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A headcanon of all the RFA babes (with V and Saeran) reacting to a pouting MC? ^^ Please and thank you~! ♡

So cute! No problem!


  • Super flustered
  • Cries
  • If you’re pouting because he did something to upset you he will apologize until he’s blue in the face
  • If you’re pouting because of something someone else did he will freak out on them


  • He thinks its so cute!
  • The world is your oyster if you pout to him
  • Seriously
  • The one way to melt this mans heart in a split second
  • He will even take a day off of work if you ask him to while pouting that’s how weak he is to it


  • Tries to look away
  • He can’t handle the cute
  • Kisses the top of your head and laughs
    • “Alright, Princess. You win.”


  • Softens up this lil sassy lady
  • Sighs
  • Pulls you in for a hug
  • Chuckles, she can’t compete with this lol


  • Critical hit ~!
  • Pushes up his glasses with a smirk
  • Gives you a kiss
    • “I admit defeat. But only because you fight dirty.”


  • He can hear it in your voice when you start pouting
  • The IRL version of //sweats nervously
  • He’s a mess
  • Putty in your hands omg just ask and you shall receive


  • Grumbles
  • Kicks his foot with a shrug and looks off to the side
  • His cheeks are as red as his hair
  • Tries to pretend it didn’t affect him but
  • He is a defeated man
    • “Fine, you dork…”
  • Brushes your hair behind your ear and kisses your forehead

ok don’t get me wrong, bodyshaming is bad, lookism is bad yadda yadda but i get really irritated when white women’s looks are ridiculed and everyone is supposed to give a fuck and consider all the shit they’ve been through and whatnot yet whenever black women are made fun of DAILY for their looks that somehow NOBODY SAYS SHIT. nobody says “oh well she’s had kids” “she’s had a rough life” “she has an eating disorder” all those excuses. if you’re gonna yell at me for making fun of white women’s looks, you better yell at people for making fun of black women’s looks. PERIOD.

Lullaby - MSR Fic 

i. The first time it happens, they’re on the long flight back from Alaska. Hours ago, she hadn’t been sure that she could trust him, that he wasn’t infected with that ancient biological thing that made people (and dogs) turn violent. Mulder is so hot. Scully still has her giant jacket on and she’s pressed against him, her head resting on his shoulder, sleeping hard. He doesn’t even think of moving her off him though. He likes the feel of her against him. Safe. He feels even more warm at the thought. 

ii. It happens again after Pfaster scares the shit out of her. It makes Mulder’s blood boil, thinking about how that evil psychopath hunted her, kidnapped her, made her feel unsafe…again. After almost losing her completely, seeing her in that coma, Mulder swore to himself he would protect Scully. But he’d failed. And she seems so much more terrified, more broken, then after she mysteriously reappeared, woke up from her comatose state. It made his heart ache when Scully broke down in his arms after they found her. Now, they are in her apartment. Mulder stayed with her, she didn’t need to ask. They sit on the couch with all the lights on and he doesn’t know how to make anything okay. Mulder thinks of asking her if she wants to get cleaned up, but stays silent when Scully rests her head on his shoulder, sighs heavily. He can’t believe it, but within seconds, Scully’s asleep. He feels the tension in her body release, as she sleeps against him. He stays up all night. He won’t let any more monsters come for her. 

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Killer Avenue


She was at a stand still, she knew it. He knew it. Hell everyone around them knew it. Adrianna slowly tilted her head to the right. Her eyes flickering down to his hand and back up to his face.

“Come on lass, you can do it! I believe in ya!“ 

The kind words from Chibbs made her smile. All eyes were on her and the fool infront of her. Well technically he wasn’t a fool, but right now he was. Because he thought he would win, he was a fool to think he could beat her. "Come on Addy, I don’t wanna embarass you infront of the club, just give up. Call it quits and I’ll make you a nice drink for your efforts…scouts honor.”

Before he could say anymore she raised the gun and pulled the trigger, Juice doing the same as soon as he saw her actions. He was too late though, the Nerf bullet had already hit him square in the eyes while his barely crazed her shoulder as she moved out the way. His brothers cheered for her and he playfully glared. 

“That’s my girl!!!” Tig engulfed her into a hug and picked her up swinging her around. 

“Never underestimate a Teller Juicey-boy! Especially when it’s a woman." 

Her feet made contact with the ground again, and she let out a small laugh. "So, since I won…Ill be taking that drink anyways Juan Carlos…and how about you make me a sandwich too…”

“Ha!!! Are you a good wife Juice?!” Kozik asked as everyone slowly started to walk across the parkinglot. 

“You should see him in the night gown I got him. Legs for days.” Adrianna added, everyone burst out laughing, even Juice cracked a smile.  

“I knew it!” Tigs exclaimed.

Happy wiped his hands with the towel, trying to get as much grease off as he could. He had been working on a car that afternoon while the rest of the Son’s were running around the parkinglot shooting toy guns. He had witnessed the interaction between Adrianna and Juice, they were acting like children..which wasn’t a big surprise to him. Juice was just one giant kid. He was closer to Adrianna’s age too. They probably had more in common than she did with him. But that didn’t stop the brown haired girl from batting her big brown eyes at Happy when they talked. Or when she would gaze at him from across the room.

Age was just a number though right?

Hearing the front door open he looked away from the spot he had been staring at to find everyone piling into the club house. His eyes immediately finding her with ease. 

“Happy!” She shouted walking over to him, he had been leaning against the pool table off in a daze. “I made Juice my bitch.” She had the biggest grin on her face, and happy could only grin himself, but only for a split second. 

“Well that’s not hard little girl…” Happy slowly stood up right, towering over her. She had been around the club and him for a little over a month now. And ever since her first night here when he called her his old lady to Jared, he hadn’t uttered that name again. Not out loud at least. 

“Hey! That’s my bitch you are talking about…don’t make me fight you.” She joked bouncing over towards the bar. She climbed up on the stool, pulling her hair out of the ponytail. 

“Where the hell is my brother?” The younger Teller asked. 

“Probably with Tara.”

Adrianna scrunched up her nose, just like her mother, she detested the girl. Not only for leaving Jax broken hearted, but because when she was younger Tara was nothing but rude to her. Adrianna was a bit of a nerd, she could admit that. She didn’t really care about the things that they did back then. She was more into books, and writing and homework. Apparently Tara found her to be her favorite person to be mean to. Ofcourse Adrianna never told Jax, there would’ve been no point. He was too infatuated. 

“What a loser,” she mumbled breaking out of a flash back by the sound of the stool next to her squeaking.

“I want you to come over tonight”

It was Happy.

Juice nearly knocked over the drink he was pouring as he listened into them. He pretended to focus on the task at hand, ever so often eyeing the pair out of the corner of his eye. 

“And why would I do that?” Adrianna questioned, resting her face in the palm of her hand. She didn’t even bother to look at him.  Not showing a bit of interest. But that’s how Happy liked it. What was it? The thrill of the chase? Even when they both knew exactly how it was going to end. 

“Little girl I was just being nice about it, we both know I wasn’t asking. I wasn’t suggesting. It was a demand.”

Tingles ached their way up her spine at his words. Happy always thought his demanding voice would make her fall at his feet. It never worked, though she did like to play with him.

“You must have me confused with someone else. I make the demands….I don’t take them….nice try Happy Feet.”

Juice couldn’t control the laugh that came passed his lips at the nickname. And quickly regretted it as Adrianna got up from the bar, disappearing. Not even bothering to wait for her drink. Now alone with Happy, Juice looked like a deer in the headlights. 

“Think something is funny?”

Without even a word, Juice quickly exited the bar not wanting to be in the line of fire. He definitely knew better. 

Over in the doorway of the office Gemma slid her hands into the pockets of her jeans. “You gonna tell me what’s going on?” She asked her daughter who had made her way across the room. Adrianna raised an eyebrow not sure what she meant. “Don’t you dare give me that look. I know what I am seeing. A mother knows…now what is going on between you and Killa over there?” She tilted her head in the direction of the Tacoma native.

As she grew up there were many things that never changed around Adrianna. One of those things being how her mother could always tell when she was lying. But that never stopped the brown eyed girl. She would always lie, infact she would keep up the lie, with the fiercest devotion. 

“Really ma, I have no idea what you are talking about. I’m too busy living my sin free life to have time for anything else.”

Gemma snorted a scoff. Sin free? Not her little girl. She placed her hand on her hip, not buying it. “Mmhm. I’ll let it go for right now…but don’t think I will forget.”

With a satisfied grin, Adrianna walked away from her mother.


“Man, you’re still on that?” Kozik asked, as he leaned against the bar next to his brother. “It’s been weeks, I don’t think she’s interested brother.”

Happy raised an eyebrow, side eyeing Kozik. “And what would you know about women being interested?” He questioned, turning around to find Adrianna with his eyes.

Happy wasn’t a man of many words. But he knew what he wanted. And when he wanted something he usually always got it. No matter what it was. He didn’t hold many things close to him. No woman could take the place of his mother. And the only thing he seemed to care for was bikes, booze,legs and killing. But for quite some time now, only one set of legs plagued his mind. Only one thing took over his consciousness. And that was Adrianna. He needed her. 

He was going to have her.

All of her. 


“All I’m saying is, I know I’m not the only one to notice. You can’t be that blind.” Opie stated slinging the wrench around his fingers. Jax gave his best friend a confused look, before shaking his head. 

“Not even man….Adrianna is way too smart for that. Yeah she came back, but she won’t let herself be tied down by this club..kinda why she left in the first place isn’t it? And with Happy of all people? No offense to our brother he’s a good man…good, but crazy..” the VP of the club mumbled off.

Jax thought to himself for a moment. There was literally no chance in hell that Opie was right. His baby sister and the clubs resident killer were complete opposites. Everything about them would make them but heads, he was sure of that. But why did he get the feeling that Opie held some truth. He furrowed his brow and walked away from his best friend. 

“I’ll be right back..” he grumbled, causing Opie to chuckle softly to himself. As soon as he walked out the garage, he found his sister. Her small frame sitting at the picnic table by the playground. She was surrounded by books and papers, a familiar scene to him. He wiped his hands off on his jeans and slowly strutted over there. Jax didn’t want her to know that he was up to something. 

“There’s the little princess..” he called out as he got closer to her. 

Adrianna didn’t even bother to look up from her studies, she brought her pink highlighter to the pages of the book and highlighted a few words. 

Being ignored wasn’t going well for the Vice President, so he continued to talk, taking a seat next to her. “What are you reading about? Frogs that turn into princes?” He laughed, snatching the book from her view. His blue eyes scanned the pages, his eyes showing confusion. “Serial killers??? Is there something you need to let us know Adrianna?”

Her face broke out into a grin, before she finally paid her older brother any mind. “You’re gonna be my next victim if you don’t go away.." 

Chuckling Jax set the book down on the table. He was glad to see his sister still taking her studying very seriously. He took in a deep breath and watched her for a moment. "Look….I just wanted to see how you are doing….what’s going on… And-”

“Let me stop you right there…if you have something you wanna ask…go for it. Other wise get your pretty face going and travel far away from me.”

Jax continued to stare at his sis. She could be so fucking sassy. And honestly quite the bitch at times, even looking all nerdy. He raised an eyebrow coming to a realization. He didn’t need to ask her about happy because there was no way with her attitude and princess ways, that she would let the Tacoma Killer get near her like that. He felt a small weight rise off his shoulders, and quickly put his hands up in defense. “Alright,alright..can’t even check on my own damn sister.” He joked getting up.

“Don’t be studying too hard though darlin’, there’s no fun it that.”

Happy and Tigs walked into the almost empty church, save for Chibbs. Both geared up in their Kute. Clay was sending them both on a little job before the family dinner at his and mama Gemma’s place. 

As soon as he stepped inside the room though, it hit him, that fucking scent. It was flowery, warm. Could a scent even be warm? And it made him want to be somewhere tropical. It was her smell, her perfume. Adrianna’s. “Was the princess I’m here or something?” His rough voice asked. Chibbs raised an eyebrow, confused on why he would ask that before he gave a slight nod.

“Aye, she was showing me her books. Smart lass that one." 

Tigs looked at Happy, his head slightly tilted. He had a conversation with himself in his head, before he leaned against the table and crossed his arms over his chest. "How’d you know she was in here?” He asked his brother. With out thinking, words dived out of the Killer’s mouth. 

“I know the smell of her perfume.." 

His two brothers shared a look before Chibbs quickly got up and closed the church door so others didn’t hear the trio talking. "you what now?” Blue eyes asked. Happy realized his mistake,but the look of embarrassment never crossed his face. 

“I don’t repeat myself…..now are we gonna go get this done or not?” He turned and yanked opened the wood doors, walking out. 

Chibbs didn’t know what to say, his head was reeling and he knew his wasn’t the only one. He was a good detective, nothing went unnoticed by him. Nothing. 

“He knows her scent huh? What do you think that means?”

Looking at Tigs Chibbs only shook his head, many conclusions coming to mind. He decided to State the most innocent one. 

“I think our little killer has a crush on our little princess.”

“Jax is gonna flip…” Tigs added with a grin, ready for whatever shit storm may come their way in the near future. 


Adrianna gently pulled at the hair tie at the top of her head, letting her long brown hair fall victim to her shoulders. Her eyes pled with the book infront of her, begging her mind to latch on to its contents. But all she could focus on were the clanking and banging of pots and dishes as her mother ran around the kitchen making the dinner for the Son’s. 

“I give up.” She declared pushing her book away from her and getting up from her position on the floor. She sauntered into the kitchen, catching the eye of her mom. “There you are baby..aren’t you gonna get all dressed up for your man?’ she questioned,taking in her daughter’s sweatpants attire. "Happy’s gonna make it to dinner tonight, you guys can sit together.” Adrianna was completely dumfounded, staring at her mother like she was insane. 

“The what now?”

Gemma just chuckled softly, going back to stirring the pot, the literal one infront of her. “Oh nothing..you know just some mom mumbles…” She smirked. “You know, you can study all you want..but you’re gonna end up an old lady one way or the other.”

Adrianna’s confusion quickly turned into a glare. She let out a sigh, and looked around the kitchen. “If you think I’m gonna stare here for longer than needed you are out your mind…you guys may enjoy your town, but I’ve been out in the world. Charming isn’t charmin at all…no man is gonna keep me here….”

Gemma kept her knowing smile. Turning and beginning to chop up some vegetables. “Go get dressed baby, the club will start showing up soon.”

Adrianna wrapped her arms around her torso and walked out of the kitchen. There was something in the air tonight. It was her mother’s nosey mischief. And that definately was not good for Adrianna, nor the club. She sighed as she disappeared into her bedroom getting a few moments of silence to herself before dinner.


“Aye, that’s exactly what I’m saying Las…Juicey-boy here was talkin’ smack about ya. Claims he wants a rematch for your Nerf gun war!" 

Adrianna looked away from the Scottish man and down the other end of the table at her new pal Juice. She cocked her eyebrow in response, challenging him to say something. Juice couldn’t help but glare at his brother. He opened his mouth to speak, but Clay beat him to it. 

"I wouldn’t brother….Gemma is tough as nails, so you can only imagine how her daughter is. It’s a war you can’t win. Not with the princess of SAMCRO.”

Without a second thought Adrianna looked away from juice and continued to enjoy her food in silence. She always did enjoy when people would boost up her ego. She could admit that. So far the whole night Adrianna had tried to keep in conversation with others or stay to herself. Avoiding anything Happy related. But he made it quite difficult for her. 

As soon as Happy made it to the dinner he claimed a seat directly infront of the dark haired beauty. He spent the dinner nursing his beer, as usual, or staring at her, again as usual. And that ofcourse didn’t go unnoticed by the queen of SAMCRO herself. Gemma sat at the table, plotting. One part of her knew that she shouldn’t meddle. But she also knew that this could be the only chance to have her babygirl stay in Charming. She needed this. Seflish? Yes. But she was a needy mother. 

Gemma just needed to figure out how she was going to succeed in this. Her daughter was hard-headed, a pain in the ass at best. Something she may have passed down to her. It was going to be a tough job, but someone had to do it.



Before I launch myself into the next episode, a quick recap of Anne’s episode 4.

First of all, I want to say that this adaptation did what no other adaptations was able to do - it make me like Diana. And I really don’t know what was that made me so annyed with her in all other version of this story - but here she actually feels like a person and idk I just really enjoying her in this show.

Second of all, I’m digging Anne and Jerry’s friendship more and more with every episode. They are that classic dreamer + realist duo and the bickering is great and idc I also ship it a little, fight me.

Honestly, let’s just talk about how exactly did we deserved Jerry? Like the creators sit down and probably were like ‘Okay what could make our show even better than it already is?’ and someone was like “French adorable sassy little shit called Jerry’ and everyone were like ’Bingo!’ and bingo it was. I love Jerry.

Just look at them, okay? Adorable.

I loved that the episode actually let Anne return to school on her own terms and when she was ready for that. I really love that this show don’t rush things and give them time to evolve. Feels natural.

I ALMOST GOT A HEARTATACK WHEN ANNE RUNNED INTO BURNING HOUSE. Seriously show, I thought I was prepared for you since I read books, but you keep proving me wrong. Anyway my girl was the hero and everyone recognised her as such. Good shit.

Lol, Anne likes to keep surprising Gilbert, doesn’t she?

And I have to say I love Ruby. Ruby is the one i always liked, but here she’s also so tiny and precious (and yeah I know she’ s a little bit spoiled, but she’s learning) and overall lovable, I just want to hug her.

That satisfying moment when Anne  destroyed Billy Andrews in public and then she was like “you’re right minister. honesty is the best policy”and he probably forgot how to talk for the rest of his life. That was so savage, Anne. Slow clap.

Marilla and Anne’s talks always gives me life, but the one at the end of this episode was my favorite so far and the most intimate they had. Bless.


- That moment when Gilbert helped Ruby on her feet and she was all ‘heart eyes’ at him and he just keep looking at Anne and she was staring at him too (way too much for someone who supposedly hate the guy) and everyone was just really awkward and with a crush.

Also this

Yeah, sure honey, whatever you say.

Falling for the Lunatic - Dean Ambrose Fanfic - Part 6

Part 5 and Part 7 - @ambrose-asylum-ft-mitch, @actualamyautopsy, @fearlessambrose, @awesome-ambrose-world

A/N: The last part of the chapter is inspired by Jim and Pam from The Office. I will put a gif of them at the end so you can visually see what happen with Dean and Elena. Sorry for the delay!! If you have any ideas that goes with the story, let me know. Thank you so much!

I slowly opened my eyes and saw the sunlight coming through the curtains. How the hell did I get back here? Holy hell, my head hurts! I turned my head and saw a bottle of aspirin and a cup of water. I quickly took them and slowly made my way into the shower. I let the extremely hot water roll down my back.

God, I messed up. I miss Dean like crazy. I should of never slapped him. I bet he hated me so much right now. This really sucks because I’m here falling in love with him and I just ruin it all. I’m sure he is in love with Renee, even though she barely talks about him. Come to think about it, they aren’t the same anymore. They use to look at each other with so much happiness, now it’s just a nod and a smile and going their separate ways. What’s going on? The only thing I know is that I gotta apologize. I gotta tell Dean how sorry I am for what I did.

I finished up and stepped out. I grabbed my phone and texted Roman. “Hey, do you know Dean’s room number?

By the time I finished drying off and getting dressed, Roman texted back a simple “2312”. I threw my slightly damp hair in a messy bun and made my way to Dean’s door and just stared at it. Once again, I’m scared to talk to him. I’m scared that he actually hates me, I’m scared that I just want kiss him again.

I was just about to turn around and leave when Dean opened the door, in nothing but sweats I might add. “(Y/N)? Are you okay?”

“How did you know I was out here?”

“I can hear you mumbling. What’s up? Is everything alright?”

“Oh. Yeah. Wait, no. Look, I’m really really sorry for what I did on Smackdown last week.The slapping you part.” I started talking faster and faster as I looked down and played with my fingers. “I really don’t know why I slapped you and I really wish I didn’t. I’m also really sorry for ignoring you this past few weeks too. I just thought that you hated me and I really can’t stand…”


“…the thought of you hating me. I’ve really missed you this past week…”

“(Y/N)…” Dean said a little louder, but I didn’t stop babbling.

“…and it is totally understandable if you hate me. I would hate me too if I slapped myself in front of millions of people. But that’s kinda funny, you know, if I slapped myself. Adds to the whole crazy look and it would be a really-”

“(Y/N)!!” I stopped talking and looked up to see him laughing. “I don’t hate you. I thought you hated me.”

I shook my head from side to side, “I don’t hate you.”

“But I would love to see you slap yourself, that would definitely be funny.” He pointed at me. I chuckled and playfully hit him in the arm which made him smile wider that his dimples came through. “Come on in!” He pulled the door back and I walked in to an empty room.

“Where’s Renee?” I asked turning around as he pulled a shirt on.

“She’s out with Nikki getting some coffee or something. I don’t really know. Our relationship has been really weird lately. It’s like we’re just drifting apart, ya know.”

We spent the rest of the day together talking endlessly about everything and I slowly fell in love with him more by the second.

*At Smackdown*

Smackdown was over and everyone was getting ready to hit the road for our next destination, which was a five hour drive away. I was sitting at catering, catching the last of the food before it was thrown away. I looked up and saw Dean talking to Roman and smiled to myself.

“You’re drooling again.” I heard that familiar Irish accent and turned my attention as she sat on the seat by me and took a bite of my cookie.

“Hey Becky, and no I wasn’t.”

“Riiight. Are you ever gonna tell him how you feel?”

“No, I can’t do that. He’s dating Renee and I’m sure he doesn’t like me back.” I looked back at Dean and saw that he was staring at me. I gave him a small smile and he returned one with a small wink. I quickly looked away as I felt my cheeks turn red.

“That’s not what I see. I think there is something going on between you two, but you are both scared to say something about it. I think he really likes you.” Becky said as she patted my shoulder and left to her car.

*Dean’s POV*

I was talking with Roman, kinda. I kinda tuned him out as I looked across catering and saw Elena and Becky talking and laughing. After this whole weekend, it was clear to me that I was falling head over heels for her. Just seeing her makes me happier than I could ever imagine. And man was she beautiful with the way she generally laughs and smiles with so much care in her heart.

“Dude, are you even listening to me? Oh wait, no because you’re making goggly eyes at Elena!” Roman said waving his hand in front of me.

“I was not and I was so listening to you man. Every word.”

“Okay, then what was I just talking about?” He said putting his hands on his hips in a very sassy way.

“You were saying how … about your, um … you were talking about - okay I was making goggly eyes.”

“See, I knew it!! But seriously man, if you really like her that much, you should do something about it.”

“I can’t. I know for a fact she doesn’t like me back.” As I said that, Elena looked up to meet my eyes and smiled at me. I gave her one back with a wink and could of swore I saw her blush before turned back to her conversation.

“I don’t think so man. I think there is a something huge going on with you and Elena. And if I could give you a word of advice, follow your heart and say something before you lose her to someone else.”

I nodded my head at what he said as we gathered our bags and walked to the car and throwing them in the trunk. At few seconds later, Elena, Seth, and Renee came with theirs and threw them in. We all got settled into the car with Seth driving and Renee in the front, and me and Roman in the back with Elena sitting between us. The only sound in the car was Seth’s rock music softly playing as everyone started to fall asleep. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Elena’s head falling forward before she shot back up. Her eyes full closed as she laid her head on my shoulder and fell asleep. I smiled to myself as I gave her a small kiss on her head. She smiled in her sleep and moved closer. I focused on her slow steady breathing as I rested my head on hers and fall asleep. I knew I was in love with her.

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*tosses this girl at you*

Send me your URL (source)   

My Opinion on;

Character in general:

*Deep Breath* Vivi. Vivi. Vivi is so amazing I can’t even deal with how amazing she is. Gosh. She’s so good. So pure and cute and sassy and mischievous and I love them so much. Vivi is vibrant and everyone should have a Vivi in their life!!!

How they play them:

OKAY. Look. Look. I have very specific thoughts on how I think Vivi is. A lot of times I see her being too hard, or I see her being too serious or loud, or too goofy and not taking anything seriously, or too quiet and nervous when that feels more Arthur’s thing. Or too prepared/paranoid. None of these are wrong for Vivi, but in my head there’s a certain way Vivi is, and when she’s any of these things she’s….not quite how I envision her. I’d still love to play with all these Vivi’s, but they’re just not the form of Vivi that I have in my head.

An then there’s Dana’s Vivi. Dana’s Vivi is damn near perfect for what I imagine Vivi as being. She’s the perfect balance of everything and she makes Arthur so happy and she’s sweet and funny and goofy but smart and sassy and serious when she needs to be. She’s loud without getting to a point of being obnoxious, and quiet at times that never feels too timid for the firecracker that is Vivi. She’s unique in her own ways and I absolutely adore this interpretation of her.

The Mun:


Do I:

RP with them:

Heck yeah I do

Want to RP with them:  


What is my;

Overall Opinion:

Vivi and Dana are both bae and I’m blessed to be able to interact with her and be her friend. She inspires me every day I talk or rp with her to write a little better and I look up to her just as much now as I did when I was a scared little ween who wanted to talk to her and her amazing Vivi when I was just starting out. I’m so happy to have her in my life. <3

Saved By Padalecki (Part Three) - Possibly the Final

Characters: Jared x Reader, Jensen, Daneel
Words: 1780
Read Part One Part Two

You left Comic Con with Jared and the rest of the cast. Jared actually then traveled with you to your own home before going off where he needed to go.

           Kyra hadn’t even tried to contact you and when you told her you were leaving, she didn’t seem to care at all. That was just fine. You had Jared and the rest of the guys. You had a new support system.

           “This is it,” you said, letting Jared into your apartment.

           “It’s great,” Jared said.

           “It’s alright,” you said, “It’s not much, but it’s home.”

           “I think it’s great,” he put his arms around you.

           You sighed, “How’s this long distance thing gonna work, Jare?” you asked, “I want to continue whatever this is, but I’m scared.”

           “Man, you don’t waste any time getting into the heavy stuff, do you?” he tried to tease to lighten the mood.

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So I hear you're doing a pjo musical 😎😎😎 have you considered Nico singing "I won't say I'm in love" (about Jason maybe) staring Piper, Leo, Hazel, Frank, and Percy as the sassy singing muses? Please do.


NICO: How long will this stupid curse last? It’s so…cliche? That’s not the word…annoying? Well, that IS true, but…

NICO: I’m trying to fight it but it just keeps happening. Even now! Ugh, why-


HAZEL: Nico!

NICO: Hazel? Oh no…what are you guys doing here?

FRANK: Good question.

PIPER: I think I know. It’s happening again.

LEO: Seriously? But why-

PIPER looks at Nico with a worried expression. She knows something the others don’t. 

PIPER: Maybe we can get out of here before-

PERCY JACKSON suddenly appears, and doesn’t seem to notice anyone other than NICO. He seems entirely unconcerned about this. 

NICO: Oh no…

PERCY: Hey, Nico! I was hoping I’d run into you…

NICO: Oh hell no. 

PERCY: What’s wrong?
NICO: What do you want, Percy?

PERCY: I just thought we could-

NICO: Sorry, I really don’t have the time.

PERCY: Nico, come on, we need to talk.

NICO: We don’t need to talk.

PERCY: Yes, we do.

NICO: No, we don’t. Sorry Percy, but I’ve got to-

PERCY: Nico come on, stop pushing me away. I just want to be your friend! I’m sorry if I’ve done something to upset you, but-

NICO: No, it’s not…it isn’t like that. I just…I don’t want to talk to you right now. Or anytime in the foreseeable future, really. So…

PERCY: Nico…

NICO: Don’t touch me. 

PERCY: …I’m sorry.

NICO: …I’ve got to go. Goodbye Percy. 

He tries to exit

PERCY: Wait! I’ve got to tell you-

NICO: I said goodbye. 

Lights down. Light back up. Percy’s gone, Nico looks miserable. PIPER and HAZEL exchange worried looks. LEO and FRANK look uncomfortable. Faint music is heard in the background.

NICO: Oh no.

HAZEL: Listen, maybe if we leave now-

PIPER: It’s too late, I can hear the music.

LEO: Wait, do I know this song?
FRANK: Hold on…he’s right. This DOES sound familiar…

PIPER: OH, come on. Nico-

HAZEL: I don’t think he can hear us…

NICO: I can, I just seem to be unable to look at you. 

PIPER: We’re the chorus.

NICO: I’m not doing this.

THE CHORUS begins to sway, forming a line and humming. 

HAZEL: It’s too late. Nico, maybe-

NICO: I’m not doing it.

The music grows louder.


NICO: I’m done.

NICO: This is stupid.

NICO: I’m not going to sing about Percy.

LEO: About Percy?

PIPER: Well duh. Don’t be a jerk.

THE CHORUS FADES BACK. Oh what pretty, romantic, sympathetic lights! NICO somehow obtained a flower, but doesn’t seem thrilled about it. The music gets louder. NICO starts humming but stops immediately.

NICO: Ugh, what’s wrong with me?

NICO: You think I’d be over it.


If there’s a prize for rotten development

Oh come on, really?

I guess I’ve already won that

No romantic subplot is worth this aggravation

That’s ancient history

Been there, read that


Who’d’ ya think you’re kiddin’
This song is momentous to ya’
You’re so dark, so forbiddin’
Honey, we can see right through you
Nico, ya can’t conceal it
We know how ya feel and
Who you’re thinking of

HAZEL: Nico, I’m sorry!


No chance, no way
I won’t sing it, no, no


You swoon, you sigh
why deny it, uh-oh


It’s too cliche

I won’t sing a love song

Reason's Why Demi Lovato is the queen. A master post.

She makes falling on stage look graceful and fun.

She wears dark lipstick better than any model could.

She truly OWNS every hair color she has ever tried.

She is finally comfortable showing off her curves.

She makes performing sassy and fierce.

More so than any other female in her position, she truly is so honest to us about what she’s gone through.

She makes sexually weird comments adorable.

She used her past and struggle to help others.

She makes black and white sexy but so classy.

She gives such honest advice.

Her smile is the most adorable thing.

She knows how to not take life too seriously.

She has given SO many people hope, in the most honest way.

She wrote a fucking book.

She looks beautiful with or without make up.

She doesn’t take anyone’s bullshit.

Most importantly, she cares.

Why in the fuck is no one talking about Lana in her curly hair days. Like come on

I love her with straight hair, but like damn.. I’m actually in tears how cute she looked, Like I’m seriously in tears. I’m an ugly crying mess of tears




aND deN dis!!!

Look at this fucking cute ass nerd.. And then she gets fucking sassy on us and does this shit!

Judas Priest!



These Words are a Lie ~A Joshifer Fanfiction~ Chapter Thirteen

A/N: Lucky number thirteen, right? But hello everyone! I hope you have been having a lovely week so far, bathing in all the Joshifer goodies and what not. And I’m hoping to add to that with this lovely update right here!

Can you believe we’re halfway through this story, because I certainly can’t. It seems like just yesterday I was making preparations for this story and planning for it, and now the glass is half full.

But anyway, I’ll stop getting all emotional lol, and I hope you all enjoy!

As usual before you get reading, I’d like to take a moment to thank anyone and everyone who has offered me support, whether in the form of likes, reblogs, comments, or just general encouragement. It gives me the strength to keep on writing, so I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it. Thank you.

And also, big thanks to my partner in crime catching-dandelions, for helping me add particularly demonic bits of dialogue and for offering her support as well.

The previous chapter can be found here [x]

All chapters so far can be found here [x]

And without further adooo…

I’ve undergone my last test. I’ve watched the last bits of fluids travel down through my IV. I’ve had my sleep interrupted for the final time in order to receive the last dose of my medicine. I’ve had the concluding phases of my care, because thankfully, finally, I’m taking the steps that ensure my discharge from the hospital.

It seems like I’ve been trapped in the sterile, white prison of the hospital for days and days, when in reality, it’s merely been an overnight stay. But being the impatient, energetic, never sit still kind of type, I find myself growing more and more eager to leave, tired of being contained on a creaky old bed.

I just want to leave with Josh, my boyfriend, and my unborn child, my sweet baby girl, in peace. I no longer want to be interrupted. I no longer want to be in this unfamiliar environment. I want to go home, and focus on the two of them.

So I couldn’t be happier when Dr. Landon pokes his head back in with a few techs trailing him, in preparation for my departure.

“Alright, Jennifer,” he says as he heads over to the machines tracking my vitals, and begins to disconnect them, “We just have a few more things to do, and then you’ll be free to leave.”

I nod, trying to be as understanding as possible. But I’m extremely antsy, ready to get back up on my own two feet again. Peanut must feel the exact same way, likely craving my attention or some action, because we both mirror each other’s movements, squirming and wriggling against the places we reside.

Beside me, Josh chuckles, reaching forward and giving my free hand a gentle squeeze.

“Well you must be feeling better, Miss Nitroglycerin,” he teases, “Just hang in there, Jen. We’re almost done.”

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This is definitely one of my ultimate fav photos of Tay to ever exist because it seriously shows how sassy she is. I mean.. she’s directly looking into the papz’ camera as if saying “Seriously? Are you kidding me rn?” or something just as sassy and I just cannot 😂😂😂 The love I have for this woman is totally out of this world and that includes Sassy Taylor ❤️🙌🏼


Lemme tell you about Mamrie Hart.

She is the most hilarious, gorgeous, sassy, perfect woman on YouTube.

It baffles me that she is under 500k subs because shes the funniest woman I’ve ever came across and she deserves so many more subscribers.

Like, seriously.. LOOK AT HER.


Also, she wrote A GODDAMN MOVIE.

Please subscribe to both of her channels



She deserves every inch of success <3


As a feminist I support Sasusaku and here is why,

I have been reading so many posts about ,if Sakura would end up with Sasuke ,her developement will ruin,because she only liked Sasuke for his looks.

My reaction -> 

(Sassy Scar facepalm is my reaction yes)

I seriously wonder why it’s so complicated for many people to understand this, but here I am telling you ,

Sakura wants to save Sasuke from his darkness,because he is so precious for her,more than a mere crush.

Just like how Naruto wants to become hokage,if she can able to SAVE him,her dream will complete,Kakashi confirmed this in the last chapter. She started everything for HIS sake in the first place,no one can deny this.She said she’ll help Naruto for the next time.Sasuke is the reason why she became so strong at the first place.


and I want her dream to come true,because she is strong and she deserves to be happy with the one she truly loves,not the one she is obligated to love.

Anon Asked: Why is Peyton Your Favourite Dancer?

Did you just… Oh okay here we go. Do you have 5 hours to spare? Sit down ima teach you something.

Well anyway for starters she’s probably the cutest being in the entire world like look at that face and she’s so tiny and ohhh she’s just adorable okay don’t question it.

And she’s super dedicated. She always has pictures of herself in the studio with Molly and the other monsters dancing and improving. Shes obviously really passionate and is hell bent on improving which shows!

I rest my case alright.

She captioned this here picture ‘Work hard and never give up on what you want!’ which honestly is admirable to me for an eight year old and just plain adorable. 

Now can we please return back to the fact that shes eight.. EIGHT. Seriously. When I was her age i’m pretty sure I could only just tie my shoelaces and already shes that talented. She’s one of the youngest in a lot of the groups she performs in and is still front and centre with special parts in most of them and kills it every single time. Yeah girl!

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

And a really horribly capped exhibit C (she’s literally just working it like the queen she is).

Moving on.. She’s fierce as anything! I would say HANDS DOWN this girl is the most fierce competition dancer i’m aware of and if you think otherwise you’re mistaken because its her. Without a doubt. Have you even watched her dance? She’s so sassy. I love it okay its one of her best qualities.

She has so much star quality and is so underrated. She was born to entertain for sure.

Super fierce, P.

AND SHES SO CUTE. And seems so sweet. And awhhhh.

 Look she’s a mermaid, THAT’S FREAKING ADORABLE.

Look, I could go on for hours about how much love I have for this super talented little girl I don’t even know, but I will leave it there for now. If you don’t like Peyton you’re definitely living your life wrong because nothing brings me as much joy as watching her dance.

But seriously, how could you not like this..

Aw aw aw
Thoughts on 5.6 “The Bear and the Bow”

This was the big one, the one RumBellers were waiting for. I was on pins and needles waiting until I could watch it, and I had knots upon knots in my stomach. I wanted it to be good. The promo and sneak peeks had made it look good, and actually made it look like a positive story for RumBelle, and what we got was everything I’d wanted and more. It was actually as good as, and maybe even better in some ways than “Skin Deep” and I never thought in a million years that I would be saying that. Thoughts below. This is probably gonna get long.

My Fan fiction
My Once Upon a Time episode reviews, essays, and meta

Thank you Merlin and Merida! — Merlin acknowledges Belle’s intelligence and Merida recognises in Belle’s ability with magic someone who can help her in her quest, and Merida actually thanks her for her help, which not many people have done. You could see how much Belle appreciated being thanked. Not many people appreciate Belle — Rumple, obviously, and Neal and Robin, and I think Archie has a lot of time for her, Granny, and the fairies, but now we can add Merlin and Merida to the list. And yay for Belle being all ‘yeah, I know I’m smart’ :) Seriously, though, it must have bugged her to have her contributions unacknowledged, her sassy remark to Merlin is coming from her irritation with the ‘heroes’ — more on them in a minute.

‘I’m more of a hit first and ask questions later sort of lass’ — and she looks so pleased with herself about that! She could have asked for Belle’s help, though…still, her behaviour is true to the film. I do love how Amy Manson captures the pigheadedness and thoughtlessness of the film’s Merida, but adds new nuances to the character. I love the love she shows for her brothers — that scene where she rescues them is so beautiful. Her joy and the warmth between the four of them is just wonderful. Merida is officially my favourite guest character and her story is my second favourite spin on the Disney story after Beauty and the Beast. They’re using her way better than they used Frozen: they’ve given her more story in about three episodes than they gave Anna and Elsa in eleven…

Team Charming are idiots: it’s official — I’ve ranted about this elsewhere, and actually I’m the most pissed at Hook and Regina (big surprise). Hook, Rumple did not get more chances than anyone else. Every time he had something good, it got ripped away from him: he never had a fair shot because of the Darkness. Regina, you wanna play the blame game? Ok. You stealing Belle’s heart and making her forget what Rumple told her contributed to the Author AU and Emma becoming the Dark One. Know why? Because if you hadn’t done that to Belle, she might have been able to help Rumple find a better way to deal with the Darkness, the AU may never have been written, the Apprentice may not have had to be brought in, and Emma may not have become the new Dark One. How’s that for blame? Also, you’re willing to take risks with people’s lives, are you? Who died and made you God? How about we put you in Emma’s thrall? Don’t like that? Aw, poor baby! You’d certainly hope people would  rescue you! Snowing weren’t as cruel, but they were still short-sighted: they all were. How about you speak to someone who knows about the Darkness who’s actually in Storybrooke? I wonder if it was Belle’s suggestion that Rumple could help them that put them all off…like ‘ew, no, he’s a villain: we don’t want his help’ (same as Snow with Mal last season, btw). They sounded like the mean kids in the playground…nyah, nyah, you can’t play with us!!! Belle was spot on in what she said about the Darkness. This is the message the show is delivering, people! Rumple and Emma were both afflicted with the same curse; therefore, the same rules apply. You cannot have the one rule for one and a different rule for the other: that’s not fair. If you’re going to excuse Emma and say ‘it’s not really Emma, it’s the Darkness’, then you MUST do the same for Rumple: same curse, same rules. I loved Belle getting pissed and storming off, and them all looking after her like ‘did she seriously just walk out on us???’ Yes, assholes, she did, because she’s tired of your double standards and being taken advantage of. Cue callback to sassy response to Merlin — hardly anyone notices Belle: Team Charming didn’t even notice her until she spoke — you could see Regina doing a double take like ‘oh, you’re here: forgot about you’. So happy to see the show acknowledging how under appreciated Belle is.

A thought on Belle’s comment about the Darkness — it shows that she’s pretty much the only character who understands what the Darkness does. She understands that both Emma and Rumple were seduced in the same way; therefore, they are both entitled to the same consideration. They all say the real Emma’s still in there, but only Belle extends that to Rumple: she’s the only one who gets that no one is special when it comes to the Darkness. The show does need to address culpability - how much is the host legitimately responsible for under the thrall of the Darkness - but I think it will do that over time. Rumple holds himself entirely responsible, Emma’s loved ones say she’s not responsible: I think the truth may be somewhere in the middle, and, so far, Belle is the only one willing to give them both a chance.

Belle’s wardrobe — happy with the wig. It looked natural, so nothing to worry about there. Ginny’s has looked great all season, so I was hoping Em’s would too. They’ve started dressing her in looser clothes as well. I don’t think she’d be showing a lot yet, but you’d probably notice it in the Camelot dress, hence the cloak. The looser Storybrooke clothes are probably so we get used to seeing her more covered up — make her look bigger now, so they can trick our eyes as she actually gets bigger. That’s going to be especially important if they don’t use Emilie’s pregnancy.

Talking to Merlin — obviously Merlin is not in Storybrooke and Emma did something to him. Nimue is obviously important and is supposed to be able to help. I’m not sure if Merlin’s got his own agenda or if he really does want to help. He told Emma bad things would happen to her loved ones if she pulled the sword, but I’m not sure what his deal is… I think it’s quite possible Merlin’s was the heart that was sacrificed to cast the curse. Arthur, of course, is a bastard, and needs to die asap.

The Wicked Swan scene — I don’t feel like this was filler: I think it was there as reference to how bad Emma has gone that she’s willing to work with the woman who killed a man she cared about and the father of her child. Rumple last season didn’t have a choice: he knew how dangerous Zelena was and that she’d probably find her way back to Storybrooke eventually. He couldn’t let her wreak havoc, so he had to do something. Plus, he had been traumatised by her and was afraid of her. Now it’s Emma willingly dealing with Zelena, in spite of knowing what she’s done. It’s pretty telling when the Wicked Witch of the West is turning you down. Love the reminder that Zelena is responsible for Neal’s death. Emma is pretty dark now — broke Henry’s heart last ep, ordered Belle’s death this ep. She’s now fulfilled both of my requirements for being considered a villain: she’s hurt the two most innocent people in town.

Brave Beauty/MeriBelle — I love this. I love Belle seeing herself in Merida not wanting to give up what she wants because a man says so. I also love her being impressed by Merida’s archery skills. Belle trying to get through to her about not needing magic and that all she needs is her wit and her bow, admiring the fact that Merida’s father was supportive of her and lamenting that hers wasn’t, getting to the heart of why Merida feels she needs magic to save her brothers, and sharing something from her past to try and help Merida forgive her own was all wonderful. I see now why Belle was in green — she was a stand in for Merida’s mother, trying to advise her and help her. The acting between Amy and Emilie was brilliant, I have to say. It’s clear they got on really well. I think Amy puts as much effort in as Bobby and Emilie: the way she acted the moment where she described King Fergus’ death…haunting. They have to tell us who killed him, though: I must know…!

RIP Chip!!! — Noooooooo!!!!! I wasn’t expecting that at all! Rumple broke the cup so he could get back to Belle and thank her for saving him, so I can accept it. It was either break the cup or go on like that and maybe never have the chance to speak to her. He did the right thing, and it doesn’t mean the cup can’t be repaired. Hopefully they do it the old-fashioned way this time: get the superglue out! The cup has always been a metaphor for their relationship anyway, and now, like their relationship, it’s been shattered, but is not irreparable if they take the time to fix it. I was never entirely happy with Rumple’s magical fix in season two anyway: it was like papering over the cracks in a way, as they’ve done with their relationship for so long. Now they have the chance to fix it the right way. I loved Rumple kissing it as if it was Belle and asking her forgiveness before breaking it. Breaking the cup was brave, because it had been his stand-in for Belle for so long, and he had no idea that she would actually be receptive to starting their relationship over again, so he might have been letting go of his only reminder of her by breaking it. Merida, can you please pick up those pieces and drop them back to the shop? We RumBellers would greatly appreciate it!

Merida preferring to have her heart crushed than help Emma — well, you brave little lassie! Show’s what a good person she is that she’d rather die than be part of Emma’s scheme. I knew I liked you, honey! :)

And now on to the main event: those two beautiful idiots who have stolen my heart :)

The reunion — was utterly perfect. I never expected a kiss or a hug, so I wasn’t disappointed that there was none. I had no idea how it would go except that it would happen in the library, having seen the promo. I wasn’t sure why Belle was there, but I was hoping it was because she was looking for a way to find Rumple, and she was, so, yay :) I think we were all wondering how Belle would react to meeting fearful Rumple and how he would react to seeing her, and I was holding my breath through that meeting. Of course, Belle would react warily to hearing the elevator, and the way Rumple immediately begged not to be hurt…it was obvious that was exactly what he was expecting. Poor, sweet baby expected nothing but pain, and he could hardly believe he’d actually found Belle. It was like he was seeing her for the very first time. And the way Belle dropped the fire extinguisher and soothed him, keeping her distance and trying to gentle him like you would a frightened animal…just perfect. And when he sat down and she did too, and just gazed at him… That was just a moment of relief and quiet joy, and she may have wanted to hug him then, but there’s been so much between them that she’s not sure he even wants it.

Rumple’s thank you and Belle’s reaction — I think this is about the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard anyone say. I mean, they say coma patients can hear the voices of their loved ones, but I never actually expected them to use that. I thought Rumple was thanking her for not hurting him! Rumple’s words mean that it wasn’t Emma who saved him at all: it was Belle. It was always Belle, and the rose didn’t even matter in the end, because he would have held on long enough for Belle to wake him up: I’m sure of that, just Emma got in ahead of her. What do you say when someone says something like that to you, when someone credits you with saving their life with your words? And what did Belle say that reached him and kept him holding on? Can you even imagine it? Can you imagine the words of love that must have poured from her lips as he lay there? She must have been talking to him constantly when she was beside him, and even talking to him in her head. Maybe she even talked to the rose and he heard that… I can’t fault Belle for not saying anything in return to such a confession. What can you say to that? I’m sure it touched her deeply: I’m sure it overwhelmed her, and, of course she stood by him, but she needs to process what he’s just told her and fit it in with everything that happened between them. She believed she wasn’t his True Love, and what he tells her in this moment has got to make her wonder, but she needs to think. She’s not ready to just fall into his arms again, and nor should she. Neither of them should: they have problems between them to work out, and neither of them is ready. These words come from his heart, though, and she knows they’re true: she just doesn’t know what to do about them yet. She can’t let herself get hurt again, so she concentrates on keeping him safe from Emma, and that’s her showing her love and concern. What Rumple’s words show is that the love is far from dead between them, and that there is a soul-deep connection there. It’s waiting to be rekindled: just neither of them is quite ready yet.

The argument over his limp — I thought a little about why Rumple was so reluctant to go to the shop with her when he’d already come through the forest and mines. It was because he didn’t want her or anyone else to see him weak, and he didn’t want her to have to help him. He’s talking himself down in this scene, and he even seems uncomfortable doing so. It’s like he’s afraid to try to be what he’s always wanted to be: a hero. He’s sticking with the coward persona because it’s what he knows, but that doesn’t make him a coward, and it doesn’t make him happy. Lucky he has Belle there to push him beyond that. He’s making excuses and she’s picking them apart. I love her smiling and saying she knows exactly why he broke his foot and that it wasn’t a mistake or a cowardly thing to want to be a father to his son. I love her trying to give him strength, and showing him that he can do things, and him saying he should know better than to argue with her by now :)

Why Belle now sees a hero — perceptive Belle has always seen the man behind the beast, until he got overshadowed by the Darkness, but we might ask why she never saw a hero before now. I think it’s because the Darkness had long ago destroyed Rumple’s heroic side. That was gone before Belle met him, but, now that Rumple is no longer cursed, the part of him that always wanted to be a hero is back, and it just needs a little encouragement to come out of him. I know we saw him be brave with the Darkness in him, and save the town, so maybe he was able to find a little of that again (I think knowing Bae had forgiven him and he had a future with Belle helped), but I think Belle sees it now because there’s no Darkness obscuring it. A hero is what Rumple always longed to be, and now she knows that he can. She sees the desire and the ability. He doesn’t have to be a villain any more: he can be what he wants now, if he just believes in himself.

All the concern and protective touching — if you needed any more proof that these two love each other, here it is. It’s a comfort thing as well. They’re touching each other to be sure the other is ok.

The argument in the car — ok, Rumple, you can’t not talk to Belle. You can’t just drive and not explain, and make decisions for her. You can’t fix your relationship with no communication, so I’m on Belle’s side with the making him stop when she realises what he’s up to. She won’t be forced into anything, and if she can help people, she will: she’ll at least try to. He should know it’s not in her nature to run and it isn’t right to force her to do what he wants because he’s afraid. It’s great that he wants to protect her, and I love him for that, but there has to be communication. This is harking back to what went wrong when he was the Dark One, so that self-preservation leading to secrecy tendency in him isn’t entirely the fault of the Darkness: it comes out when he’s scared out of his wits too. I do think he means well, here: it’s not malicious at all, but not talking to her isn’t a good way to go about anything.

Rumple changing his story — I don’t think he’s entirely reliable as narrator of his own life story. We know he did it for Bae, and so does Belle. Yes, he might have been afraid as well, but anyone would be. What he says here isn’t necessarily the truth, and I think Belle recognises that he’s making excuses again, and she says he wants to protect himself because she’s disappointed that he won’t try to be the hero they both know he can be. Belle is all about being true to yourself, and she recognises that Rumple is not being true to himself, and she recognises that there’s only so much support and assurance she can give before she has to leave his fate in his hands. It has to be his decision. I like her making it his choice. She can’t force him. What she did with Merida in DunBroch was back her into a corner until the only choice she had was to face the clans with her wit and her bow, and as a queen, but she sensed that would work with Merida. Backing Rumple into a corner wouldn’t work: he’d only lash out and get even more scared. She encouraged him and then left the choice in his own hands, and that was the right thing to do. Of course, she’s impulsive, and walks back into danger because she thinks she can deal with Merida alone, but Belle has never had to go up against the Dark One before, and she soon realises what she’s actually facing, and that gives her some perspective.

The bear scene — I think Belle quickly realises that maybe running was a better option when she sees Merida towering over her. Her terror is apparent as she tries to reason with Merida, but it kicks up several notches when she sees Rumple has returned. All she wants now is for him to be safe, and she’s willing to die for that. It’s beautiful how, when Belle sees it’s ok to give in to weakness and fear, and screams for him to run, he says he’s not doing that any more. It’s a nice little switch. Rumple being willing to die for Belle is always amazing, but here it’s even more special, because he actually doesn’t have a plan like he did in “Going Home”. He’s just come back and gone ‘screw it, do whatever you want to me’. It’s only then that he sees the powder and throws it, not knowing what will happen. I love that he says he didn’t know it would work, because it shows he didn’t actually have a plan except to die. I loved the hug. It’s the first hug shot from those angles where he hasn’t been keeping secrets or lying to her, and the way he looked at the camera and then buried his face in her hair says so much about how different he is now. He’s now soothed. He’s done the right thing, and he’s finding peace in her arms rather than thinking ‘holy crap another lie’. It takes him a moment to realise she’s hugging him, and there’s no more Darkness whispering at him to hurt her. It’s a beautiful moment. I also love the ‘you saved me’ exchange, and the way Belle grips his coat :) Acting in this scene was awesome as well, especially from Emilie acting opposite nothing.

Belle’s heroics don’t backfire this time — touch and go for a bit there, but Belle got to be the hero behind the hero twice in this episode, and it actually didn’t backfire on her, for once, or for twice :) Also, Belle’s kind of a dab hand at magic. Is there something you’re not telling us, show? Ok, I know it all came from a book, so it was just following instructions and a recipe, but still. Belle doesn’t have magic in her blood, I think, but she can still make magic. She was definitely a stand-in for the witch in Brave… Let’s have Rumple and Belle cooking up potions together…

The Excalibur scene — ok, I don’t think many RumBellers seriously expected that Rumple would be the one who pulled the sword, so to get this scene to sort of consolidate the fact that he’s a hero was wonderful. Of course, neither Belle nor we needed him to pull the sword to prove he’s a hero, but the symbolism of it was beautiful, especially with the light shining on him as he did it. Pretty sure he didn’t even expect it to work — he looked pretty surprised when it did. I’m delighted with how he dealt for Merida’s heart. He used his knowledge of the Dark One and became the dealmaker again for good. He recognised that she wasn’t to blame for what she’d done and helped her not only get her heart back, but also find out what happened to her brothers. His ‘and her brothers?’ line as a kind of reminder to Emma made me smile. This is the man for whom family is everything, so he makes sure she gets that answer. I love that Belle is right there with him, and that she immediately unties Merida’s hands when she has her heart back. I love Belle’s concern for Rumple pulling the sword, but also that she doesn’t stop him. She lets it be his choice and backs him up. I love her look of relief when he pulls the sword free. Kinda want to slap Emma for her ‘you were his maid once’ comment. I love that everything stops so he can make his apology and his promise, and that she says it’s never to late. This is clearly saying that they’re going to start again, probably not resume their marriage right away, but they are getting back together. They do have things to talk about, and we need to learn things about the Darkness that should affect how Belle sees Rumple’s behaviour in the past, but everything is looking hopeful. I love that we got that moment with Excalibur, that the show gave that to Rumple, a man who’s never believed he could be anything more than a coward. I also love Rumple tossing the sword at Emma’s feet — it reminded me of him throwing the dagger down in the season four finale. This man doesn’t want power. If he wanted that sword and the power it represents, he would’ve found a way to keep it, but he threw it away.

Anyone saying Rumple’s transition to hero is rushed — it isn’t. It’s always been in him: it’s what he’s always wanted to be, but never believed he could be, until now. He just needed the push to believe in himself. It’s like Elsa telling Emma last season that you have to love yourself too. That self belief is what Rumple found this episode: that’s what allowed him to pull Excalibur. He believed himself a hero, so he is one. This was all about him proving his worth to himself, not anyone else. Belle’s belief in him was what started him off, but he ultimately had to believe in himself, and now he does.

‘But none of them…are me’ — well, hello, confident Rumple! You got that swagger back in a big way, didn’t you? :) Ohhhh, Emma, you made one hell of a mistake! Not only have you made a hero, but you’ve made a hero out of the smartest man in town, who used to be the Dark One and so knows you inside out, who’s also connected with the town’s queen of research, who also happens to be the smartest woman in town. Dark Swan, you better prepare yourself for trouble, because there is no way these two are going to let your plan succeed. I wonder if this means that Rumple and Emma have actually switched roles. There are certainly interesting parallels between their journeys: she refused to be a hero and ran too… Interesting how what Emma does by using Belle is very similar to what Rumple’s father did in suggesting he go home and start a family with her. Attention villains: wanna succeed in your plan? Rule number one: don’t remind Rumplestiltskin about his True Love. If you even mention the name Belle, you’re asking for trouble :)

I really loved this episode. As wonderful as “Skin Deep” was, it didn’t have the hopeful ending that this one did, and the girls’ night stuff in “Skin Deep” didn’t really add anything to the story. Merida’s quest was separate, yes, but it gave Belle time to shine too, and it had a wonderful epicness to it that’s incapsulated in the rescue scene. There are at least four scenes from this episode that are now on my favourites list. It was wonderful. We’ll have to wait a long time for another episode that’s as good as this. We may never get it, though I didn’t think we’d ever get an episode as good as “Skin Deep” and I was wrong… :)

“The Bear and the Bow” encapsulates all the reasons Once is my favourite show — adventure, danger, excitement, romance, finely drawn characters, magic, and incredible acting. Let’s see how next week measures up!