my boss: *giving me critical instructions* you got that?

me: ya

me (in my mind): you make a loop de loop and pull, and your shoes are looking cool :) you go over and back, left to righ

keith after he sees the voltron show

Keith: Sooooooo…….Shiro the Hero, huh?
Shiro: Keith shut the fuck up

Keith: Hey Lance
Lance: ‘Sup?
Keith: …….bi bo bi
Lance: You FUCKING–

Keith: Hey Pidge could you, uh, teach me how to revert the the electron whizzer capacitors into a binomial matrix code in order to do a loop de loop through the Tesla comms– 

Keith: So do you tell jokes? Like…like if I asked you to tell me a joke would you be able to tell me one? Or is that not….is that not what you do?
Hunk: Keith…
Keith: I mean I’m just asking
Hunk: Keith, no…
Keith: Like a knock knock joke or something, nothing major

Keith: Hey Keith! Oh my god, HUGE fan. Listen, I was wondering if I could get an autograph? Maybe a selfie with you brooding and looking off to the side to show my friends back at the Blades? They’ll love it. 
Allura: …….. -__________-;


Kolivan: Keith. what’s so funny?
Keith, crying-laughing in the corner: VOLTRON!! ON FUCKING!! ICE!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

☼summertime plots for all ur shipping needs☼

muse a’s puppy has a major problem with behaving while on a leash. while out on a walk, the dog takes off after a squirrel or something. enter muse b, who manages to intercept the beast and now the dog likes them better.

muse a is the rich trust fund kid who’s golfing with daddy and his associates one afternoon and muse b is the idiot at the driving range trying to learn how to golf because they bet their friend they could beat them at any sport. turns out muse b sucks more at golf than they thought because they just nailed muse a in the leg with one of their terrible hits

muse a is on a rollercoaster with some friends and loses their hat on a loop-de-loop. muse b happens to be the really cute stranger at the end of the ride looking for this hat’s owner.

muse a and muse b went to the same high school. they never talked much because they were on opposite ends of the social spectrum - muse a was the popular athlete while muse b was the smart one who preferred to keep to their friend group. after their first year at college, muse b is talked into going to this huge summer bash and ends up talking to muse a and wow, it turns out they have a lot more in common than they thought

muse a and muse b are stuck dead in holiday traffic and the highway isn’t supposed to start moving for another three hours and hey, you’re pretty cute

muse a is a waitress and muse b is the cute customer grabbing lunch with some friends. $5 is at stake when a coworker bets muse a they won’t leave their number on muse b’s check. muse a is definitely not going to lose an easy 5 bucks.

muse a is stuck at grandma’s beach house for the summer and doesn’t know anyone in town. when grandma leaves to run errands for a couple hours, muse a opts to stay home & go tanning. the only problem is, grandma didn’t tell them about muse b, who stops by a few times a week to help her out around the house. optional: when muse a gets the shit scared out of them by b, they could accidentally knock out b and have to deal with that mess

Mind on a Mission

A/N: Part 2 of the series Rotation.

// Another Man’s Treasure // Mind on a Mission // Take the Lead // Worth the Pain // Wings of Butterflies

A loud, obnoxious humming noise stirred you. Your eyes were tired and it took a lot of effort to pry them open between sleep and dried makeup gluing them together. An empty bottle, jewelry, and hairpins fell to the floor as you searched the bedside table for your phone. The buzzing stopped for a few seconds, meaning your caller had given up, and so did your hunt. But the table vibrated again shortly after.

“Hello?” you croaked into the receiver, rubbing your eyes in effort to remove the sleep.

“Don’t you sound lovely,” Harry laughed. “Guess I don’t have to ask how yeh feeling.”

“God, what time is it?” you moaned. Light was filtering through your blinds, so it was clearly morning and you’d still have time to get things done, but it felt like you had only just fallen asleep.

“Almost one.”

“One?” you sputter, sitting straight up in bed. So much for being productive. Blood rushed to your head causing it to swim and you noticed the piercing headache pulsing through your entire skull and the dry, cottony feel to your tongue and mouth.

“Yeah.” He laughed again. It’s a lovely sound; deep and a bit throaty, and, dare you think it, quite sexy. “Listen, did Tommy take care of yeh at all last night? Yeh sound like you’ve been through Hell, Bubbles.”

“Hardly,” you scoffed, gently sitting back in bed. “He left not even an hour later. Said I was a real downer with all my crying.”

“Ah, he never has dealt with emotions very well.” Harry toyed with his bottom lip, really thinking hard about what to say next. If he closed his eyes and ran his finger over his lips just so he could almost feel you on them again.

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JeanMarco Headcanons (Roller Coaster ^-^)

Modern AU, btw

・If I know JeanMarco, I know that Jean would do nearly anything to impress Marco, although Marco is already impressed by him. It’s only a bonus for Jean if he could get an excuse to hold his boyfriend while consoling him.

・There is a new roller coaster at the carnival in town (the perfect opportunity, amirite) and Jean is really stoked for it, which Marco finds cute.

・Jean tries to convince him so they could go on the roller coaster, since Marco was a little hesitant, but after a lot of puppy eyes (courtesy of Jean) Marco gives in.

・So they’re standing in line, and Marco is a little nervous, and Jean, the cocky horseface he is, tells Marco that if he gets scared, he can always cling to him. In response, Jean gets The Look™.

・However, once they were going up the first incline v e r y s l o w l y, Jean’s anxiety kicked in, but he kept up his front in his attempt to impress Marco. When they descended the incline, Jean didn’t like how quickly they were approaching the ground.

・Freckles, however, was having a lot more fun than he thought he would, adrenaline making him excited. Jean was trying his best not to scream.

・It was the loop-de-loop that made Jean put down his front and start screaming. Marco had his hands in the air, screaming in delight. “Wheeeeeeeee!” “AHHHHHHH HOLY SHIT AHHHHHHHHHH”

・Jean ended up clinging onto Marco and leaning his head on his boyfriend’s shoulder while clenching his eyelids shut. Marco rolled his eyes and held Jean, but he still had fun.

・After seeing Jean’s fear of roller coasters, Marco bought Jean a funnel cake and cotton candy while Marco got a caramel apple, and continued to play carnival games, winning a lot of stuffed animals.

・They even went on the Ferris wheel, where they made out for a couple of minutes. (Sorry for the self-indulgence)

Okay, I’m done. I love these losers. Thanks for reading my headcanons! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ・‥…━━━★

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Something New

request: Sorry if I’m being a bother but would you be willing to write a Tom Holland x reader fic where you confess to tom but he rejects you but later on gets jealous/notices his feelings when the reader sort of avoids him and hangs out with another friend (because she needs time to heal or such)? I think this kind of plot has been done before but I would love to see one from you because your work so far are really good!! But I hope you are doing this only if you want to :))

a/n: i actually got really nervous writing this my hands started shaking and i got butterflies lmao but i hope it doesn’t seem too rushed or too short ♥️


Today. Today. Today.

The simple word is on repeat on your mind for a single reason: today is the day you’d promised yourself something that you can’t go back on, no matter what. Your fingers curl around the long sleeve of your sweater, and your heart thumps hard against your ribs like a caged bird.

Despite the nerves swirling in your stomach, you climb the stairs that lead to Tom’s apartment, cracking your knuckles. You don’t manage to stop yourself from doing so, the habit more prominent when you’re nervous.

It seems like hours pass by until you’re standing in front of his door, fist raised in front of the solid wood, ready to knock. You swallow, and butterflies do loop-de-loops in your belly, rising up to the back of your throat. Before you can delay a second longer, you rap your knuckles against the door.

Having told Tom you were coming beforehand, it doesn’t take him long to shout a quick, “Coming!” from within. You’re able to hear his feet tap against the floor, hurrying to unlock the door and open it for you. As he does so, you’re met with his beautiful smile. His eyes light up when they fall upon you, and his grin widens.

You catch the moment where he recognizes that something’s off. His eyes squint a little bit and his hand falters on the door handle as he ushers you inside. You force a smile and try to act normal, but you trip when you walk past him, cursing vigorously inside your head. Smooth, real damn smooth.

He doesn’t laugh, even though he normally would, you know he’s trying to figure out what’s wrong with you today. “So.” He says, and with your back to him, you squeeze your eyes shut, praying that he won’t ask what’s wrong. Thankfully, he doesn’t. Instead, Tom asks, “What do you want to do?” You shrug, one shoulder lifting a bit higher than the other.

Turning, you meet his gaze. “What do you want to do?”

“I asked you first.” He grins.

Your eyes roll, and you look back the other way, your eyes finding his couch, the nightstand, and a little figurine sitting on it, the one you bought him for his last birthday. Now or never, come on. “Um,” You begin, right as he says, “Is there something wrong - “

“Oh.” You say together.

“You first.” You say, an awkward, forced laugh pushing between your lips.

“Okay, uh, why are you acting so funny?” He rushes. “Did I do something, are you leaving, what’s going on?”

You swallow, hard. “You didn’t do anything, Tom, everything’s fine, everything’s…” Your gaze falls back on the figurine. “…actually,” you force out, “I have something to tell you.” At his worried expression, you shake your head, “It’s nothing bad, it’s actually, it’s um, I don’t know what it is.”

His brows tug together, forming a little line on his forehead. “You don’t know what it is?”

“No,” You sigh, wringing your hands together. “I, um, I know what it is.” Your throat suddenly feels like it’s closing as you exhale another shaky breath. “I - I like…you.” Once the words fall out, they won’t stop coming. “I have feelings for you, I don’t know if saying like is childish or whatever, because they might be stronger than just ‘like’, but I - ”

Tom cuts you off by saying your name, just your name. You can’t meet his eyes for what seems like the longest time. When you are finally able to raise your chin and look at him, there’s something in his eyes that makes your heart drop. It isn’t the sort of look he would have if he reciprocated, even a little bit. It’s pity. Pity. The notion that he feels bad or pities you burns your cheeks, and you step back, seeing the rejection written plainly on the lines of his face.

“Oh.” Your voice sounds hollow in your ears. “Okay.” Something rises in your throat, a hard lump that threatens to send tears spilling from your eyes. You push past him, shaking off the hand that lands on your wrist.

“No, wait, I’m sorry - ”

“It’s fine.” You choke out. “I understand. I just um, I just need to go.” Then you do something that makes you disgusted with yourself: you flee, and you cry. You’d promised yourself you’d never do something as stupid as cry over a boy, but it seems this is a day to break those promises.

Your feet land hard on the sidewalk as you run, carrying you around corners and down blocks until you’re all turned around and don’t know where the hell you are. Fumbling to pull your phone out of the pocket of your jeans, you tap the screen, sending out a call. “Hello?” You gulp. “I need some help.”

A few days later finds you curled up in the movie theater with a good friend, his eyes focused intently on the screen as yours are slightly unfocused, your mind playing The Event on repeat instead of allowing you to concentrate on the movie. 

Tom had sent you a few texts, none of which were answered, embarrassment boiling in the pit of your stomach.

You‘d posted a picture on instagram with James, the boy sitting next to you, a few hours after you’d left Tom’s apartment, the two of you curled up beneath a blanket. There were no romantic feelings between you, he was more your brother than anything else, and had been the perfect shoulder to cry on, having faced a few rejections from a few different boys himself.

After the picture, Tom hadn’t bothered to try and contact you again. Some small part of you felt a little proud that maybe, just maybe you’d made him jealous.

You sigh. In your dreams.

A few hours later, James is walking you back to your apartment. He leaves you outside the building with a hug and a quick kiss on the cheek. “Love you.” You say.

“Love you too, sis.” He replies, a gentle smile curving his mouth.

You take the elevator to the fourth floor, looking down as it opens to play with your keys, heading a few doors down and turning the corner. Maybe if you were looking up, you wouldn’t have run into him.

Stumbling back, you begin to apologize profusely, but then his brown eyes have met yours, and the words won’t come anymore. Your cheeks flush as you remember, again, how you parted, and your eyes flick away. “Tom.” The word sounds a bit strangled when you say it, but he doesn’t comment. From the corner of your eye, you can see his fist clench within his pocket. Speaking with more bravery than you thought you had, you say, “Have something to say, do you?” His mouth twists. “Say it then.” You dare him.

“Do you really move on that fast?” It spills out before he can put a filter over his mouth, and your eyebrows raise, mouth dropping open.

“Seriously? You’re jealous? I thought you didn’t fucking care.” You snap. “Move.” When you pass him, he catches your shoulder.

“Shit, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.”

“Damn right.” You pull away, scrambling to fit your key into the lock.

“Please, just hold on for a second.” Tom pleads. Your brain tells you to go inside and shut him out, but your heart hurts and reminds you of how much you love him, how he makes you laugh, and the way his eyes soften when he looks at you. Resignedly, you wait, but you don’t look at him. He lets out a breath. “Maybe I am.”

“Maybe you’re what?”

“Jealous.” The word is barely decipherable.

You turn. “I thought you - ”

His head is shaking before you finish talking. A small seed of hope blooms in your stomach. “You’ve been avoiding me.” He says quietly. “And I don’t know how it took that to make me realize how…how I feel.” Your lips press together, the beginnings of a smile suppressed as he continues with difficulty. “I…I, I, um, I like you. Too. I like you too. Maybe even more than like.” Tom exhales loudly. “That was hard.”

Even though you enjoy watching him squirm, you wrap your arms around him, effectively cutting off whatever he was going to say next, an unbelievable amount of happiness practically glowing in your eyes. Tom’s arms come around you tentatively, then more firmly, pressing you against his chest.

“I’m sorry.” He whispers into your shoulder.

“You’re forgiven.” You pull back, and there’s a spark of something in the air when you lean forward again, something new blossoming as your lips find his.

anonymous asked:

is there more to the ADHD Lance hc or just that? is it by any chance based on how he acts canonly or.. ?

Evidence for ADHD Lance:

  • I can Sense™ the ADHD because I have it myself. I look at him and I think “Boy… That boy has ADHD”
  • He’s waaaaaaay impulsive; my boy was doing loop-de-loops in the simulator, didn’t even hesitate to try and sneak out of a military base just to have some fun, literally approached a crashed spaceship and busted in just ‘cause he saw Keith was doing it, found a giant blue lion and went ‘fuckin SWEET.’ This literally all happened in the first like, ten minutes of the show.
    • Other examples of impulsiveness right off the top of my head: He heard Coran crying out for help and ran into a goddamn airlock without even thinking, the whole thing with Nyma lmao, Lance’s pretty reckless style of flying. 
    • As a whole Lance is mostly ‘act first, party later’ which could be an example of the ‘Irresponsible Teenage Boy’ trope but c’mon… C’mon.
  • In that one scene where everyone is crowded around Sendak waiting for the memories to download or whatever, Lance is the one constantly moving. At one point he even gets on the floor and starts cycling his legs in the air. 
    • And this isn’t just an example of ‘Oh, Lance gets bored, so what’- Lance was literally the last person to leave Shiro, he could have ditched like everyone else but because he wanted to stay he forced his body into moving so he would stay focused. I do this all the time lmao.
  • Lance talks a lot with his hands and also uses lots of gestures, I do this too a lot because I instinctively keep my hands busy at all times lmao. I’m pretty sure if you put anything within Lance’s grasp in a few minutes he’ll start fiddling with it.
  • Lance never fucking shuts up, something which my ADHD ass finds #RELATABLE. He’s constantly interjecting, even when it’s just a really lame one-liner, which to me is evidence that he just says whatever’s off the top of his head.
  • I find driving a car to be one of the hardest things in the world (there’s so much shit going on, constantly) so can you imagine flying a giant blue lion in SPACE? No wonder Lance always seems to crash into things, there’s like a hundred distractions at any given moment. Plus, he’s also always running his mouth.
  • There are moments in the show where I’m like “Oh my god, Lance is totally hyperfocusing right now.” It’s usually while the team is forming Voltron. I also imagine that’s why Lance is so good with his gun- while you stare down the scope there’s only one target, and if you hyperfocus on that… Goddamn.
  • The fact that Lance sleeps with an eye mask AND with music. Sleeping with ADHD is so goddamn hard, I hate it. I get the best sleep of my life when I use an eyemask and listen to music, I need to start doing this again.
  • Lance has a lot of mood swings, he goes from overexcited to pissed off to flirty in like two seconds. He also can be overly aggressive and shows a lack of restraint sometimes. Evidence: His rivalry with Keith and the fact that they literally flew their Lions straight down into the ground like. I want to make fun of Lance for that, but I would literally end up doing the same thing lmao. 
  • Lance also seems to get along really well with his Lion. The way Lions communicate with their Paladins seems to be through wordless suggestions/impulses. ADHD Lance would be used to going along with whatever the strongest idea in his head is, so while everyone is struggling with having another presence in their mind Lance is like ’LOL this feels normal’ and forms a super tight bond with Blue.
  • Lance has ADHD, bye.

In a special edition of I-don’t-know-wtf-I’m-doing, Oni tries some birthday Art Noveau to….varying degrees of success. 

So for all y'all wrestling fans it’s MA BOI’S Mustafa Ali’s B'day right now on the 28th, go wish him a good one while I whisper comforting words to my hand :“D
The gold khat on top reads "Shehzada Khusti” ie. closest approximation to “Prince of Wrestling” and the loop de loops on the top corners are the Arabic spelling for his name ie. “Mustafa Ali”.