The Subway problem.

We all know Subway. It’s a great thing. Buy a sandwich and choose the components you want or you don’t want.
The thing is that we often think that we could do it with God in the same way. We want to buy the components we like - love, forgiveness and peace - and don’t want the components we don’t like - dying every single day again, hell and the fact that God has the authority over our lives etc. The thing is, that God isn’t a sandwich. He’s an almighty God, a strict father and we can’t buy or sell only the components we like. We cannot take a half Jesus and can’t tell other people to do that.
We should accept that God isn’t an old man with a long beard who sits on a purple cloud and likes to see that his children have fun.
God is an almighty, loving, good, forgiving, strict, strong father who wants only the best for his children.
We need to accept that God’s ways are higher than our ways and that to be a follower of Christ means to die everyday, to surrender completely to him. Being a Christian is everything but it isn’t easy at all.
Not easy, but so worth it!
(read John 2:13-25)