he’s BORED. he’s staring at the people, at the
      party, & he’s definitely not the LIFE of it. he is 
      even          m u m b l i n g        to          himself.

               “ -          one would think a banquet of this magnitude 
                             would     AT LEAST be slightly entertaining.

‘The Worm King’ | Joe’s Valley, Utah

The Worm King reigns!! Was finally able to send this amazing compression line in Joe’s today, marking the second ascent of this problem. The right hand follows a line of slopers while the left hand works up this amazing undercling tufa rail. I woke up super early and had to walk through a cold river, since it was too high to hop across stones, in order to climb this thing. I’m glad I did! Major props to @jasonkehl_cryptochild for finding and developing this line. It ranks among the coolest boulders I’ve ever climbed! Long live The Worm King!!!

greyjoying asked:

fmk: mark ferguson, dan hodges, lord willy bach


f: what is it like to do the nasty with a man who may or may not exist

m: mark ferguson so i can get exclusive updates on each and every shadow cabinet ranking poll that gets put up on labourlist

k: hodges but not b4 ed miliband becomes pm so i can look into hodges’ horrible face while dangling him off a cliff like that bit in the lion king and go “long…live…the prime minister…” and throw him off so he falls to his death while screaming about the unions