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“Flint finds a sad-looking caged bird aboard a merchant ship and, being a secret soft-hearted sort, he decides to liberate it.“

Inspired by the sweet and beautiful Black Sails fanfic “For the Caged Bird Sings of Freedom” by @old-long-john (and thanks to @captain-flint who spotted the bird cage in season 1). So, here’s James having a happy little moment with a lovely little canary <3 

Please, do not repost elsewhere, thank you :) Painted with (happy) tears, morning light and whistled classical music i.e. watercolours and photoshop.

More Black Sails doodles here: (x).

I read Rachel to sleep again and y'all like we’ve all known I’ve had it bad but like I was literally in love just seeing her asleep like

I love my gf so much and i love her more than anyone else honestly

Why do shapes have to be so complicated.  Why I chose to draw again I don’t know, I guess it’s because I missed it and I have always secretly enjoyed it.  When I was a little kid I would draw every day, but then one day I just stopped.  I haven’t nor will I ever improve but I find it relaxing it’s a great distraction.  I just finished another drawing it’s hideous and heavily edited and distorted using PicsArt app because I wanted to cover up all my mistakes.  The entire drawing is one big mistake just like me.  I wanted to share that the ideas for these two drawings are from an app called Learn How to Draw.  I can’t draw like what you see on Tumblr and I need to be nonexistent.

Please I know you all want to send me hate, you have every right to do so, I only ask that you please keep hurtful comments to a minimum, thank you.

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anonymous asked:

Oh my heavens you're so fluffy and adorable!! Could I ask for some general fluffy and fluffy protective admiral HCs please?

Aaaaaaaa thank u anon I’m sure ur also lovely and fluffy~~~~

I’ve got a lil bit of general stuff in this post so I’ll be focusing on their protective sides. Tho the post about their big ol coats also falls under the category of being protective so here ya go


Kuzan is probably the least protective of them haha and it’s really just because he doesn’t get super worried or feel threatened by very many situations. He’s willing to do things for you that’ll make you comfortable, like giving you his coat or when he was an Admiral he’d get a subordinate to get something for you, but he usually won’t take initiative on his own unless you ask or you’re in real danger. When you’re out together he may not be holding your hand (though if you wanna hold hands he’s game) but he’ll be close to you, lowkey ready to intercept any threats that may come your way. He’s especially great at keeping you from getting splashed while you’re out during or after a storm. Yes he freezes it. 

Sakazuki is more protective than the aforementioned man, and borderline possessive because he’s kinda insecure. Definitely prone to glaring at people who flirt with you, but he’s really good at keeping it in check because he’s gotta keep appearances up for his rank. If the person was already someone he was keeping an eye on, and you tell him they’re legitimately bothering you the switch has been flipped, he has been waiting impatiently for a concrete reason to eternally blacklist them and if they’re a marine, hoo boy their job is about to get 10000 times harder. As for non-human potential threats he kinda sees it as his job to protect you from things ranging from small annoyance to actual danger. When you’re out together he tends to have an arm around you rather than hand-holding. This way he has not only one but two hands free to dish out justice at all times.

Borsalino is between the first two on the protectiveness scale and since he’s confident it basically never crosses over into actual possessiveness. He’s generally amused by other people flirting with you, and will only stop them at your request. If the other people are a physical threat, in that they are going to hurt you, he’s not keen on toying with them like he normally tends to during a fight. When you’re out together he’s got an arm around you, hand on your back or he’s holding your hand. In the event that there’s something literally in your path he will not waste the opportunity to be greasy pick you up so you don’t get your feet wet or something equally silly.

Issho is arguably the most protective, but he shows potentially possessive behavior the least of all. Like Borsalino, he’s often amused or even flattered by people flirting with you. Hell, if all they’re doing is dishing out compliments, expect him to nod in agreement and even add his own comments. He often asks if you’re comfortable or if you need anything, and he’s ready to get something if you ask him to. Although he’s not quick to anger, people endangering your life or well-being is the fastest way to earn his contempt. He’s also got backup plans made in advance with his subordinates just in case he can’t protect or help you. At his request, his most trusted subordinates gave you their contact information so that they can help you with things when he’s away. Your well-being is something he refuses to gamble on.


With a sensitive awareness to the beauty of natural fibers, Yohji Yamamoto’s latest look of the week takes flax and cotton to an advanced yet emotional status. Loosely wrapped and tied, the black pant evokes memories of traditional attire ranging from working class fishermen to world class chefs. Paired in tucked harmony with the designer’s tonal, gauzy flax tee, the staples tell a story, acutely in tune with the nostalgic ethos that drives the designer’s deeply personal line.