I can’t believe it took so long for this to sink in but I am LIVING for the fact that there isn’t one damn song on Reputation about Katy Perry. Taylor’s like, “Yeahhhh… I don’t wanna waste my breath on you” 😂


i covered new year’s day by taylor swift ✨

syxmina  asked:

“๐Ÿ‘€ Just how much do you care about Jaewon?"

Sullivan is taken aback and immediately uncomfortable due to the direct nature of the question. His first instinct is to deflect; give a polite but vague answer that will spare him revealing such deep and intimate feelings. But, it’s Mina that’s asking. If there’s anyone he can trust with something this personal, it’s her. It took a long time for her to accept him; to trust him and he never blamed her for that and never would. It was only his devotion that was ever in question, and while she had a received an answer that seemed to satisfy her a few years ago, he could admit the question might be fair to ask again. After all, the answer had changed.

While the Captain has had many a brush with Death, it was on the occasion where he’d come the closest that Mina and Sullivan came to an understanding. The betrayal had shocked them all, especially the Captain, whose battered heart was forfeit. It was Mina that discovered Sullivan late at night, weeping his heart out at the Captain’s bedside while he clung to life. It was then that she witnessed, perhaps not for the first time, that not only could Jaewon inspire the brave and noble to follow him, but even a coward that feared everything, including his own shadow.

It was also then, despite their innumerable differences, that the two formed an unspoken pact; a promise between two souls. Neither of them would let anyone come this close to extinguishing the flame-forged man that lay between them again. Mina would guard him from the outside; on whatever battlefield they stood and Sullivan from within; inside the walls of their home, meticulously tending to even the smallest detail.

Of course, this was also when Sullivan has to admit his feelings for the Captain began to evolve. 

“How much?” he repeats, sighing as he mulls over whether or not he now or could ever allocate the correct verbiage to express what this man means to him. The answer itself is simple, but saying it as simply as he feels it almost discredits the true depth of his reverence. 

But that wasn’t actually what she’d asked. She asked how much Sullivan cared about Jaewon.

How could he answer that without revealing everything?

How could he say aloud that he lives and breathes for him? That his heart beats for him and only him; that it bleeds for him and aches to comfort him, to be nearer to him than the agony he holds onto so tightly? How could he say that he belongs to him as much as any rusted piece of scrap on this ship? That he wakes up each day praying that he’s somehow half as useful to the Captain as any of her turbines or pistons? How could he say that he loves the Captain, without actually saying that?

Under the pressure of her intuitive gaze, Sullivan decides against complete honesty and instead goes with a carefully worded answer after all. He isn’t ready for the questions that would follow a confession of this magnitude. 

“The Captain is the sun in my sky; the center of my universe. Everything revolves around him.”

“And you shouldn’t ask questions that you already know the answer to,” he grumbled bashfully.

I am so mad....

I am trying so hard to be mad at Taylor Swift for petty reasons, and I can’t cause I actually like some of the songs on Reputation…. like I really want to hate it but I can’t. Don’t get me wrong I hate some of the songs, but I can’t hate all of them because some of them are actually ok or are catchy and trick me into thinking they’re good.