Random team voltron language headcanons
  • Hunk doesn’t speak Hawaiian bc he’s like 10th gen but he doES speak hawaii pidgin sometimes.
  • But not too often because he picked up a “proper” dialect after joining at the garrison. But talking to himself or calling home, it just comes out
  • Lance picks up on Hawaiian pidgin right away bc roommates, except the hawaiian/japanese words
  • Hunk taught Pidge some phrases in hawaiian pidgin ((Because they’re called piDGE it was only sensible)) and it’s so fucking hilarious seeing this tiny haole kid speak like they grew up in Hawaii.
  • Besides Lance, everyone else eventually can understand 90% of Hunk’s dialect, except Keith. For some reason this boy never gets it. He’s just. Baffled. 
  • Lance is 2nd gen but he speaks baRELY any Spanish and he’s sO SHAME. EVERY One of his cousins and siblings are fluent buT NOT HIM!! 
  • He can understand it fairly well and was fluent until he was like 10. But once he started studying English, he worked on getting into the garrison and losing his accent so nobody could tease him about it.
  • Lance remembers randoms shit in Spanish, though, and uses it to hit. On. Everyone. Sometimes it’s song lines?? Usually it’s food names.
  • Shiro knows some textbook Spanish, not enough for it to be useful really but enough to catch Lance attempting to seduce Keith with a grocery list. It’s working and Shiro doesn’t have the heart to call him on it.
  • Pidge however, also knows some textbook spanish, and it takes them a while to figure it out but they call Lance on it imMEDIATELY. ALSO TELLS THEM TO GET A ROOM.
  • Keith picked up some Korean from his mother but his Japanese/Mixed father was like 5th gen and had no language to pass on. He’s not exactly fluent but CAN speak to Korean children up to about 7-10 years old.
  • Keith just can’t grasp other languages besides Korean, though. Shiro tries to teach him the kanji for “Kogane” and he just can’t remember it. Shiro makes him a stamp.
  • Shiro is first generation, but immigrated so young he barely remembers Japan. His fluent parents insisted he learn Japanese, though, so he continued to study it alongside English. It’s been a completely useless skill, but he’s happy he kept it regardless.
  • Pidge’s family is all english speaking, but they made an effort to learn how to swear in like 10 languages.
  • They ask Shiro for a grammar lesson in Japanese, which Shiro is excited to share until he realizes Pidge just wants context for their swears. 
Grant Ward Prompt 2- #31

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You were living under forced retirement enforced by S.H.I.E.L.D. Coulson didn’t want you on his team because of how close you’d been with Ward and to be honest you didn’t want to be on the team without your partner. 

Yes Ward was Hydra. Yes you felt betrayed and heartbroken by that fact. But you knew Ward, you knew about his childhood and from what you knew about Garett you knew there was a missing part of the story.

You were sitting on your balcony enjoying the city lights and the sounds of the traffic below. Your apartment was located on the top floor of your building; high enough that the city sounds weren’t a nuisance but a comfort. 

The book in your lap long forgotten as you got lost in your thoughts. The sudden ringing brought you out of your daydream and back to reality. 

“(y/l/n).” You answered. “(y/n) is Ward with you?” Coulson spoke up from the other end. 

“Is this some sort of joke? No he’s not with me, last I heard he was locked up in your basement and you were denying me visitation rights. Has something changed?” You asked not bothering to hide how bitter you still were over the subject. 

“This isn’t the time to test me (y/n). Is he with you?” Coulson repeated more forceful this time. 

“No. He’s not. Now why don’t you go bother someone else about Ward’s whereabouts?” You snapped before hanging up the phone and going back to enjoying the sounds of your city. 

Not two minutes later there was a knock at your door. 

“I swear Coulson if you came to question me in person I’m going to shove my foot so far up your–oh my god…” You gasped when you opened the door, it wasn’t Phil at your door but Ward. 

“I have no where else to go…” He trailed off. 

“You’re always welcome here.” You told him opening the door wider allowing him into your apartment. 

As soon as he was in he wrapped his arms around you. “I missed you (y/n) I missed you so much.” He said placing a kiss at the top of your head. 

“I missed you too Ward.” You said hugging him tighter. 

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*An infant skeleton crawled past Gaster, babbling happily as he tried to followed after a small spider.* (thegreatpapyrusarrives)

*Gaster glanced up from the journal he was reading when he heard a noise he had thought he had long forgotten. Looking down, he watched as the babybones babbled at the spider and– *

*The skeleton grew tearful. Impossible…*

…Papyrus…? *He set the journal aside and scooped up the baby, staring at him. He couldn’t believe his eyes as he stared at the child.* Papy boy… *He hugged the small thing to his chest, teeth clenched.* ….What the hell is going on…?

( @thegreatpapyrusarrives )

Chapter Twenty Six- Lasting Premonition (Charles Xavier X Reader)


Logan’s POV

     I sat there in the jet, holding onto my seat for dear life because I had never gotten the hang of flying, flying through the ominous skies as it stayed in the clouds. Below it were mountains as far as the eye could see. With only enough lights to show what lay in its path, it landed somewhere on the rocky terrain.
      In front of the jet was a long forgotten structure. The architecture proved the building to be some sort of Asian creation.
      Storm and I stood up from our seats and watched the stomach of the jet slowly open to make a pathway down to the ground. The first one down the stairs was Storm. Her skin was tanned and greatly contrast with her white hair. It was shorter on the sides and longer on the top. Even her eyes were glowing white. She carried herself strongly like she was ready for anything.
      Her eyes faded to a normal brown as I walked down right on her heels. I stopped halfway down and pulled a lighter out of my pocket and lit the thick, papery cigar. After I saw it begin to burn I continued down the steps with the professor following me.
      He was sitting on a device that was similar to a wheelchair, but it was levitating small amount away from the ground. The look on his face was tired, but still determined.
     Following close behind was another elder man. He looked only slighter older than the other one, but he had a certain air to him that was hard to describe. That man was Magneto.
      We all stepped onto the path leading to the entrance of the building where Bishop stood. As usual he was armed heavily with all sorts of equipment. His thick dreadlocks hung behind his head as he stared at us. My eyes flickered to his arm as we all came to a stop.
     Two people came out of the shadows. Once they stood up I noticed that they were Blink and Warpath. Before I could respond a familiar face came out of the intricate doorway. Bobby.
     Storm couldn’t help but hold out her arms for a hug. After a moment the former student began to walk down to her as she took just a few steps closer to him. She only said a single word.
He gladly accepted her hug and replied, “hey Storm.” I took the cigar out of my mouth and ripped it to pieces by putting it out with my shoe. It was a damn waste of a cigar but I knew that we were going to be talking so I put it out. Then I spoke up while Bobby and Storm were in an embrace.
     “Hey kid.”
     Bobby nodded at me to say hello but his face looked stern. Then the voice of the young teleporting girl rang out.
     “Professor, you made it.” Kitty had speed out from the shadows of the building and looked at all of us with some excitement. Bobby walked back up to her and held her hand. All of us then slowly entered the long forgotten building.
     Then there was talk of Bishop back in time to warn people of impending attacks and they said that they were never there. They techincally were though so I got a tad confused. “But what do you mean you were never there?”
     The professor was quietly sitting next to me but he leaned over and tried to explain it to me. “She projects Bishop back in time a few days to warn the others of the coming attack.”
     I understood enough if it, but I still wasn’t completely certain. To check to see if I was right I said what I thought. “So she sends Bishop back in time.” The professor smiled and tried to explain more. “No, just his consciousness into his younger self, his younger body.” The concept was simple enough. A person’s body would stay where it was but their mind would be in a younger version of themself.
     The conversation and planning had seemed to come to an and until the eldest one there spoke up.
     “That just might work Charles.” Kitty was sitting opposite of us with curious eyes.
“What might work?”
The professor decided to explain the plan. “The Sentinel’s programs were originally conceived by Dr. Bolivar Trask. In the early seventies he was one of the world’s leading weapons designers, but covertly he had begun experimenting on mutants, using their gifts to fuel his own research. There was one mutant who had discovered what he was doing.” Magmeto began, “a mutant with the ability to transform herself into anyone.”
     Colossus immediately knew would we were speaking of.
     He said it with full confidence as the professor’s aged eyes filled with sorrow and his voice only mimicked it.
     “I knew her as Raven. We met when we were children, grew up together. She was like a sister to me. I tried to help her, but only succeeded in driving her away.” Magneto had given the professor a saddened look but he didn’t even notice it and continued with his story. “She hunted Trask around the world and during the Paris Peace Accords of 1973, after the Vietnam War, she found Trask and killed him. It was the first time she killed.”
     It was a sad moment but I couldn’t help but scoff. “It wasn’t her last.” He continued to try and prove his point.
“But killing Trask did not have the outcome she expected. It only persuaded the government of the need of the program. They captured her that day, tortured her, experimented on her. In her DNA they discovered the secrets to her power of transformation. It gave them the key to create weapons that could adapt to any mutant power. And in less than fifty years, the machines that have destroyed so many of our kind were created. But it all started that day in 1973, the day she first killed. The day she truly became Mystique.”
     The room’s air was thick and quiet. Then Kitty spoke up. “You want to go back there.”
He immediately responded, “if I can get to her, stop the assassination, keep her out of their hands, then we can stop the Sentinels from ever being born.”
Magneto actually looked slightly impressed at his old friend’s idea, “and end this war before it even begins.” Xavier nodded at his statement as others in the room began to glance at each other to see what others thought of this idea. Kitty objected.
     “I… I can send someone back a couple weeks. M-maybe a month. You’re talking about going back decades. You have the most powerful brain in the world professor, but the mind can only stretch so far before it snaps. It would rip you apart, I’m sorry. No one can survive that trip.” The professor’s face turned dark and despair began to flood his eyes. Ever since Y/N had died, which was a most thirty-five years before that, he had always given up easier. Then ideas began swirling through my mind.
     “What if someone’s mind has a way of snapping back?” I looked over at Logan and he seemed deep in thought. “What if someone can heal fast as they’re ripped apart?” The professor looked up at me with wide eyes. The blue was filled with suprise and hope once again. I looked over at Kitty. She slowly raised her head.
     Everyone looked over at me and knew that it was the best chance that any of us had left. We began to close the building and prepare for what was to come. Storm and a few of the others went outside to fight off any Sentinels. I closed the door and walked to the very back of the building. Magneto and the professor were side by side as I looked at the slab I would rest on while my mind went to the past.
     I silently walked towards it once a single hand was resting on it I spoke. “So I wake up in my younger body, God knows where, and then what?”
     “You’ll need to go to my house and find me. Convince me of all of this.” I cast a sideways glance at the professor. I could see his stern face but I questioned him. “Won’t you be able to just read my mind?” I could see him shake his head slowly. “I didn’t have my powers in 1973. Logan, you’re going to have to do for me, what I once did for you. Lead me, guide me. I’ll admit it, I was a very different man then. You’ll have to be patient with me.”
     I sighed. “Well patience isn’t my strongest suit.” Erik spoke up.
“You will need me as well.” I looked back with a scowl.
Erik immediately began to explain himself. “After Mystique left Charles she came to me and I set her on a dangerous path. A darker path. It’s going to take the two of us, side by side when we couldn’t be further apart.” The professor only nodded. I turned back to face the elder men.
“Great, so where do I find you?”
     Erik spoke up. “Well, it’s complicated.” I looked back with an exasperated face. I should’ve thought about the pain in the ass details before I volunteered, but they wouldn’t have stopped me anyways. I knew that I needed to play hero.
     The professor bit his bottom lip and began to look worried. I turned back around and sighed. “Listen, if you have any other requests tell me now. I’m doing so many things that adding another to the list won’t kill me.”
     The professor gave a deep breath and looked into my eyes. “Logan, I want you to find Y/N. I know that’s a lot to ask but if she’s with me early on so much will go better. And if anything whatsoever can be done to make her come this far with us, I want to do it. It was my fault that Y/N died in the first place and if I could have you correct that, we’ll it would be indescribably amazing.”
     The professor was nearly at the point of tears running from his eyes. I couldn’t say no. Not just because she was his love, but she was one of my closest friends. I looked at him and nodded. “I’ll get her. She’d be in Westchester, right?” He nodded his head and I turned back towards the table.
      With that I had laid down with Kitty’s hands at the sides of my head. She began to explain. “Basically your body will go to sleep while your mind travels back in time. As long as you’re back there the past and present will continue to co-exist, but once you wake up, whatever you’ve done will take hold and become history. For the rest of us it’ll be the only history we’ve ever known. It’ll be like the last fifty years never happened. This world, this war, the only person who will ever remember it happened is you.” My eyes went wide, but Kitty spoke again.
     “Okay Logan, I need you to clear your head and stay as calm as possible.” I closed his eyes, but quickly opened them at her words.
“Why? Whaddya mean?”
She quickly responded, “if your mind gets rocky it will be harder for me to hold you. You could start to slip between past and future.” I began to respond.
“What if I need to get a little rocky?”
She responded with her best answer. “Think peaceful thoughts.”
I echoed her words, laughed, and added, “you have any good news?”
     “Yeah, well you don’t age so you’ll pretty much look the same.”
     Bobby spoke up and we all looked over to him. “You don’t have much time in the past. The Sentinels will get us. They always do.”
Kitty added, “and this time we won’t be able to run. We won’t have anywhere to escape. This is our last chance.”
     In the corner Magneto was giving off an uncertain air. He spoke with worry. “Do you really think this will work?” Charles stared ahead at me.
“I have faith in him.”
Erik only added to his own uneasiness. “We were only worried about ourselves. We were young, we didn’t know any better.” I could see the professor looking at me with a serious expression.
“We will now.”
     I shifted myself uncomfortably and Kitty moved her hands closer to the sides of my head. She gave me a quick warning. “This might sting a little.” Right after that Kitty’s hands began to emit a white light and I began shouting in pain. My claws immediately went out.
     My eyes opened to see a green and blue blobs floating around in a lava lamp in front of me. What was more noticeable was the arm draped over my neck. I grabbed the hand, lifted it off of me and turned to see a girl fast asleep. All that I could tell that she was wearing was a bra. I tried to take in my surroundings after that.
     I could see shot glasses and bottles littering the table and ledge behind the bed.
     I tried sitting up, but only heard water move under me. So I was on a waterbed. Then music turned on from somewhere in the room. I once again tried to sit up and I did but let out a sore groan in the process.
     I slowly pulled off the orange and brown bedding. I got out of bed and went to go look in the mirror. Not much was different. I noticed that my grays were gone. After that I stepped over to the window and peeked outside through the blinds. I saw a bustling city along with a smoke blowing billboard. I couldn’t help but speak to myself. “Holy shit.”
     I looked down to see my pants on the radiator. “Dear lord.” I began to pull them on and the door opened. It was a whole bunch of guys, but they didn’t seem familiar. “Hey, what’s going on? Who the hell are you?”
     “Gwen, get dressed.”
     One of the three men had told the girl, Gwen apparently, to get dressed. The guy was large around the belt, had black hair, a goatee, and seemed like a cliché mafia member. I spoke up. “Hey I don’t know what’s going on.” The same one that told her to get dressed spoke up.
“What’s going on is that you’re supposed to be protecting the boss’ daughter, not screwing her.”
I immediately tried to respond. “I didn’t sleep with her.” She was still getting dressed and gave me a death glare while the guy questioned me.
I responded, “no. I mean yes. I’ve slept with her many times but-” She cut me off.
I continued. “But that wasn’t me. That was the old me. I just got here like twenty seconds ago.”
The guy looked at me with a skeptical expression. “Really?”
I just responded, “yeah.” Then he made a good point. I could see why he didn’t believe me.
     “Then what happened to your clothes?” I just kind of looked for a way out at that point.
“My- oh. Would you believe me if I told you that I was sent from the future?” Gwen looked at me extremely confused and the guy laughed. He looked over at Gwen.
“Get out of here sweetheart.”
     I mumbled to myself, “yeah.” He continued. “We’re going to take care of this immediately.”
I looked at him. “No you’re not. You’re going to give me the keys to your car and some money for gas or you’ll wake up in the hospital. Trust me, I know how these things are going to play out.”
     The guy chuckled while the two behind him were mindlessly grinning. “Oh it’s because you’re from the future.”
     I smirked. “No, because of these.” I put my fists up and released my claws. Only instead of adamentium they were bone.
     I looked at the guys who were all pulling out guns. I put my hands back at my sides and caused three leaks in the waterbed while the three men shot at me. I stood there taking every shot. I nearly fell back. “God dammit…” I stood straight again as the bullets slowly popped out of my body. I took deep breaths and then attacked.
     While attacking the cliché guy I cut his belt loop to steal his keys. Since I got done attacking three people I reminded myself. “Peaceful thoughts.”
     I finished heading dress and walked out of the buidling. I just had to figure out which car it was. After just a second I saw a car with a front plate that read, “U LUCKY”. That was clearly the car I was looking for. I walked over and got in.
     Next up, Westchester, New York.
     During the ride to the manor my car had nearly hit empty on the fuel gage. With an annoyed sigh I had pulled into a 7/11 and began to fill the car. A woman had pulled up next to me and something already seemed familiar about her. The H/C hair, her skin, and even the way she carried herself as she slid out of the car. It all seemed too familiar.
     I saw her stand up and pull her sunglasses to the top of her head. At that moment I realized that it was her. It was Y/N. Before I could even say a word she had walked into the gas station.
     With a bit of an annoyed sigh I followed her in. She was standing by one of the fridges in the gas station when a random guy walked by and grabbed her ass. She was livid. She turned around and smacked the man hard enough to see red begin to spread across his skin. That was definitely Y/N. If anyone but Charles had tried that in the future it would’ve had the same result.
     She grabbed a bottle of water and I grabbed a pack of cigars. While in line I noticed her sending strange looks my way. I didn’t say anything to her inside, but to my suprise I saw her sitting on the hood of her 1956 Chevy Bel Air when I exited. She spoke up first.
    “Okay Wolvie, what do you want?”
I stopped for a second. She called me Wolvie. How did she come up with that? She hadn’t even seen my ability at that point. I was a bit confused and asked, “Wolvie?” She smiked.
“It’s the hair. Anyways, what do you want? I saw you watching me.” I put my hands up defensively. I didn’t want to come off as a creep.
    “Listen, this will absolutely sound crazy but I’m from the future.” She gave me an entertained grin. “Okay, if you’re from the future then… then why does the torch on the Statue of Liberty fall in the year 1989?” She could see the future so it didn’t suprise me that she asked me a question. I answered easily. “Magneto.” That’s all I had to say for her to believe me.
     “So Wolvie, what are you wanting to say about the future?”
     In that very moment I told her about the Sentinels and left out the fact that she died but when I mentioned Charles she held onto the hood of her car and if she grabbed on for dear life like she would fall off. Her stare had gone blank too. When she tuned back into reality she was gasping for breath. “Charles… Charles… the first man I ever…” She cut herself off there and looked me into the eyes. “I’d do anything to see my friend again. I’ll go with you. I’ll take my car.” I nodded at her.
    I walked to my car, paid for gas, and drove off with her following. In the back of my mind I was trying to figure out what exactly had happened when I was mentioning Charles.
    When I drove up to the gates it hit me on just how different everything was. All of the vegetation had taken the property back. The sign was laying on the ground hidden by the overgrown plants.
     I sighed. Y/N was supposed to be behind me. What had happened? I decided to ignore the fact and drive up to the circle part of the driveway. I got out and walked up to the door.
     I stood there tensed up and used the iron knocker. I looked around while I waited for the grand wooden doors to open and after a second a tall scrawny guy peeked out. He definitely had the fashion sense of the time for not getting out much. He had thick framed glasses that started out black but faded to clear. His outfit was a yellow shirt with red stripes, a red cardigan over that, and reddish brown pants. He noticed me immediately.
     “Can I help you?”
     I tried to get a good look into the house as he spoke. “Uh… yeah. What happened to the school?” I saw the confused expression on his face and knew that something was up.
     The scrawny kid spoke up again. “The school has been shut for years. Why, are you a parent?”
I sighed and chuckled. “God, I sure as hell hope not. Who are you?” He gave me an uncertain look, but spoke up anyways.
“Hank McCoy. I look after the house.” I didn’t belive it. I had never seen a photo of Beast before visiting mutation, and I had imagined him looking many ways but that was unbelievable.
“You’re Beast? Look at you, you’re a late bloomer.”
     Hank, he didn’t deserve to be called Beast at that point, had spoken up angrily. “I’m afraid I don’t know what you’re talking about. Now I’m going to have to ask you to leave.” Hank began to close the door but I put my hands up to it to stop him.
     “So where’s the professor?” Hank began to push on the door with more strength.
“There’s no professor here.” He grunted as he continued trying to shut the door.
I spoke up, using a bit more force on the door. “You’re pretty strong for a scrawny kid. You sure there’s not a little Beast in there?” Hank almost got the door closed as he refused to make eye contact. “Come on Beast.”
     Through a struggling tone Hank spoke up once again. “He’s not here.” I kept pushing.
“Come on Beastie.” With a final shove I pushed the door open and walked in.
Hank followed behind shouting, “hey!” Over and over.
     From the room behind me I could hear Hank. “I said the school’s closed so um you need to leave.” I quickly began to make my way toward the stairs.
“Not until I see the professor.”
Hank grabbed my shoulder and turned me around. “There’s no professor here. I told you that already.” Then I spoke up.
“Listen kid, you and I are going to be good friends.” I then just flat out nailed Hank in the nose.
     I stood back as Hank was on the ground covering his face and added, “you just don’t know it yet.” I turned around and made my way back towards the stairs. I was running up the stairs and shouting. “Professor!” Hank had slammed one of his hands on the ground. 
     I had quickly made it to the hall and notning was heard behind me until I was roughly halfway through it. At that point I heard the sound of something glass clattering and turned around to see Beast hanging from the chandelier. He growled and swung over just to land on me.
     Then there was the clatter of Hank throwing me against everything and then Hank actually threw me out of the hall entirely. I let out a groan of pain as I landed on the steps opposite of the hall that we were in and Beast once again crushed me.
      I felt like I was in a cartoon by that point. I sighed and a second later Beast had thrown me off of the staircase entirely. I landed on some sort of stone table in the foyer and grunted once again. Beast was really brutal.
     A second later Hank had jumped from the railing and did a flip. He hung in the foyer’s chandelier and growled at me. His claws were less than a foot from my face Suddenly I heard footsteps and a voice that could’ve belonged to only a single person.
     “Hank, what’s going on here?”
     I saw a silhouette of a man coming down the stairs. I looked up at Hank to see him completely frozen while hanging from the chandelier. I then looked back to the man on the stairs and uttered a single queation.
     Charles spoke up. “Please don’t call me that.”
Hank looked at Charles with a confused expression. “You know this guy?”
Charles responded, “yes, he looks… slightly familiar. Get off the bloody chandelier, Hank.” Charles pointed up to Hank and within a moment Hank did another flip. He had a perfect landing while I was still laying on the table I landed on moments before.
     “You can walk.” I looked in awe as the professor was standing slightly slouched.
Charles quickly responded, “you’re an perceptive one.” I couldn’t help but be confused. Charles had been paralyzed by a bullet that Erik deflected in 1962. He shouldn’t have been able to walk.
“I thought Erik-” I was interrupted while the professor trying was to sit on a stairs step.
     “That makes it slightly perplexing that you manged to miss our sign on the way in. This is a private property my friend. I’m going to have to ask him to ask you to leave.” Charles pointed to Hank who was still in his blue form.
    I spoke up and gave a sigh. “I’m afraid I can’t do that because… uh… I was sent here for you.”
Charles laughed. “Well tell whoever it was that sent you that I’m… busy.” Hank sighed and I laughed at the statement.
      I finally responded. “Well, that’s going to be a little tricky because the person that sent me was you.”

Charles’ POV

     “What?” That was all the could say to the man in front of me. He responded in full confidence.
“About fifty years from now.”
     I was convinced by that alone that Logan was on acid. “Fifty years from now.  Like in the future fifty years from now?” I sat there staring at this man who was probably on some really bad stuff while holding my scotch glass.
     He just responded, “yeah.” I was still asking him questions.
“I sent you from the future?”
He just gave me another one worded answer. I gave an unbelieving laugh. “Piss off.” He looked me in the eyes.
“If you had your powers you’d know that I was telling the truth.” I looked at him with suprise. How did he know about my powers?
     “How do you know I don’t have my- who are you?”
He only said, “I told you.” I couldn’t believe him.
“Are you C.I.A.?”
He only responded, “no.”
I was still trying to figure him out. “You’ve been watching me.”
He sighed. “I know you Charles. Been friends for years. I know your powers came when you were nine, I know you thought you were going crazy with all of the voices in your head. It wasn’t until you were twelve that you realized that all of the voices were in everyone else’s head. Do you need me to go on?”
I looked at the ground. “I’ve never told anyone that before.”
    He spoke up, suprising me. “Not yet, no, but you will.” I looked at him in all seriousness. “Alright, you’ve peaked my interest. What do you want?” He mirrored my expression.
“We have to stop Raven.” I saw Hank’s eyes widened and I felt anger swell like a balloon within me. “I need your help. We need your help.” I felt like all of it was a sick joke or a bad dream.
     I stood up. “I think I’d like to wake up now.” I began to walk to my study which was littered with shot glasses and was plain torn apart. On the way I pat Hank’s shoulder.
I heard him mutter, “what does this have to do with her?”
     Moments later I found Hank and the man in my study while he explained everything. After he was done I questioned him.
     “So you’re saying they took Raven’s power and what, they weaponized it?”
While nodding his head he said, “yup.” Hank spoke up.
“I mean she is unique.” I just echoed his words and the man continued.
“In the beginning Sentinels just targeted mutants. Then they began to identify the genetics of non-mutants. They would eventually begin to have mutant children, grandchildren. Many of the humans tried to help us, it was a slaughter. Leaving only the worst of humanity in charge.”
     While the man was explaining his drug induced sob story I was sitting at one of the seats in the room drinking tea from a scotch glass. He of course continued.
     “I’ve been in a lot of wars. I’ve never seen anything like this.” Hank was sitting next to the man looking deep in thought. Then he added, “and it all started with her.”
     While sitting on my ratty, old blue couch I humored him. “Let’s say for the sake of… for the sake of believing you, I choose to help you. She won’t even listen to me. Her heart and soul belong to someone else now.” Even without focusing on anything in the room I could still see Hank lower his head. He knew as well as me that it was true.
     The man stood up. “I know. That’s why we’re going to need Magneto too.” I couldn’t take the stupid grin off of my face when I heard those words.
Hank spoke up, “Erik?” I began to laugh just at hearing the name. Hank continued speaking in my place. “You do know where he is?”
The man coolly responded, “yeah.”
     I was still laughing like a bloody hyena and stood up. That laughter had turned into the raw anger I had felt for years. With venom lacing my words I spoke up. “He’s where he belongs.”
     I walked out of my study with my glass still in hand. Of course I heard a defiant voice behind me. “That’s it? You’re just going to walk out.” I turned to him pretending to act impressed.
“Ooh top marks. Like I said you are perceptive.” I began to turn back around but he once again spoke.
“The professor I know would never turn their back on someone who lost their path. Especially someone they love.” I was at the steps and stopped.
     “You know, I think I do remember you now.” I turned to face him and walked in his direction. “Yeah, we came to you a long time ago seeking your help and I’m going to say to you what you said to us then. ‘Fuck off’.” At that moment he grabbed the collar of my shirt.
“Listen to me you little shit, I’ve come a long way and watched a lot of people die. Good people, friends. If you want to wallow in self-pity then you’ll watch the same thing. Understand?”
     After staring down for a solid five seconds he let go of me. I just looked him in the eyes and said, “we all have to die sometime.”
     I began to walk away and heard Hank say, “I told you there was no professor here.” I began to walk back up the stairs while hearing those words echo in my head.
     I found myself in my bedroom not looking for anything in particular. After a moment I sat down and poured myself yet another drink. It didn’t matter what time it was. I drank from the time I woke up to the time I passed out. I drank myself to unconsciousness because that was the only thing that let me fall asleep. I was suprised that I had never gotten alcohol poisoning.
      After I had downed the glass I began to wrap rag around my arm. I pulled it tight with my teeth as I prepared to jam a needle into it. As I did so four things raved through my mind. Erik, Raven, the school and Y/N. I was such a failure. I had them, I had everything but I just couldn’t keep them. I began to hear voices in my mind. Their voices. They were all tearing at my mind, I just couldn’t take it. I jabbed the needle into my arm and let the serum flow. I just wanted the pain to go away.
      Once that was finished I laid down and looked over to my nightstand. Of course I had to look past the countless bottles to see it. There under the only source of light in my room was a small, untouched framed photo of Raven. The Raven I knew.
     The memory of when we first met had rolled through my mind. I just wanted the voices… the memories to go away. I wanted the pain to end.
     My mind drifted to Erik and how he stole her from me. He stole Raven, made her into a completely different person. Erik also gave me Y/N. Another loss. I remembered the shine in her eyes, the way her lips curved when she smiled, and how strong she seemed when she carried herself. She was a friend to everyone she met.
     Finally I took a deep breath, pulled myself out of the bed and made my way downstairs. I stood in the foyer and spoke with Raven clouding my mind once again.
     “I’ll help you get her. Not for any of your future shite, but for her.” The man shrugged his shoulders.
“Fair enough.”
Then I decided to speak my mind. “The thing is that you don’t know Erik. He’s a monster, a murderer. You think you can convince Raven to change, come home? That’s splendid. But what makes you think that you can change him?” The man in front of me looked me in the eyes.
“Because you and him sent me back here together.”
     I expected the conversation to continue, but instead I heard the front door. When I heard it I spoke while turning my head. “Who in the bloody he-” I cut myself off. Standing there was a beautiful woman. She had flowing H/C hair, glowing E/C eyes, and her smile. Her figure was just the same as it was the last time I laid my eyes on her. A sense lf comfort just seemed to overflow from her being. It was the woman I fell for when I first laid my eyes on her. It was Y/N.
     She was fiddling with her purse, hadn’t even looked up yet. “Wolvie, sorry I’m late. Some arse had rear-ended my car so I had to stop for a while.” When she looked up her eyes were showing that she was somewhat annoyed at first. After just a second her eyes softened. A thick gloss covered them. “Charles?”
     My breath hitched in my throat. The way she said my name with so much glee and worry. I began to slowly stagger to her but she ran to me and wrapped her arms around me as I did the same. I couldn’t help myself. I began to sob against her and my legs buckled. My knees landed on the cold wooden floor. She immediately crouched down and brought me close. I laid my head against her chest, holding onto her as tight as I could. I never wanted to let go.
     She sat there rubbing my back, tracing meaningless shapes with her fingers, and repeated herself like a metronome. “It’s okay. Everything’s okay.” Moments before I had thought that I had lost everything. I was certain of it. Then she walked through those doors and I knew that I could make everything right but I focused on only one thing.
     I had my love back.


ya lit meme - 7/7 friendships
percy jackson, annabeth chase, grover underwood: the original trio  percy jackson and the olympians

“Why can’t you place a blessing like that on us?“ I asked.
“It only works on wild animals.”
“So it would only affect Percy,” Annabeth reasoned.
“Hey!” I protested.” 

Shukashuu: ԅ(≖‿≖ԅ)

Anchan: Σ(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)

fanfic writer appreciation day

i know, i know, it’s a day late!! ;;; but better late than never. 

the kylux fandom and the unbelievable talent of kylux writers has helped me through so much shit this year. it’s really important to me that i share my appreciation for those authors with everyone!! 

also, before we get started: i want to list so many more fics than this, but i’m so busy and distracted lately in the process of moving houses :\ if i’ve forgotten anyone crucial i apologize!! i will remedy any mistakes once i’ve realized them xxx

far from any road — @lost-balloons | madison you are in oregon right now planning for our future restaurant and hipster life but i am here to remind you that a) i love our kylux shitpost sessions, b) you are truly wine mom hux in the flesh and c) this fic is so gorgeous and has the most incredible format

can’t rewind we’ve gone too far@reserve | my definite favorite ben/hux to kylux fic. every time i read one of your fics i’m blown away by how you’re able to build an entirely new world or atmosphere with the same characters, you’re still one of my biggest inspirations!!

loyalties @skywalkeraesthetics| i’m loving the imagery and setting of this fic so far, and millicent as hux’s therapy animal is everything i’ve ever wanted. also, a big weepy thank you for all of the beautiful ficlets you send me over pm (i can’t wait to collab with you)

the entire everything of me series@sinningsquire | weak together still haunts me. stronger than the sea broke me and then put me back together again. the way you write the kylux dynamic is so powerful and vivid, i admire your skill so much!! 

at the mercy + elesion@saltandlimes | so so so good my god these are so good. and relatable which i know isn’t good but!!! your self-destructing hux makes me ache, in the best way. i find myself drawn back to this universe of yours constantly, it’s always drifting into my head to remind me that you are spectacular at capturing my attention and holding it with these riveting dark-spun stories. it was hard to choose favorites out of all of your works, but these two are masterpieces

know thyself@theeascetic | i fawn over you all the time i know!! but that’s not going to stop me from fawning over you again here and now!! you are so talented in both art and writing and i always stop whatever i’m doing to rush to read your updates and new fics. being able to chat with you and dream up/rant about kylux headcanons together is something i look forward to every week. your know thyself series in particular is heart-wrenchingly excellent, i can’t wait for the upcoming chapter!

collateral damage, i tell you miserable things after you are asleep, ALL OF YOUR WIPS — @abernathae​ | sydni where do i even start with you?? you are the very first writer i ever talked to in the kylux fandom and i’m so lucky to know you and be your friend. your writing is goals. your life is, in fact, not real, but actually just a xavier dolan film. i would probably help you take over the world tbh. and happily live under your Kylux Gothic Glory reign. whoever hasn’t read your work is missing the fuck out

definitive gaze + inappropriate material@irisparry| dismantle me was the first fic i read of yours, and ever since i discovered your writing you’ve continued to produce hilarious and stunning content. you have a real knack for building ambiance— the first few paragraphs in definitive gaze still come back to me every once and a while, i can still remember incredible detail you put into painting the picture of kylo waking up in the morning. i just! love your writing! so much

autonomous sensory meridian response@starsshinedarkly77 | SUPREME LEADER OF SOFT KYLUX, HELLO. as someone who uses asmr to help calm anxiety + get to sleep (just like kylo!) this fic is so important to me. i was on the edge of my seat with my heart in my mouth the entire time, and hux’s quiet sort of kindness at the ending brought tears to my eyes. i can’t thank you enough for all of your beautiful work in this fandom, we’re blessed to have you!

hotline bling@minzimpression​ | THIS FIC. YOUR WRITING. matchmaker organa. snippy workaholic hux. the sauciest  kylo ren to ever grace ao3. minze, you are a genius comedian and a prose deity, i kneel before you and your talent. this fandom wouldn’t be the same without you!! (also sorry i’m so awkward whenever i talk to you, you’re crazy cool ;o;)

the slightest shift in the weather, my whole existence is flawed@claricechiarasorcha | first of all, every time you publish a new fic, i’m amazed. it’s like, every time— there it is! she’s done it again! your sniper hux is a gift— and so is that scene in the cantina ;) your matt the radar tech is my favorite matt the radar tech. you are an absolute treasure

aquarius@acroamatica | so GOOD oh my gosh, i’m pretty sure i read this fic all the way through with my mouth hanging open, jaw on the floor. it starts off beautifully and only goes up from there, you most definitely have a way with words, the atmosphere you’ve created here is so brilliant. i can’t wait to read more from you

your lips drop sweetness@rex-luscus| this fic cured my depression honestly and also introduced me to the beauty of hux calling kylo “darling”. it’ll probably always be my no. 1 pick-me-up soft kylux fic to go to whenever i’m down, i just adore it (and you!!!) so much

like a wounded animal, at the beginning of the world, artificial light@huxcrying| ok i had to put all three of these fics on here because seriously, everything you touch turns to gold. i think about artificial light way more than i should, and thanks to you i giggle a little whenever i use coconut oil. whenever anyone asks me for a kylux fic rec i turn to you immediately. you have such a gift + i’m so happy to know you ;^;

missionary impossible@ofamaranthlie​ | i know you wrote this ages ago, but it’s stuck with me all this time!! the scenario is a classic kylux setup, but your style and perfect dialogue crafted it into something original and unique. in less than 2000 words you managed to make me fall in love with your renditions of both kylo and hux. i’ll never stop coming back to this fic!!

I really don’t want it to be that Izuru appears forgets all memories of being Hajime, etc.
I want there to be a slight nagging at the edge of his mind. I want him to flinch at the sight of Chiaki without knowing why. I want him to look upon Hope’s Peak and feel an incomprehensible mix of emotions, of an origin unknown to him.

I want him to not understand why there is a terrible sorrow within him sometimes, at some stimuli, because of some people…

Why does he feel a slight twist of despair when he sees a certain teacher? Why does he feel strangely sad at the sight of that water fountain?

…why does that Ultimate Gamer make him feel such emotion.

It was not a perfect operation. There are memories, unreachable but inexplicably there, a long-forgotten dream, a distant childhood moment, the unreliable disappearance of things of memory.

Why on earth does he put those flowers out? He isn’t sure…

But, he feels as if he has lost something very important.

He’ll just push those to the back of his mind, for now.