McQueen and I, the documentary on Alexander McQueen and the people that surrounded him throughout his career; people like Philip Treacy and Isabella Blow, as well as his family and other close friends. 



Long Live McQueen

February 11 can be dedicated to none other than the incomparable Alexander McQueen. 

I will never forget being inches away from his masterpieces at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2011. That day was one of the greatest in my life.

He reinvented women’s clothing, ignoring rules of structure. He was raunchy and dirty and rugged, but he was powerful. I will forever be inspired by this man.

Long. Live. McQueen.

“I’m 40 now, but I want this to be a company that lives way beyond me, and I believe that customers are more important to making that happen than press. When I’m dead, hopefully this house will still be going. On a spaceship. Hopping up and down above earth.” (Alexander McQueen, Love magazine interview, 2010)

The designer may be gone, but his legend lives on-celebrities, designers, and Chictopians alike pay tribute to the late Alexander McQueen with bold, stunning styles.

Read on to learn about the man behind the runway, his vision, his success, and what’s next for his empire.