Look at me putting my URL on things like a pro


‘That’s me and Mr Bates.’


lexine-thevoidresearcher asked:

*attempts to dunk my url into your askbox and fails. but you know. there i is.*


;; I challenge all of you to send me URLs! Send me URLs of your Tumblr crushes, your best friends, strangers you like to see on your dash. Send me any URL you want, and I’ll talk about the things I like about them and their blog. You can do this on or off anon, it makes no difference, just send me URLs you want me to praise. just put ‘positivity’ in the beginning of the ask and I’ll know what to do.

// Leave the dunking to a pro, silly bean. B)

Besides their apparent awful dunking skills, the mun seems to be a total sweetheart, like holy moly. I haven’t talked with them much or anything, but they are just so adorable energetic and positive from what I’ve seen of them. I mean look how gungho they were about doing this same ask meme, eh?

Not only is the mun sweet and energetic, their OC seems to be too. I first saw them when they had the Void M!A that made her look like Vel’Koz and ever since then, they’ve been so adorable and great that I just instantly started liking them. How could I not? //