How Lord English’s Defeat Was Achieved

Whilst talking to a friend I was suddenly struck by a realization that I think explains the precise nature of how Lord English was defeated. I’ve already spoken a little about how the destruction of the Green Sun should not have depleted his Clockwork Majyyks, and therefore shouldn’t have made him any more invulnerable. Here is my take on what I think happened, and how it explains not only the ending, but the entire plot of Homestuck (seriously).

I’ve already spoken a fair bit in the past about Homestuck’s underlying themes in relation to the comic’s name. At first, when taken literally, “Homestuck” appears to be named for only a very small portion of Act 1, when John is literally “stuck in his home”. He is able to leave later on, so he’s no longer home-stuck, right? Now, my take has always been that this depends on your definition of “home”. Homestuck is a story about people leaving behind “homes” of various scope. John leaves his house, yes, but then he leaves his universe, his session, and ultimately his fundamental reality behind. He becomes unstuck from canon itself. From what more is there left to become “unstuck”?

Let’s remind ourselves what the “treasure” juju does. I mean, obviously we know that Caliborn initially used it to seal the souls of the beta kids, and then later Vriska deployed it against Lord English. But what else does it do? John put his hand through it and it became distributed throughout the canon of Homestuck. This is an ability with a very specific scope; he is distributed not throughout reality, but throughout Homestuck itself. There’s a reason why it is shaped like the Homestuck logo; the ultimate weapon is a gateway to Homestuck.

Lord English cannot be destroyed by conventional means, he can only be defeated by the exploitation of glitches in Paradox Space. So far, the glitches in Paradox Space we have seen have taken a very specific form also; metacanonical altering. Caliborn jams sparkle dust in the game cartridge, and .jpeg artifacts appear across the comic. John sticks his hand in the the juju, he gains the ability to use a retcon glitch. This is how one “glitches” Paradox Space, they interact with the narrative itself; with Homestuck itself. The juju allows one to do this, and this is why it’s so powerful.

Here’s my hypothesis. The weapon/treasure juju does not have three different abilities, it has one. We’ve been seeing it as 1. being able to trap four souls, 2. being able to impart retcon abilities, and 3. having an offensive ability to be used against Lord English. In reality, these are all one ability! The ability to act as a gateway to the Homestuck canon!

Caliborn did not seal the four kids within the juju! He sealed them within Homestuck. This is why the comic is called “Homestuck”! The kids are literally trapped within the narrative by the power of the juju. But, this power is also how Lord English is eventually defeated! Here is what happens in the [S] Act 7 flash.

  • Vriska activates the juju, it grows big and the kid’s symbols flash on its surface.
  • The symbol on the victory platform flips around, and turns white, the same colour and size as the juju. A door appears on its surface.
  • A door also appears on the side of the juju facing Lord English! This is not a coincidence. There are two doors here, one leading one way, and one leading the other way.

Homestuck is ending. By that expanding convention of the Kids, John in particular, escaping their bonds, then there is one more bond for them to break, one more door for them to pass. They need to leave the comic itself.

This is what the white juju with the door represents! The door on the Kid’s side leads out of Homestuck, whereas the door on English’s side leads in.

The kids will get to live on in a happy life beyond the narrative, possibly in the extracanon epilogue, the Paradox Space comic, not to mention fanworks. English will not. Caliborn gaining his power is shown at the moment of his defeat because his timeline is cyclical, marked by two circumstancially simultaneous events; his birth and his defeat. Similarly, the kids leaving Homestuck and Lord English “entering” it are two circumstantially simultaneous events orchestrated by the juju. Lord English has become trapped within Homestuck. While the comic may end for the kids, and they can move on, English is forever trapped within a loop of destruction, held by the bounds of canon.

The reason the juju flashes with the kids colours is because it is preparing to release them, but not to fight English, it is preparing to release them from Homestuck itself, by the comic’s ending.

This is why the comic had to end right after this moment, because otherwise the kids would not have escaped and English would have more canon scope throughout which to dominate.

This is why the juju is white, this is why the Act 7 curtains are white. White is the colour of Homestuck itself, as shown in the text for the logo displayed in the flash in act 1. The white curtains close on the comic, the white juju acts as the gateway into canon.

Perhaps the Green Sun had influence that reached beyond the canon (Paradox Space comic)? If this was the case, the English can no longer use it to access anything outside the canon, because Calliope destroyed it.

This is what Homestuck means. The clue was hidden in the name all along. This was a story about four kids who had literally been trapped inside their own story, and escaped it, trapping their unkillable villain inside it as it ended, meaning that he could spread his destruction no further. Of course Lord English can no longer cause harm within Homestuck, if Homestuck itself has ended! What an appropriate way to defeat an undefeatable villain in a comic where fourth wall breaking and metacanonical interactions with the main narrative are such an integral plot device.

Here is Hussie, deciding to kill off Lord English the only way he can; by ending his own comic. If the ending seemed abrupt to you, this is why.

That magnificent bastard.

If you go back and read Andrew Hussie’s early work - back when he ran a website called Team Special Olympics, and thought that was a hilarious thing to do - certain patterns emerge.  What were his go-to themes, his muses?  

-Clowns (Whistles, Riddler’s Gammon)

-Rapping (And It Don’t Stop)

-Big muscular livestock (Humanimals, Zoosmell)

-Bodily mutilation and transformation (Humanimals, Whistles)

We already knew that Doc Scratch was the Hobbes to Hussie’s Calvin. Now that we’ve discovered the precise nightmare cocktail of soul juice that makes up Lil Cal, it’s even harder to escape the conclusion that LE is, on some level, AH. English is an agglomeration of the most distinctively Hussian characters in the comic - they represent in turn grotesque exaggerations of his manner (the AR), his interests (Equius, Gamzee) and his endless desire to fuck with people (Caliborn.)

I read late-period Homestuck as an allegory, a story of Hussie’s struggle and ultimate inability to finish his own comic.  Hussie gets so angry at Scratch during the first Ancestor arc because the good doctor is doing everything he can to prolong the narrative - dumping exposition, introducing a whole slate of new characters, scattering Hussie’s carefully ordered panels into an endless series of formless digressions.  Scratch is replaced by Lord English, who is defined first and foremost by his endlessness - everything about him, from his immortality to his rise to power down to his name, is ensured by stable time loops.  It’s hard to see how a story with LE in it can come to anything resembling a satisfying conclusion.   In light of all this, it makes perfect sense that the monster who must be overcome to end the story is an awful caricature of the author himelf.  As an artist, he is his own worst enemy, and we all get to live in that struggle.  

Hussie’s in-comic avatar, with his recapping and fussy attention to detail, represents the author’s better nature, his desire to make things orderly and sensible.   All of Hussie-the-character’s actions are attempts to mend places where the story has gone off the rails.  Past the Doc Scratch arc, all of these gambits to “fix” the comic backfire (the three-year journey across the yellow yard being the most egregious example) - every new attempt just leads to more sprawl, more characters, more exposition.  When he is finally gunned down by LE, it’s because he is unable to believe in the story anymore.  Accepting the fakeness of his creative magic, he is swallowed by his own shadow, overcome by his own worst instincts. Wandering his own comic as a ghost, he tries to bring Vriska back to life, aware that she was his most successful character but unable to understand that her death - her end - was an inextricable element of that success.  

So - here, in the 11th hour, we are assured that the end is once again just around the corner.  Hussie’s final gambit - bringing Vriska back from the dead and thus invisibly rewriting thousands of pages - has been set in motion, but up to this point it has succeeded only in bringing the plot back from the edge of formlessness.  Lord English remains, and in case there is any doubt as to what is at stake here, our main characters have been trapped inside a symbolic rendering of the comic itself (subtle, no?  No.)  Those of us who are still here watch and wait.  We have been promised a mere 400 pages more - the empty promise of an addict reaching for one last cigarette.   We watch as a floppy orange man wrestles himself.  We wait for him to win.

Davepetasprite^2 Most Important Character in Homestuck

So, there’s been a lot of seemingly random stuff happening. This one isn’t so random.

So we have this magnificent creature


But wait, let’s do some research on these people

Ah yes, Dave, was prophesied to deal the final blow to Lord English. Interestingly, Dave doesn’t believe the prophesy; it is not him who will deal the final blow.

Look at this cool cat. It’s great that Nepeta is now back; who wouldn’t want this kick-ass cool-cat on their side, right? Maybe she’ll get to meet Arquiusprite since it is half Equius and have a little reunion

Wait a sec

Lord English has part of Arquiusprite’s soul in him. That means part of Equius’s soul is also in Lord English.

Equius would never hurt Nepeta

Lord English’s soul contain’s Equius’s soul

Lord English would never hurt Nepeta


Nepeta is now part of Davepetasprite^2

Dave was prophesied to deal the final blow to Lord English

Dave is also a part of Davepetasprite^2


Since it cannot be harmed by Lord English because of Equius’s soul fragment, Davepetasprite^2 will be English’s bane, and deliver the final blow.

Davepetasprite^2 is the most important character in Homestuck

  • Page One:A young boy stands in his bedroom on his birthday
  • Page 9859:An alien girl is flying through space leaving a message to her friend when suddenly she does a magic mind thing and sees ghosts waking up in the afterlife and her own ghost from an alternate time line finds her friend again and they hold each other for company and watch the afterlife being shattered apart from an all-powerful time traveling demon