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"you're not a monster" (ask-sarah-fortune)

The fox chuckled and looked at her girlfriend, a man’s arm held in her claws. They dared to touch Sarah, and Ahri was having none of that.

“Sarah… My dear Sarah.. Look at me. Look what I did. He will most likely be in several casts. And be in bed for several days…”


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Here are some photos of Sarah Hyland from yesterday’s MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto. Sarah attended the event with her boyfriend Dominic Sherwood – she dressed up in a black dress which featured a plunging neckline and a high slit. This definitely has to be one of my favourite looks from Sarah. And I liked that she did not go over the top with her makeup and accessories! Also, how adorable does Sarah and Dominic look together?! 



1.Went to Natchez Trace with Pey for .5 seconds but it was too hot to hang around for long //2. took some bad selfies //3. Photoshoot with Sarah // 4. Pool time with Sav and Sarah #whereisErin

1. Went to the symphony with mom // 2. Tried a new look // 3. Peyton stops in the middle of the road to pick wild flowers because she’s Peyton // 4. Went to a lake with Bryan // 5 & 6. The Minister’s Treehouse with Pey

1. Views from the lake trail // 2. Low-qual pic of me b/c there are no pics of me // 3. Nashville

1. Emily finding her phone more entertaining than me at Piggly Wiggly :) // 2. @me // 3. Candid pic of my woes // 4. Em’s pool shoot