anonymous asked:

No offense taken to the last answered question. I asked it. I am new yo the Larry ship and having seen proof videos and everything, I want them to be together and I am scared for them that they are not. I had read an article about Grimmy, that's why I asked. So I guess, do you think Louis and Harry are still an item? How does baby gate fit in?

Oh shit, I’m sorry.  Okay, fair point, Grimmy and Harry were very close in 2012.  They’re still friends, but not nearly as close as they were pubically.  My theory is Grimmy had a thing for Harry, and Louis clearly had an issue with Grimmy but over time, it lessened.

Baby gate was 100% a publicity thing, look at our previous posts to see :)  Again, sorry for being rude bb!!

-Martha x

qoseok asked:

*coughs coughs* his sleeping habit are kinda of intriguing though you know haha :D I love him as a person he is truly like a a does of happy just look to him when things are baby hey he is our hope right!!!

i’m curious to know what it means but i still find it amusing :’) ahaha he sure is ♥



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