I-C-T-H and still is wearing the same outfit from level 1 so the basic hoe needs to learn to stay in her lane

Here is the hack I used (I had trouble since I had no idea wtf I was doing and it took me 2 hrs to get it cus I suck at computer related things) but the video is easy to follow and the links needed are already in the description box: http://youtu.be/9UYdM1CEX2Y

PS: if you’re having trouble with putting the media fire link somewhere, download winzip and place the media fire download in there. It’ll open up and you’ll see all the files for your corresponding character. Add me on Game Center and I’ll gift you stuff :)- SPA16 Edit**** I no longer have a working Game Center account so I’m sorry if those of you have asked for items haven’t received anything :(((