THE ANTI-FAIRY PRACTICALLY had to SHOVE his way through the crowd in order to check the stage. Being WITHOUT magic meant that he COULDN’T fly up and get a birds-eye view of the situation. But, when he HAD looked through the various objects, he saw PLENTY.

A black crown and a baby bottle. His dear WIFE and CHILD.

That’s all he needed to see.

HE STEELED HIMSELF, expression hardening as he turned around and started to QUICKLY leave the area in silence.


Namesake: Tell Me Why by Penpals

Appearance: Tall, muscular male figure with plates of black armor covering multiple parts of its body. The armor mostly resembles the armor of a medieval era knight, and has a groin piece made out of a hardened leather material, and also wears a tattered, brownish-black cape.

Power: A

Speed: B

Range: D

Durability: B

Precision: A

Potential: C


Put Your Grasses On, Nothing Will Be Wong:

When TMW activates this ability, its eyes suddenly take the appearance of glass lens, similar to that of a regular pair of glasses, and is able to either look inside or see through an object. Also, its sight is able to zoom in on certain objects like a pair of binoculars with a maximum range of 50 meters.