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Why I love Tenya Iida (and you should too!)

Alright so I know that all I’ve been actually posting on this account are just Kacchako related stuff but let’s be real, my username is iidas-trashcan and well, Tumblr isn’t doing a good job of representing him. If you look up most character tags, there are many, many solo pictures of the other characters but with Iida, most images or edits include him in group environments but he doesn’t have much solo images and that honestly upsets me. Iida is a character that is shown to have a lot of thought really put into him and he is the embodiment of what you look for in a friend or even a leader so it really does really make me sad when no one has as much love for him like people have for the other characters.

I mean to start off, this guy is the biggest dork in the entire series and I mean this with a fiery passion. I mean look at the way he talks to Bakugou on the first day of class:

To how he is trying to figure out how to embody the villain role during the class training

To at the sports festival when fighting with Mei

To even this adorable panel that he is notorious for

Of course I’m missing tons of moments since I’ve only done a read through of the manga once, but most definitely throughout the manga, there are little panels here and there that really amplify the fun and funny part of his character that comes with his serious personality. I even made a post about how cute Iida was being during Chapter 101 that also gives a pretty good idea on how cute he can be.

But, of course, being dorky isn’t the only thing to look at when looking at a character because, let’s face it, other characters like Denki and Kirishima have their characters based on that so Iida has to have that extra element added to him to make him different from the others. And what better way to achieve that than to make him not only a wonderful leader for the class but one of the most selfless and humble characters in the entire manga.

I mean one of the first scenes we get from him is when he chastises Deku for almost messing up Ochako’s groove during the entrance exam

Then we have him telling Deku as to why he voted for him for Class President when he could have easily voted for himself since he wanted the position so bad and leads him to finally reveal his family that he slightly wanted to keep under wraps

And then, shortly after that, even though he isn’t class president or doesn’t have any type of leadership position, he takes it upon himself to find a way to calm the frantic students at UA

During the rescue training, we then see him slightly arguing with his classmates in regards to leaving them alone to deal with villains while going to get help

And even when he knew he was going to get a medal at the Sports Festival (which there could have been higher benefits for him if he decided to stay), he left immediately so he could be there for his family and his severely injured brother

WHICH leads me to internal struggles Iida went through afterwards after discovering that the Hero Killer pretty much wrecked his brother, or the arc that changed Iida as a character for most readers.

See, for me personally, this arc really showed a lot about Iida’s character that was masked before. True, we knew he cared about his brother immensely and we already established that he’s a humble and selfless man but did we know that he’s someone capable of pursuing revenge for his loved ones or someone that would keep his own feelings under wrap and handle the situation all of it himself? Probably not, especially since he is seen as a virtuous and noble character yet I loved this arc because it completely dismantled that image of Iida and pushed him to grow that you can see later on (which I’ll talk about that in a little bit).

I mean, for starters, because he feels this is an issue that doesn’t involve others and something only he can do, he keeps his feelings super hidden from individuals he considers to be his closest friends, which is unusual for his character to begin with since he’s pretty open with talking about his feelings  and concerns he has.

He then uses and actually manipulates a pro hero to be able to get close to the Hero Killer, again completely opposite of his virtuous self that he has been portraying all throughout the manga

And when Deku and Todoroki comes in, you can actually see the anguish in his face as people are getting involved and hurt because of his actions

And of course, with the power of teamwork and all that hoo-hah, he grows from this experience and learns that the behaviors he was inhibiting prevented him from acting like a leader and now has a firsthand experience of going down the wrong path and hurting individuals around by keeping secrets away.

Now, of course, if this was it, well then I might as well change my url to ochakos-trashcan because most Shounen heroes go through that change at some point. It’s not a bad thing usually but it’s too common to really commemorate a character based solely on that.

Of course, I think Horikoshi caught the “good writing” bug early on because he certainly doesn’t let this growth that Iida got back then go to waste.

To be truthful, I’m absolutely positive there were moments during the actual end of term exam and the training grounds that will prove this point as well but again, I’ve only done one read through of the manga so far so certain details will go past me. I apologize for that.

The scene that I’m going to bring up is the famous “Iida screams and slaps Deku” moment because OH BOY, not only does that show his growth but really builds the picture and insight of Iida’s character that may not have been there before.

I mean, look at the way he confronts Deku over here, 

This is just SO FREAKIN POWERFUL, especially in the context of Iida. I can see how some people might see it him taking it too far, especially with his reaction in the end, but, honestly he is seeing Deku going to through the exact same anguish and guilt and pressure that he went through with his brother and knows how it feels to go through that alone. True Deku had the others with him but it doesn’t change any personal inner feelings Deku has towards the situation and Iida knows that. Iida knows how it feels to have people around you supporting you but internally not accepting that. He’s screaming at Deku because he cares and loves Deku and doesn’t want him to go down the same dark path he was going down with his anguish. It’s so tragic and beautiful and he even proves more on how he’s a leader and how he cares about everyone when he goes on the mission with them, knowing full well of all the consequences that occur from that but it’s the drive and passion to not leave anyone behind and feel the same as he did that truly proves he’s meant to be a hero and a leader when he’s willing to himself in that position for another classmate.

Alright so I know I got redundant here and kind of said the same things like multiple times but I honestly can’t help it. Even though the manga has just reached a little over 100 chapters, characters like Iida have already gone through so much development and he has shown time and time again how he is more than the virtuous stereotype that embodies his character and I absolutely adore that in a character. However, it upsets me significantly to see people not appreciating Iida as much as the other characters because he deserves as much love as other characters. I don’t know if it’s because he’s not as attractive as other characters (which yooo he a bishie in his own rectangle way mmmhhmhmm) or maybe because his strict behavior gets on people’s nerves, I’m not sure but after Iida has shown us and gone through, it’s really hard not to make him my favorite male character in the series and not admire the writing Horikoshi put into his character. I truly hope one day people will see him in a better light and appreciate his amazingness as much as other characters.

A warning to the illness/injury community:

There is a toxic person among us. I don’t like to start drama, but this person has done inexcusable things, and no one else deserves to be subject to their manipulation.

Let me tell you the tale of “Morgan.”

About six months ago, I started getting anons from someone saying they had a lot in common with my OC Morgan. This worried me, since my Morgan is a self-harming anorexic. I told the anon that if they needed to talk, they were welcome to message me. Shortly thereafter, I got a message from the person I will henceforth refer to as Morgan.

I checked out his blog, neopastel-dreams, which turned out to be a new blog I had been seeing lately. He was a big fan of my good friend Est (@emetoandotherthings), and a decent sickfic writer. I followed his blog and continued to chat with him, asking about what was bothering him and about him in general.

He revealed to me that he had an unpleasant home life and unresolved mental health issues. I told him that I would be his friend and I was here if he needed anything. And I was. We chatted when he was stressed, even Skyped a few times. A few times he expressed suicidal intent and I did my best to talk him out of it. He mentioned that he was in inpatient at one point and stuff. I was just being a sympathetic listening ear as I always try to do, but then things started to get problematic.

He’d express suicidal intent, then ignore all my attempts to help and vanish, then after freaking me out about that, he’d text back a day later and apologize. And I was putting up with it at first, as I’ve been a depressed teenager and I know how it feels, but then things started getting shadier.

Basically, he told Esther (who he’d also been talking to for a while by now) that he’d gone to the hospital because he OD’d, but they let him out because he convinced them it was an accident. And he basically said “on my way out I heard these other two doctors shit-talking me” and Est was like “that’s completely inappropriate. Tell me the name of the hospital and I’ll file a complaint.” Suddenly his story changes and the two doctors were drunk ladies in the parking lot and Est can’t report it cause he’s trans and she doesn’t know his birth name. And mind you he’d never once said a word about being trans to either of us before, despite the fact that we’re both openly pro-LGBT and I’m trans myself. Esther came to me to discuss this, because she was upset about him having obviously lied to us.

So I Skyped him, hoping I could figure stuff out, and either straighten out the story or catch him in a lie. Once he’d said a few incriminating things (namely referencing his cat trying to bite his balls. What balls? I thought you were FtM? Which of those is untrue?) I turned on the recorder on my phone and confronted him abt all of it. I basically proved that he was full of shit but he tried to play the victim.

Said audio can be found here.

He vanished for a while, then came back and apologized. We told him “this is your last chance to not be a fuckwheel,” but he went back to his old troublesome ways very quickly, putting a lot of stress on us.

After a while, Est and April (@dont-look-so-good, who he was also talking to) got sick of his bullshit, cause worrying about his issues was bad for their mental health and he was refusing all our attempts to help him.

So the girls blocked him, while I tried one last time to help.

He spewed his same usual bullshit to me, AND made an alt to message April, lying about his name and claiming to be NB, as seen here:

(@ocsickficsideblog is April’s sideblog.)

She realized it and blocked that account. Since then, he’s been harassing all of us on multiple accounts, and has retreated to v-rfr-ude under an alias to hide from all the hate he was getting on neopastel-dreams.

He’s still trying to harass me. I stopped blocking his alts cause he just makes yet another one.

I’ve gotten basically that same exact apology from him too many times to count at this point.

To make matters worse, he’s now attention whoring on anon, sending ❤s and his urls to people unaware of his bullshit.

So, to summarize: 

Morgan, aka “Eden”, aka “Alois” is an emotionally manipulative liar.  He is also known as: 

Beware of all the urls I listed, and know that he isn’t above making more alts to hide. So be careful of new blogs. Not hateful, but careful. This is my warning to you all. I hope none of you have to suffer through the bullshit he subjected Est, April, and I to.


&&. mmmMM this callout culture thing that’s been going around tumblr lately. yes, nonna is HERE to discuss it for a moment. ( also hello bABS HOW ARE YOU DOING )

callout culture is apparently a new hot topic in the RP fandom, in which most cases, it should be. BUT, a hella lot of people are probably missing the POINT of callout culture, or using the term for the wrong reasons. I realize that people are actually privately messaging others about their opinions on the topic ( which is hella wrong as it is a personal opinion && puts others on the spot but ok ) && I, myself, have already been questioned on where I stand with this whole thing. 

– in all honesty?? these people who are like ‘ MMMMM CALLING PEOPLE OUT IS TOXIC MMM ‘ probably haven’t EVER been cornered into a situation where they have to DEFEND their identity. this whole thing almost is okaying something that’s more toxic than calling people out in the first place, which is making other victims of other roleplayers actions insecure && unsafe about reaching out for help. 

I am a victim of a roleplayer spreading hate about me, && it was quite PREDOMINANT on this blog for a bit of time, && I also have a FRIEND who called out someone who was STEALING THEIR BLOG CONTENT && COPYING THEIR PORTRAYAL, yet everyone literally defended the victimizer. 

– I’m sorry, but if you are in a situation where you need to protect your image and / or callout someone that is toxic to the roleplaying community, that is not a bad thing. but this whole ‘callout culture’ thing is making me feel REALLY bad for the people that want to, but can’t. 

– do you know how many VOICES aren’t heard because people are too busy worrying about someone calling another out publicly?? literally, if you don’t know what it’s like to be CORNERED into a small area in which the only way to defend yourself is to do what the OTHER was doing, && finally voice your opinion, then only to have the tables turned on YOU for doing so, then you have absolutely no right to preach how ‘toxic’ callout culture is. 

– my very close friend has suffered for simply defending herself, && though it happened MONTHS AGO, people still make it an issue. there are people that send others anon hate / vague about the other / actually talk SHIT about the other && that’s ok, because they didn’t use @@[insert url here]??

– Wrong. 

– it is WRONG for victims of abusive roleplayers to have to stay quiet when their only escape is to verbalize what is happening, because if they don’t, then they sit && suffer. but maybe, it’s better to do so now rather than to call someone out for their abusive behavior. I mean, it’s ok that they did it because they tormented another, just not using their url / it was vague, but GOD FUCKING FORBID someone is hurting. god forbid. 


People who DESERVE to be called out:

- abusers
- victimizers
- people that are constantly vauging about another ( yes, this isn’t keeping it private because they’re actually BRINGING it to the public rather than not saying shit aka a lack of self control ) 
- people that send anonymous hate – FOR ANY REASON
- toxic ass people who use && torment others for personal enjoyment.
- people that steal others blog content && then continue to do so after being asked to stop ( i.e. graphics, writing, characterization, etc )
- shitty people in general that aren’t here to keep the environment safe, but to make it UNSAFE for others. 
- people who are spreading false information to SPITE another. 

People who DON’T deserve to be called out: 

- people defending themselves from a victimizer 
- people that provide proof that said roleplayer is toxic, not just to them, but to others as well. 
- something being misread ( even worse if the person already clarified what they meant ) 
- literally just misunderstandings.

– I stand with calling one out IF they are doing the things that result in their behavior needing to be recognized by the public to make a safer environment for roleplayers. I also AGREE that things need to be private, but for the love of christ, if you don’t know the entire situation && you’re just looking at the fact that a ROLEPLAYER called out another one, you’re not doing anything but contributing to the fact that the roleplay community isn’t the safest place for any writer. 

– come on, guys. we can work TOGETHER to make this place safe for every roleplayer by understanding some situations are not like another. we all need to be here for each other - we are a COMMUNITY of wonderful people that is filled with various types of creative minds, && we need to keep our community HEALTHY && SAFE so we can enjoy the pros of roleplaying. 

Please remember to be KIND to one another, understand when one is going through a hard time, help to the best of your ability, but don’t forget to take care of YOURSELF, && try your best to be a good person. It’s not hard unless you make it that way. 

reductosshrinkgun  asked:

I'm sure you've already answered this multiple times but I was wondering if you had recs for people who wanna read the story arcs were Tony's depression/alcoholism is addressed? I read tons of Marvel comics but for some reason have never picked up an IM issue, I wanna rectify that. One of the reasons I identify with Tony is because I suffer from depression/alcohol issues and I could read that in the MCU characterization even though it hasn't been explicitly acknowledged.

Yeeeees of course. I will try to keep this as tidy as possible

A little disclaimer though: signs pointing to Tony’s depression are many and spread out all over the series. This round-up will just include stuff that comes to mind as especially in-your-face about Tony’s issues, it only barely includes group books and it’s definitely not everything (which is disturbing considering how long it got but uhm anyway)

I also want to ping somethingsimplexox​ and batsinthedark​ and the other two anons that asked me about a rec list?? I’M SO SORRY IT’S BEEN TAKING ME SO LONG TO WRITE A FULL THING, but this one turned out to be pretty comprehensive so you might want to check it out 

(lmao that sad moment when you realize that if you make a rec list about Tony’s alcoholism and depression, you end up with a summary of pretty much his entire life)


Anyway, let’s get to it

(obviously, tw for depression, alcoholism, suicide mention/ideation)

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Salam guys! I’m Nada (pictured with the first gay muslim I ever met irl, who later became my best friend and favourite person on earth.)

I go by the name Ramona (for culturally-rebellious reasons), I’m 19, I currently live in London, England and I identify as a lesbian.

Growing up has been difficult, as most of you reading this would probably know. I’ve pretty much thought, felt and behaved queerly from a young age, something that has not gone unnoticed by my family and friends. I never conformed to gender roles and even as a child, I always loved the idea of an Islam where queers could live freely, too. Seeing this, my family decided it was best to send me to an Islamic high school, in the hopes that I’ll emerge beaten to a straighter, more righteous way of thinking. Fortunately for me, and unfortunately for the school and my family, I came out the other side feeling even more sure of myself, my beliefs and what I wanted to be.

I am vaguely out, which basically means that I haven’t explicitly come out to the major members of my family (parents, grandparents, aunts & uncles, etc,.) but I have a selective few close cousins that I openly share my sexuality with and alhamdulilah, they accept me (at least, to my face). 

Since making my presence on the internet more well-known over the years, I’ve been introduced to the surpassingly broad LGBTQIA+ Muslim community that exists online. It has made me extremely happy to know i’m not the only one. I’ve gotten to know so many of you guys and want to keep finding more and more people like me. One day, I even hope to meet some of you guys (ideally, in the shape of something like from The L Word; a lovely group of -mentionably but not limited to- muslim lesbians who meet for coffees and date-nights). So make yourselves known! Reach out to me, message me, follow me, whatever! Just put yourself out there because, personally, doing so has been the best thing to happen to me yet. Had I not made my tumblr and put myself out there as a lesbian muslim, I would never have known about the community catered to us that thrives and grows with each day!

I’m at a point in my current life where I’m focusing on my future life. I’m studying at university (Psychology undergrad) with the intention of taking my studies as far as I possibly can; academically and geographically. I dream to become a professional in my chosen field and once I do that, I want to pack up my life and move to Canada (inshallah), where I hope to start a new life as an openly gay muslim. There, I will find my wife-to-be and adopt a bunch of children, who I will raise to believe that we are not haraam. I want to nurture and raise my children in a way I wish I could’ve been; pro-everything and anti-exclusionary, while still imbedding the healthy, true teachings of our religion. 

Unfortunately, I don’t see myself ever really coming out to the rest of my family. But through extensive research, I have learnt that i can marry a man, but don’t necessarily have to be married to him. So that is my plan. Marry a good, (gay) muslim man for the sake of keeping up appearances and set off on my own direction from there.

But for now, I am as I am; here and queer and gay for the stay. 

Sorry I babbled a lot, moral of the story is this: we are not haraam, and wherever you lack support, love or acceptance you will find if you look a little closer. There’s whole queer muslim family waiting to greet you with open arms.

Come talk to me! I wanna get to know each and every one of you bbs.

URL: www.rene8ade.tumblr.com

Twitter: @rene8ade_

matryonihon-deactivated20141212  asked:

Whats a tip for a starter ask blog like me? I was planning to do a slytherin Kiku one and TEACH ME SENPAIII

///SLYTHERIN KIKU— WAIT U SRS?! tho— eh;; I don’t think I’m the right person to ask for these kinds of things;; I’m still pretty much n00bish still even after a year of ask blogging;; //sweats;;

But i’ll try i guess??;;


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☆ Just A Show Of Appreciation ☆


Oh my, I must be doing at least one thing right.

OOC: So one day I woke up and found not only a bunch of stars in my inbox, but people even had some really nice words to say about me too. I… can’t really explain the smile this put on me that afternoon. It wasn’t pretty And so I thought I’d send a bunch too out to those I felt deserve it. 

I decided against that, because quite frankly, it would take forever with how many times I’d hit the ask limit. On top of that, I could think of a reason for so many people to receive that I figured I’d just end up telling them how I feel. But how to just go about doing that? Well, why not make a big post about it!

I’ve been enjoying this hobby very much on both this blog,and recently on my newest blog @freshgodthatlikeshills , and it’s about time I took the time out to just spill out a bunch of goodwill towards my followers that’s been building up in me. I’ve got over two hundred of you, after all!

I don’t know if this counts as one of those ‘Follow Forever’ things, but this is just me taking the time out on this midnight to maybe spread some love which I don’t do often enough. Besides, this is limited to mostly people following me with a few exceptions.

Not everyone I’ve talked to or has followed me will be mentioned here, I’m afraid. If you aren’t mentioned, all that means is that we haven’t gotten to know each other that well at all. That can change whenever, naturally, and is probably my own fault for not reaching out! So please don’t feel left out or that you’re worth less than any other follower. If anything, it means there’s a chance to get to know each other better.

This is going to be a long ride though, so feel free to ctrl-f your own url if you were tagged. Otherwise, buckle in.

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        You’ve seen those blogs running around on Tumblryou know the ones ; the flawless characterizations of your favorite characters, the exceptional writing by your fellow bloggers, the iconic icons and the giveaways full of freebies and gratitude for reaching milestones. The roleplayers of Tumblr are some of the friendliest, most open enthusiasts of this popular hobby. They come from all sorts of fandoms, bringing you their own portrayals and interpretations of popular and unpopular characters both. Big fandoms, small fandoms, and every size in between, the roleplaying community as a whole is a grandiose family full of fun and surprises. But what is it like to start out in a growing community as this?
                             Daunting, that’s what.

            But don’t worry – ! I’m here to help you get on your feet with little tips and tricks I’ve learned in my experience in this community. So You Want to Roleplay is going to be a series of guides that I’ll be writing when I have the time to help people get a start in roleplaying. Just know that these are not definite rules and should be taken as guidelines. I am not a pro, if you can be a pro at this hobby at all, but I can say I am fairly experienced. 

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yeah but lemme be real for a little bit okay.  im gonna shit on marrish for about a paragraph and im sorry because ive never been anti marrish and i dont consider myself anti marrish and i used to actually ship them and i dont hate on ships but i need to talk about this.

im annoyed.  and no im not annoyed because im a stydia shipper so you can leave those comments at home.  in fact i just unfollowed a stydia shipper who was being an unnescessary (i cant spell) asshole to marrish shippers so stop saying that shit to me.  im annoyed because i love lydia.  and lydia had a fuckton more scenes when she wasnt even a main character.  and now all of lydia’s scenes are to fucking tell us about parrish.  like i love parrish. im very interested in his story. im VERY interested in his story.  but im not fucking supportive of his story being the only source of lydia plots. 

lydia is a dynamic character and i want to know about HER STORY.  i feel sick that such a great character who has always been a great source of plots and a really devloped character has been deminished to a love interest this season.  yes i ship stydia.  wow look its my url.  but i never asked for lydia’s own plot to suffer in order for them to be together.  on top of this im just annoyed that we’re making marrish’s love story kind of gross. i was fully supporting marrish just as i was mostly supporting malia because as a person who believes that my ship will be endgame, i see no reason not to ship other ships or to at least respect them.  but i seem to find myself angry with marrish more than loving them lately because I DONT LIKE THE CREEPY DREAMS. im sorry i dont like the creepy dreams.  i dont like that they’re seen as sexy when they’re really like scary omens and clues to his origin. like i would be cool with the creepy dreams if after the creepy dreams we weren’t like YAS MARRISH SCENE or YAS LETS PUT THAT IN OUR MONTAGE OF ROMANTIC KISSES

and i know i said this already but its the main reason im mad about marrish rn WHY IS LYDIA A LOVE INTEREST.  you know who is a main character of this show? lydia. you know who isn’t one of the core three main characters of the show? jordan. 

 let’s look at malia for a second.  with malia we have brought on a beautiful example of how to pull off a love interest for your main character and introduce a new character. because malia has plots and we get to see malia without stiles off on her own doing important things that dont involve stiles.  and when malia came on stiles’ character didn’t change to “oh malia” “where malia” “lemme go support malia’s story” no. he still had his own plot lines.  he’S STILL A FUCKING CHARACTER AND NOT A LOVE INTEREST.  with parrish growing into a larger role on the show we’ve for some reason muted lydia.  and i know that there’s that whole thing happening over with scott and kira too but i don’t have the energy to talka bout that rn we’ll get there eventually.  but i think you’re getting the idea and ths is becoming way longer than i meant so sorry if i angered anyone you know that’s never my intention but if you read this essay im proud of u

Okay, of first of all, I changed my url from hwangahyoung to LadyofReincarnation (because i like it <3) and i do not own the characters, I only put together the resources I found and worked with them…

Well, I am back and my FEELS have skyrocketed out of my chest!

To be honest, I tried to stop, but when I did, it only made me realize how much this ship is to me. It’s just like what the last chapter stated: “I don’t need a reason to love Sasusaku because I just do, and I will never stop loving them no matter how painful and tough their journey might be.”

Shipping this ship is already enough for me to be content and happy in life because even though I don’t get my happy ending, I know that they will and that’s all that matters. So let’s sail on together to the end of our lives :D

And now let’s enjoy some beautiful quotes that I found:

“He looked so lost, so soulful, so lonely. I wanted him to kiss me now. I wanted to let him know I was his for all eternity.” - Ellen Schreiber

“‎True love isn’t expressed in passionately whispered words an intimate kiss or a embrace; before two people are married, love is expressed in self-control, patience, even words left unsaid.”  - Joshua Haris

“Everyone always wants to know how you can tell when it’s true love, and the answer is this: when the pain doesn’t fade and the scars don’t heal, and it’s too damned late.”  - Jonathan Tropper

“True love is taking the risk that it won’t be a happily-ever-after” - Cara Lockwood

“In the beginning, the price of giving great love is risking that it won’t be returned. Until you understand, of course, that great love is always returned. With interest.”  - Mike Dooley

- - -

And just for the heck of it, if Sasusaku don’t end up right away, I do believe that eventually they find each other again. Because time spent apart might be the thing that will put them together again.

“Maybe we’ll meet again, when we are slightly older and our minds less hectic, and I’ll be right for you and you’ll be right for me. But right now, I am chaos to your thoughts and you are poison to my heart.” — Unknown

- - -


Designed by: LadyofReincarnation

12 Poetry Blog Tips for Christmas

I’ve had my blog for a few months now and I get a lot of questions about how I have gotten so many notes, readers and followers, and how others can improve their poetry blogs. So I have put together a list of 12 tips, just in time for Christmas, that I think could potentially help. It’s not like I’m an expert, but if you’re interested anyway then check out my tips inside the link below! 

Also, it’s important to point out that I (as well as many others on tumblr) post writings in hopes that someone else enjoys them as much as I do. And while I write for me, I blog for you. There’s no shame in trying to better your blog, just make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons. Tis the season. 

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