longcriercat  asked:

I bet you get this ask a lot, I've tried finding if you have a link to the sidebar featuring a FAQ of sorts. What modeling/rigging software do you use? Is it Mac compatible?

Update: Here a the FAQ

I use Audodesk Maya 2009 for all my 3D stuff (modeling, rigging, animating, and rendering).

There is Maya for Macs, though I have never used it on them, so I cannot say how well it performs on them.

And yes, a FAQ is a good idea, will make one, thanks!

longcriercat  asked:

I sent you this model sheet and you drew them completely off model. Why do you do this? Why do you do such fantastic off model artwork? Draw whatever you like, do it whenever. Don't mind my throwing a model sheet. Tear it up and throw it away.

sir I’m sorry but you must have the wrong number

because I have no clue what you’re talking about

I decided to do a proper influence map, showing the many various artists that I feel have influenced me - some more than others, but I think there’s bits and traces of all of these artists’ styles in my own work.

Featuring @longcriercat, @phillip-bankss, @cyberamethyst, @babynarwhalshineyeyes, @moult, @reneebadger, @makanidotdot, @squidbles, and @itliterallyisntchristmas. (I don’t think any of the others are on Tumblr…)