there’s some snakes bigger than spirals


Plant of the Day

Wednesday 10 February 2016

The unusual habit of Sequoiadendron giganteum ‘Pendula’ (weeping giant redwood) produces pendulous side branches with a vigorous upright leader. This form is much smaller and slower growing than the usual species, so it may suit the smaller garden owner with a taste for something different. These plants always seem to remind me of long necked dinosaurs!

Jill Raggett

anonymous asked:

Why would Diego eat rocks, carnivores had strong enough digestive systems to digest their food. Long necked dinosaurs were usually the only ones to eat rocks to digest tough plant fibers.

it is a story oh my gosh

let diego eat rocks if he wants to eat rocks don’t judge tiny dino man it’s the 1800s they didn’t have internet they just had stories

Pokemon Challenge Day 5: Personal Favorite Regions

Cacnea’s challenge can be found here.

Choosing my favorite region will be hard. However, I will give it my best shot.

Favorite: Hoenn. I loved this game because of the amazing Pokemon you could find. A blue bird with cloud wings? Sign me up! A leafy long-necked flying dinosaur? Loved it! Green gecko? Loved that even more! The fact that the graphics were more amazing than ever and that I could play Pokemon with my older brother for the first time helped. Alpha Sapphire reawakened my love for this generation.

2nd Favorite: Sinnoh. This generation also had some of my favorite Pokemon, including Shinx/Luxio/Luxray. The introduction of different forms caught my eye. Did I really need that other form of Shellos to complete the Pokedex? No. Would I catch it? Of course! 

3rd Favorite: Johto. This and Generation 1 nearly tied, but the idea of visiting both regions caught my attention. The sequel wasn’t as isolated as I’d expected (though I’d read about it in a game guide due to impatience and my mother taking it over). This was the farthest I’d gotten in a game at the time, and I saw a Legendary Pokemon for the first time in it. In Soulsilver I loved the following Pokemon, sealing my love.

4th Favorite: Kanto. Don’t get me wrong; I am incredibly grateful for this game and I was surprised that, when thinking out the list, it came so low. A lack of experience playing the game when I started may have influenced it. 

5th favorite: Kalos. I was a latecomer to Pokemon X and Y. I love the number of friends your character has that extends beyond the main rival. I felt bad for Red in retrospect; having the only other person his age in Pallet Town be the guy who always insults him must’ve been tough. 

6th favorite: Unova. It’s kind of ironic that the region I like the least is the one based on the country where I live. This was the point where I dropped out of Pokemon. I like the idea of making the game a little darker in retrospect with N. Having a game character actually catch and use a Legendary Pokemon not only explains why you can’t catch the other box Legendary in other games, but also makes your rival an actual challenge and forms an interesting plot.