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What she means: House Tyrell is the second most powerful house in all of Westeros, from the amount of gold they have, to their massive armies which are easily supported by their gold. They still have a number of powerful members of their family even with Margaery and Loras dead. In addition to that they have spies, bards, etc, all over the seven kingdoms just like everyone else. Casterly Rock is incredibly far away from High Garden and there’s no way in hell that pretty much the entire Lannister army would march all the way to the Tyrell’s capital in High Garden with literally nobody noticing; and even if they got there the Tyrell’s army isn’t exactly non-existant. To fight them the Lannister’s would’ve easily sacrificed such a large amount of their forces making their chances against Daenerys almost negligible, all the while making Kings Landing and other Lannister controlled territory so incredibly weak that Daenerys could’ve waltzed into Kings Landing without shedding a single civilian blood drop. On top of that Olenna is one of the most incredibly intelligent and powerful characters on the entire show and wouldn’t have been eliminated from this unrealistic attack, and she also has more than a single castle she could’ve retreated to. Also Euron’s fleet just appeared out of nowhere with zero warning as well? Just like in the fight with the sand snakes? Where he defeated three of the show’s most powerful women at once? All of this has but one explanation: Sloppy storytelling

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Can we just take a minute to look at the horrified look on Ned Starks face.

“…this shit better not start again… not my daughter you bastard…”


The Tyrells were never kings, though royal blood flows in their veins (as in half a hundred of the other great houses in the Reach). Ser Alester Tyrell, the founder of the line, was an Andal adventurer who became the champion and sworn shield to King Gwayne V Gardener, one of the Three Sage Kings. His eldest son became a notable knight as well, only to die in a tourney. His second son, Gareth, was of a more bookish bent and never achieved knighthood, choosing to serve as a royal steward instead. It is from him that today’s Tyrells descend. (insp.)

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