Random Thoughts:

In my moments of fear and doubt, as I wonder what hopes and broken dreams tomorrow brings, I glance up, and there it is.

As if I were in a picture perfect Instagram or looking at an oil canvas, I see the sunsetting sky and marvel at my Creator’s majestic stroke of genius.

Whether it’s all part of a plan or by sheer happenstance, one thing is certain: We are here, and that ain’t half bad.

i was supposed to board my flight and leave by 7 am…..

i woke up at 7 am….

im now stuck at the airport alll day.

im on the waiting list for the 2pm flight.

i feel like im stuck in the movie teminal……

im seriously the dumbest person ever. :/

oh and i might have to pay $50 MORE dollars cause i missed my first flight.


i am not a morning person.

btw i hope you all have a nice day,

expect more rants from me soon…………