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Do you have any Lopunny headcanons? Ty in advance!

* They will never put themselves in any danger. As soon as they can tell that a Situation is about to go bad, they’ll flee as quick as they can away from there.

* Their fur is soft but their fluff is the softest part of them. Always be gentle when petting them because if you’re too rough they won’t hesitate to kick you away.

* They’re social pokemon, they like “talking” to other pokemon. Lopunnys get along with other Lopunnys and Bunearys, Salazzles and Meowstics.

* Lopunnys have a lot of stamina and can keep battling for quite a while before they tire out. 

“You have to be dead to be one first of all, and you need to die in a specific way. And that way is by freezing to death, alone in a snowstorm.”

“After that you will always feel as cold, if not colder than you did just before dying. And that is not even all you have to worry about.”

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Fuck You Gender Norm Team

In honor of Brionne’s girly appearance here is a Fuck You Gender Norm Team:

Female Machamp- 

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Male Gardevoir-

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Male Lopunny-

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Female Alakazam- 

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Female Diggersby- 

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Male Bellossom:

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Yeee I jumped the pokemon variation bandwagon too! Supriiiseee >:D
So heh, there you go. I wanted to do these for quite some time now - can’t say I’m really proud of the art “style” I used here, but otherwise I’m very happy w/ the Feral and Mystique designs I came up with.

Enjoy bbs~

PS.: friendly reminder to everyone that the black parts on Lopunny’s face isn’t the eyes