Make Me Choose (2.5k Celebration) @mel-loves-all asked:

Molly with her hair down OR Molly with her hair up

I lover her hair down, and sadly we saw it very little… but she knows how tied up her hair and look unique. Since her classic ponytail, that cute bun in TBB and the gorgeous Christening hair. Love them all!


Make Me Choose (2.5k Celebration) @penaltywaltz asked:

Louise Brealey, brunette OR ginger

I mean, I like her ginger style too, it makes her shine, really. I picked brunette because, I don’t know, it feels warmer, maybe it reminds me of Molly, or maybe it’s how she looked when I saw her for the first time (outside Sherlock).I love Loo, she can dye her hair any color, I would love it! :D