Manon Maeve

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YHere is Haley Mcnair, you can download her to play in game.  Here you have the CC list. YOU MUST DOWNLOAD EVERYTHING FOR THE SIM TO SHOW UP IN YOUR GAME. 


I wanna say thank you so much to all the CC creators.  And thanks so much to @mac-cosimetics for all the beautifull make-up.

CC List:

- Brows by SL-Club here
- Lashes by @kijiko-sims here
- Nails by @pralinesims here
- Baby hair by Blweis here
- Baby hair by @mimilkybaby here
- Skin by @mac-cosimetics here 
-  Skin by @lumialoversims here
- Skin Details:
   - Kat Von D Contour Palette by @mac-cosimetics here
   - Mouth Definition by S4Nexus here
   - Dimples by @pralinesims here
   - Nosemask by @pralinesims here
   - Mouth Corners by @pralinesims here
- Tattoos by @overkillsimmer:
   - Random Suggestion Set n02 here
   - Harry Potter Converted Tattoo Set here
   - Dotwork Tattoo Set n5 here
   - Dotwork tatto Set n3 here

Everyday CC

- Coupidon multiple earrings by @blue8whitewolfcreation here
- Double nostril piercing by @blue8whitewolfcreation here
- Military jacket by @lumy-sims here
- Hermes Kelly Handbab by SLYD here
- Shirt by @sims4-marigold here
- Jeans by PZC here 
- Shoes by @madlensims here
- Hair by @ebonixsimblr here

Formal CC

- Dress by @beocreations here
- earrings by @toksik here 
- Shoes by @madlensims here
- Hair by @ebonixsimblr here

Athletic CC

- Jogging top&pants by @trillyke here
- Shoes by @lumy-sims here
- Hair by @ebonixsimblr: Same as Everyday dressing

Sleep CC

- Bodysiut by @trillyke here
- Hair by @ebonixsimblr: Same as in Everyday dressing

Party CC

- Hoop Earrings by @simpliciaty here
- Dress by @beocreations here
- Shoes by @madlensims here
- Hair by @ebonixsimblr: Same as in formal dressing

Swimwear CC

- Swimsuit by @trillyke here
- Hair by @ebonixsimblr: Same as in formal dressing