Dust Translucent Powder Under Your Eyes to Prevent Fallout

There’s nothing more annoying than creating an amazing eyeshadow look only to realize you have a whole heap of fallout on your cheeks so try this technique!

Step 1. Apply a large amount of loose powder underneath the eyes

Step 2. Apply your eye makeup as usual

Step 3. Allow the loose powder to catch any eyeshadow fallout

Step 4. Dust away the powder with a clean makeup brush

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Givenchy’s Newer Releases: Prisme Libre Reformulation and Ombre Couture Shadows

Prisme Libre

Givenchy’s relaunched its distinctive quadrangled Prisme Libre loose powder in a newer formulation which is lighter, and more radiant than the previous. But what we love most about it is the fact that there are 4 corrective nude tones that you shake together as one.

However, besides the regular matte nude shades, there is also one special shade, a No 7 Voile Rosé shown above, which is more of an illuminating powder which comes in blush and mother-of-pearl tones to add radiance to the skin.

Aside from these, there’s also going to be a translucent Poudre Premiere, which is Givenchy’s answer to a universal HD powder

Ombre Couture

This isn’t quite as new, since it launched last month, but Ombre Couture is the latest addition to Givenchy’s color range. The shade range might differ from country to country, but in Singapore, there are 9 shades ranging from soft neutrals to deeper smoky tones. 

Of the 4 I received for review, I do have to recommend Blanc Satin and Brun Cachemire for their multi-tasking functionality.

  • Blanc Satin is pearl-white flecks suspended in a translucent base. You can use it as a base, on its own, or as a top coat to add sparkle to regular shadows. 
  • Brun Cachemire might look a bit more dull and boring, but it’s a nice rich chocolate brown that makes a beautiful base to enrich any neutral eye look, and a nice soft brown liner.

There’s also a shade I love wearing all on its own. 4 Bleu Soie is a drop-dead gorgeous sapphire blue with hints of violet. 

The textures are long-wearing, silky smooth and more like a lightweight version of MAC’s Paint Pots than the bouncy mousse-creams from Chanel and Dior.

Have you checked out the range yet?

Back to the basics: Setting Powder

A setting powder is a translucent face powder designed to set makeup and mattify the skin.

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Sandbagging “Baking”

What is this latest trend everyone is talking about? … It’s Sandbagging, also known as Baking. Do you hate creasing concealer or smudged eyeliner? 

Then this trending makeup technique is exactly what you need. . It’s called “sandbagging”. Sandbags are used to keep water from flooding areas, and the technique will keep your eye makeup from running…

Though it sounds less than glamorous, the make-up technique has long been used by professionals to tackle the problem of runny, liquid-based products.
So what exactly is it, and how do you go about ‘sandbagging’ your own face? For MUA Cosmetics latest YouTube Video I explain the technique in it’s simple form using heavily applied Skin Define Matte Perfect Loose Powder.

Check out the video in this >Link<



dimensionally-transcendental-box  asked:

“What’s the difference between pressed and loose powder? Are there benefits of one over the other? Thank you!”

Powders are great for setting makeup into place and reducing shine. Both pressed and loose formulas are great, but they do have some differences between them…

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A Full Face for Under $100

hi everyone! ever since back 2 school season started i’ve been getting a ton of requests for affordable product recs and since im a huge proponent of drugstore makeup i decided to throw together a full face routine for my fellow broke college (or hs!) students. keep in mind that i just listed one routine i think would work fairly well for a wide variety of ppl. also obviously $100 isn’t cheap so i’d recommend gradually purchasing ur routine, don’t buy all these products in one walgreens trip unless ur feeling reckless tbh anyways hope this is helpful and have a nice school year!


primer - elf studio primer: $6; rimmel stay matte primer: $7

foundation - la girl perfecting liquid makeup: $7; elf studio flawless finish foundation: $6, black radiance liquid makeup: $5; rimmel lasting finish 24h foundation: $7

powder - nyc loose translucent powder: $4.49; black radiance pressed powder: $5; rimmel stay matte powder *comes in a great translucent shade too*: $4

concealer/contour/color correction - la girl pro conceal: $5; hard candy glamoflauge concealer: $6

blush - elf studio blush: $3; black radiance artisan color baked blush: $5

bronzer - rimmel bronzer: $4.63; elf studio blush&bronzer: $3; black radiance baked bronzer: $4.49

highlighter - wet’n’wild fergie shimmer palette: $6; elf studio baked highlighter: $3

setting spray - city color all-set spray: $8; elf setting spray *has a terrible bottle so buy a cheap spray bottle tbh*: $3


shadow - wet’n’wild color icon trio: $3; la colors 12 color eyeshadow palette: $2; essence eyeshadow: $2-5;

liner - wet’n’wild megaliner liquid liner: $3; elf studio cream liner: $3

mascara - wet’n’wild mascaras: $2-5; essence mascaras: $2-5

lashes - shopmissa lashes: $1

brows: elf studio eyebrow kit: $3; elf eyebrow gel: $2; essence eyebrow designer: $2;


liner - jordana easyliner: $2.49; wet’n’wild color icon liner: $0.99; essence lip liner: $1.49;

lipstick/lipgloss - wet’n’wild megalast lip color: $2.29; wet’n’wild megaslicks lipgloss: $2.29; essence longlasting lipstick: $3;

🌴**not included in the price, but here’s some affordable brush brands too**🌴


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sonia kashuk

NARS’ All Day Weightless Luminous Foundation and Soft Velvet Loose Powder will hit our shores in Feb.

The brand’s take on the new-gen “liquid velvet” foundations (à la Armani Maestro) seems to be designed for our weather. It gives long-wearing medium coverage, a luminous matte finish, and feels airy-light on the skin.

I personally recommend matte-lovers check out the ultra-fine Soft Velvet loose powder though. “Very Matte” and “Natural” usually don’t go hand in hand but this one does it pretty darned well. Full review of both soon!

  • LaPrairie Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Eye Cream
  • AnnaSui Lipstick V 303
  • SergeLutens Jeux de Peau eau de parfum
  • Chanel Coco Mademoiselle - no I’m not layering these 2. I just couldn’t decide!
  • NARS St Paul de Vence Duo - this gorgeous coral brown duo launches in Feb as well
  • Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eyeshadow PK 224
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FOTD by Sam

i use Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser, then I hide any red spots with YSL Green Concealer, then Maybelline Stay Fit! Dewy + Smooth foundation in porcelain, then NXY Above & Beyond Full Coverage concealer, I bake my face with Covergirl translucent loose powder, then contour with NYC Color Wheel bronzer, I used Essence blush (I believe in the color “Adorable”) on my upper cheek/under my eyes kind of as a “transition” shade for all of the colors, I highlighted using Wet N Wild’s Illuminating palette, all of the eyeshadows I used were from a Simply Spoiled eyeshadow palette which I believe is discontinued. I checked their website the other day and couldn’t find it. Unfortunately, that’s the most important part of the makeup look but there’s no name on the palette and no name for each color either :-( I blended 90% of the eyeshadows with my fingers, which actually was a lot easier than any brushes. Next I curled my lashes and put on two mascaras: Benefits Roller Lash & Pur Cosmetics Volume Vixen. And finally, the last thing I used was Cailyn Cosmetics Funky Orange Trio liquid lipsticks, I used the two colors Modernist & Egoist!!

Pinkyparadise review 2/2

Okay, I’m finally back with part 2, the loose powder review! I wanted to test it in a few different ways so I could properly review it. ^^ You can read part 1 here.

Here again is the loose powder I got, Diamond Puff Princess Face Translucent Powder…say that 5 times fast!

It comes with a little puff to apply the powder with, and the top is covered w/a few holes so it doesn’t all go everywhere.

First off, I’m gonna give my rating: 7/10

Now I’ll break it down. I won’t be using photos because, well, photographing my skin in HD is not really a thing I want to do, okay?

So firstly, the formula: It goes on smooth, and doesn’t look cakey! I’ve tried maybe 6 loose powders in the last 5 years and ALL of them were cakey. That’s why I don’t HAVE a loose powder, because so far they’ve all sucked! But this one wins! Looks good on bare skin and over foundation.

Length of wear: I put it on over a full face of makeup and went about 7 hours before I felt I needed to refresh it. I think 7-8 hours is a really great amount of time for a powder to last! It lasts just as long over a bare face as well.

Weight: It’s super light weight, you can’t feel it.

Color: It’s labeled translucent and I would agree, I didn’t notice any lightening or darkening.

Blurring/smoothing: None, none whatsoever. You need a foundation under this, or naturally nice skin. Most of the pressed and loose powders I’ve used in the past have a slight smoothing effect, but this does not. Your pores and dark spots will show 100% through this.

Matte/Dewy: It’s not entirely matte, it has a little bit of a natural shine. Not nearly to the point that korean makeup does, but it’s not as matte as american makeup is.

You can see in the picture there’s a bit of natural shine, but nothing crazy. And you can also see my velcro hair clip keepin’ my bangs out of the way~

And lastly…

The puff: It doesn’t work very well. I tried it, then ended up going back over my face again with a powder brush. Use a good powder brush. Keep the puff though, it keeps the powder from spilling out.

I recommend this to anyone who likes a natural-matte (not super matte) finish over their makeup, or for someone with good lookin’ skin that tends to be on the oily side and just needs a little help. Of course ain’t nothin’ wrong with having big ole’ pores and acne marks and just going out bare faced, I do it all the time! BUT there are other translucent powders that DO soften the look of pores and dark marks without feeling or looking like you’re wearing makeup, and those are probably better for foundation-free skin days. Actually I’m a big fan of Physicians Formula pressed powder ^^