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What caused Juno to come to earth? Is it just a universe where angels casually hang out? Is there a place where I can read more about these characters? Sorry for asking but church!kink is sort of "my thing"

Haha wait,

Church kink is a thing?
I shouldn’t be surprised but I am surprised. Thanks for the education, anon!
Say, is there a dedicated word for ‘hot bespectacled men in distress’ kink?? No..? Too specific?

I don’t really have a place to read about the characters…everything I have published about them can be seen here.

Juno’s an “angel” but angels aren’t really angels… like–they’re just trans-dimensional entities that human folk can’t possibly begin to understand. Some of them are built from the energy left behind when someone dies (their spirit??), and they generally tend to have a tie to the world they came from. In Juno’s case, her tie was her daughter–and she became the closest thing to what people call a ‘guardian angel’ to the kid haha. 

 Her offspring meets an untimely end, and Juno becomes p. vengeful about that, taking measures against the people who she believes conspired against her daughter (in what could only be called a good, old fashioned haunting).
 The last person on her hit list is a newly minted priest, and she decides the bro needs to personally hear it from her why he’s getting the bad ending (because unlike the other victims of her rage, she worries that it might not be very obvious to him–and she likes her justice to be served with a mutual understanding of what’s happening, and why) . 

 So, she finds herself a suitable vessel and makes her descent. Except, metaphorically speaking, it was a ‘rough landing’ and she forgets everything. Including the fact that she’s an incomprehensible formless entity inhabiting a body that’s not hers. Rough, indeed. 
 Still, her initial mission statement draws her to the church anyways, where she meets Llyon. But instead of saying “My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my daughter. Prepare to die.”, she winds up asking the priest to give her direction and help her out a little. Because–when you wake up to a family and fiance you don’t know at all, calling you a name that rings no bells, while experiencing a full spectrum of emotions you’re not use to feeling–it can throw you a bit off your game. 

 So, she gets caught up in the (rather turbulent) life of “Audrey”–the original inhabitant of the body Juno opportunistically snatched up–instead of raining death on chosen clergy members. By the time she does start remembering who/what she is really, she’s decided Llyon is actually not so bad, and that the tremendous amount of self-loathing and regret he’s been living with is probably punishment enough for the small and unwitting roll he played in the death of a loved one from a past life.

 Of course, the whole recollection of her murderous motivations kinda–makes things a bit weird for everybody. But, yanno [[emphatic shrug]].

 (It’s also worth mentioning that Juno is some-forgotten-song‘s character lmao I’m just hijacking her because she’s a perfect babe.)

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but now imagine the dag growing cacao trees in her gardens and now her army of war pups and in-denial band of war boys crushing on her are now exposed to a long-forgotten treasure called CHOCOLATE. let's just say furiosa has a field day with the shit that went down after every one of those baes finally tasted valhalla in their mouths. >_<

Oh my /god/ chocolate crazed war boys

That shit would probably turn into some kind of underground currency xD

‘The Last to Leave’ by Leon Gellert

The guns were silent, and the silent hills
had bowed their grasses to a gentle breeze
I gazed upon the vales and on the rills,
And whispered, “What of these?’ and "What of these?
These long forgotten dead with sunken graves,
Some crossless, with unwritten memories
Their only mourners are the moaning waves,
Their only minstrels are the singing trees
And thus I mused and sorrowed wistfully

I watched the place where they had scaled the height,
The height whereon they bled so bitterly
Throughout each day and through each blistered night
I sat there long, and listened - all things listened too
I heard the epics of a thousand trees,
A thousand waves I heard; and then I knew
The waves were very old, the trees were wise:
The dead would be remembered evermore-
The valiant dead that gazed upon the skies,
And slept in great battalions by the shore.

No longer am I fascinated by the same people or materials. Boredom has overcome me. Do not touch me, do not seek me. For I have long forgotten you. I am not one who lingers on foolish relationships. You will never know me, no one will ever get the pleasure of fully knowing me.
—  BC
Forgotten Gravity Falls Facts

•The real Gobblewonker is still in the lake
•Mabel is an official congresswoman
•Quentin Trembley is still out there
•The Dipper clones that stole Robbie’s bike are still out there somewhere
•Soos has the poster of his dream woman from the Mailbox short in his room
•Melody and Soos are still dating
•Lil Gideon sends the Pines family creepy letters from prison and has written that he plans on breaking out
•The creators of Space Jam 2 were murdered by Giffany
•McGucket is on the run from Gravity Falls
•A number of people probably died during the gravity anomalies
•The government agents are more aware than ever of the mysteries of Gravity Falls
•The shapeshifter somehow knew how Dipper was going to be turned into wood
•Sergio is still held hostage by the Lilliputtians
•Soos has a slice of infinite pizza
•Grenda made out with something in the twin’s closet
•The cloning copying machine is still in Stan’s office
•There was a large number of dead bodies buried around the Mystery Shack
•Mabel has a fear of heights
•There’s a very odd charred tree in front of Soos’ grandma’s house
•There are Lil Gideon brand sheep shears
•Dipper still has the president’s key
•Stan has hearing aids
•Soos’ grandma watches the various adventures of the Mystery Shack inhabitants
•There’s a huge talking head island in the lake that has attempted to and has eaten various boaters
•Dipper plays the sousaphone and has recorded himself practicing
•Lil Gideon steals Wendy’s moisturizer
•The gnomes actively roam the town and steal various items
•Blind Ivan is now traveling the world as the banjo minstrel Toot Toot McBumbersnazzle

Add on if you have more!!

I am not scared of you anymore, loneliness.

You can be, or not be,
you can keep me company or you can leave,
but, know this, and know this well
the company will be yours to have and mine to give…

For I have found in myself a great companion, my loneliness,
you are nothing but a mind trick,
a mer illusion of my best kept fear
long hidden, almost forgotten…

You are… the first “crack” my heart ever felt
the first broken hug
the first fake kiss…

Your name?
As irrelevant as your face…
Your power over me?



A being from the stars trying to fix the past, a Scientist Divided, and the Flux Queen caught in the middle in the search of a mad man.

After recent episodes of Flux Buddies, I sort of had an idea to create a fake title sequence for a silly little concept I thought up called “Lalnable Rising”.

The basic idea was after the Dimensional Shattering of Yog Labs, some elements had made their way back into reality, namely a console with sensitive data, and a mad scientist by the name of Lalnable. Noticing Lalnable’s resurface in reality, Xephos is racing to clean up all trace of Lalnable, Project Lalna and Yog Labs itself, before innocents start finding the horrific truth, or worse, meeting the mad scientist face to face.

The actual sequence itself is supposed to be Lalnable breaking open the console to find research details inside, namely trying to find Project: Lalna, a cloning experiment he was part of, in order to find details on a Lalna, now going by the name of “Duncan”.

I also just wanted an excuse to play around and make something tech-y again, so yay!

Music is Helios, by Access to Arasaka


One writes such a story not out of the leaves of trees still to be observed, nor by means of botany and soil-science; but it grows like a seed in the dark out of the leaf-mould of mind: out of all that has been seen or thought or read, that has long ago been forgotten, descending into the deeps. No doubt there is much selection, as with a gardener: what one throws on one’s personal compost-heap; and my mould is evidently made largely of linguistic matter. - J.R.R. Tolkien



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♦⁴ TS4 Plumbob SimTablet

Last upload for today is some cute simtablets. These I had in my wip folder for a long time and had forgotten all about them… Oops! Anyway there’s about 5 gradient tablets and 10 solid color ones. 


  • All come in one file.
  • All are fully functional.
  • Comes in 15 swatches.
  • These are not overrides.

♥ Credit:

  • Mesh by EA


Please do not re-upload, modify, or claim as your own thanks loves!

D o w n l o a d - Plumbob SimTablet

I hope you guys wuv them hehe!