“Is there any other way, for you to forget him? For you to avert your feelings and lend it to someone who loves you too?” he asked.

She looked at him and said nothing. But then he waited. He waited until she stared down and slowly turned her back against him. He waited because he’s still hoping that she will look back and say something.

—  ma.c.a // One Word, Please

BTS Scenario

Boyfriend and bestfriend dont get along.

(This isn’t edited and kinda drawn out but i got bored💕💕requests open🌹🌹)

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Your bestfriend had been through culinary  school in vegas back home in the states, she could make nearly anything but when she outcooked your boyfriend Seokjin and you said she was the best cook ever the wide gap between the two grew wider. Your bestfriend simply didn’t like him. You had grown up together and were like twelve when you bought your first leather jackets together always living life to the ultimate edge never liking baby pink or teddy bears but blood red and grizzly bears, motorcycle riding six inch high heel wearing bestfriend didnt think he was tough enough for you, and well he didn’t like her cleavage bearing t shirts, knee high stilettos and idgaf attitude he thought she was a bad influence on you and couldn’t imagine you acting like her twin.

You sat on the couch together as he expressed his distaste for her attitude looking through old pictures of you and her wearing similar clothes and the same bright red lipstick back to back in most, your short hair that brushes your collar bones was waist length in the pictures the same as hers now the glasses that sat on your nose now were missing in the pictures as you flipped the camera off your rebel days were long gone no longer filled with teenage angst. The day started out on memory lane but ended with you and Seokjin fighting. You left crying and calling (y/f/n) as you walked home not even an hour later she came home early from work to your shared apartment bringing your favorite ice cream and candy at first it was you crying and venting to her as sappy rom-coms played in the background you both makeup free and wearing pajamas sitting in your bed eating ice cream waiting in the pizza delivery when the doorbell rang (y/f/n) went to answer it slipping her unicorn slippers on she opened the door to see Seokjin instead of food  “Your not pizza.” She went to close the door but Seokjin caught it looking her up and down he took in her appearance black oversized hoodie and shorts and black square framed glasses all the way down to the unicorn slippers no makeup and most tattoos covered she looked almost docile “I’m sorry, to both of you, please let me come in, Ahh i have cookies!” He said and when she heard cookies the door opened all the way letting him step in seeing you standing behind her his first thought was to hug you, second to apologise and third to give the cookies to your bestfriend staring him in to oblivion, “You know what Seokjin, I like your cookies.” (Y/f/n) said as she sat down on the couch cookie tin in hands any sign of attitude banished by food “I’ll give you the recipe if you give me your brownie recipe deal?” His voice echoed over your head as you were still enveloped in his chest your friend shouted “deal” as she walked back in to your room for the ice cream. “Do you think she still hates me?” He asks as you pull him towards the couch you couldn’t help the smile on your face as the words came out of your mouth “If theres one thing she loves more than being a hard ass and me, it’s food. Keep being cookies and she might just propose to you.” (Y/f/n) head popped out of the room almost whispering “This is true.” His windshield wiper laugh filling the room with her snort like laughs  following.


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You laughed as your bestfriend and boyfriend joked back in forth (y/f/n) was picky when it came to people and she liked your boyfriend this wasnt a first since she liked your middle school boyfriend they played football together on the weekends but since then she stayed out of your relationships as much as possible your boyfriends were not quite her favorite type of people to be around your friend was definitely one of a kind as she danced like a fruitcake in front of the toy store with Yoongi on the way home you guys went to the arcade with the rest of the boys Yoongi splitting from them to walk you both home even with their shenanigans you got home fairly quickly kissing Yoongi goodbye before jogging up the stairs behind (y/f/n) she was in a rush to get home waiting on a call from her parents back in the states time zones affected them both her father had been in and out of the hospital with a blood clot since last week this wasnt the first time since this happened to him you wish it was the same result as last time but this time it was fatal you still here her mom’s words ringing in your head “Honey it reached his heart and he reacted to the medicine incorrectly we’ve lost him baby” her voice breaking as she tried to be strong enough to tell her only daughter he passed away two days ago and her mom just got home from staying with yours, you watched as she cried and she packed a few things (y/f/n) was sleepy and broken hugging her goodbye was the hardest thing you had to do she got on the plane the next day back to your home state. You couldn’t leave because of your job threatening to fire you, missing the funeral was almost a relief to you since your grandmother’s left a bad impression with you.

When she came back two weeks later she was nearly a different person she wanted to be free of troubles she wanted to go out and drink and live her new lease on life was freedom.

So you went out with her she acted like she was seventeen again dancing under the lights not like her twenty three year old self who was responsible and predictable her hips swung against some guy she was dancing with she had stars in her eyes and a smile on her lips but she was also drunkenly numb you thought that was enough for tonight the guy she was dancing with wasn’t even attractive and looked sleazy as you dragged her away from the dance floor and out the door you laughed with her walking around the corner to your shared apartment once her drunken happiness turned into a hangover the next morning she was angry at you for taking her home last night, from the guy she was dancing with, she started the fight but you said the first insult “You wanted to stay with some sleazy slime ball, of course you would you’ve lost your mind” saying the later part under your breath but with her super freak hearing she snapped back “Sorry not every one can be as perfect as Yoongi.” Slammimg her empty coffee cup on the counter your face dropped “What is that even supposed to mean (y/f/n)” your eyebrows knotted together “Oh you know what i mean your perfect boyfriend perfect personality perfect looks hes just fucking perfect” she sat her head down groaning as she raised her voice hiding in the oversized sweater “You like him.” Was the only thing out of your mouth of course she liked him you saw the way she was around him “I’m sorry.” Her voice shaking as she cried into her arms “It’s fine, just forget about it. Do you want more coffe?” Brushing her confession off and wiping the counters down for the third time.

Three months later after she had calmed down and even started hanging out with you and Yoongi again. You guys were at the dorm half celebrating half partying you had entered a rap battle against Taeyhung and (y/f/n) vs you and Namjoon, Suga and Hobi playing as the judges. It was obvious to anyone in the room thats you were drunk it was also obvious that Tae and (y/f/n) had slaughtered you and Joonie, JHope high fiving her followed by Yoongi doing the same you had never been good at losing you even put yourself with the internationally known rapper seeing her smile and Yoongi on her side laughing with her opening another drink and passing it to her jealousy filled you and you went and sat beside her opposite from Yoongi “You like the attention your getting from him don’t you.” You said whispering well what you thought was whispering was more like talking at normal volume when both her Yoongi knotted their eyebrows looking at you “What are you talking about? (Y/n).” Her voice actually a whisper “Im surprised your not trying to get all the attention from them. Are you still in love with that sleaze ball from the club?” You laughed at your joke the boys all looking towards you, your friend tried to play it off as she hid her face in her hands “I was wasted (y/n)” she giggled Yoongi reached over her lifting your chin not saying anything making eye contact was enough “You weren’t wasted when you kept talking about how perfect that guy was, what did you say, oh yeah personality, hair, voice. Maybe you should’ve slept with him before he got a girlfriend, but thats not gonna stop you right the fact that he’s not single” your voice deepening each time you mentioned him. Alcohol never mixxed to well with you, you avoided it like the plague for this exact reason. (Y/f/n) looked at you, face serious “Stop, please (y/n).” Her voice even and deep with warning “Why, we both know the guy were talking about isnt that slime ball from the club.” By the time this left your mouth everyone was looking at you and her waiting her reaction Taeyhung stepped foward “Wait are you gay (y/f/n)?” Shock in his voice as he looked at her “What, no.Tae why would you even ask that?” She replied sobering up from the confrontation she was facing Taehyungs eyes lit up as he stepped back “I thought she was trying to out you.” Before she could reply you did “She’s not gay, she practically hoped off a-” Out of all people Yoongi cut you off “You need to stop.” His voice rang out stopping you from continuing your insult only to start another “Ofcourse you’d stand up for her shes probably sleeping with you, ‘That guy’ is you moron.” Not only insulting her but him too you watched as your friend reached over and slapped you with so much force your head turned “Fuck you.” Her voice rang out before she practically jogged to the door slamming it behind her you ended up sick and staying the night with Yoongi he was still angry at you but took care of you. After your hangover was half way gone you walked home. Yoongi was angry at not only you but (y/f/n) too. Opening the door to your shared apartment seeing your friend on the couch with a red puffy face because of you she was just getting over her fathers death and finnally stopped crying only to start again because your drunk mouth you didnt even have to apologize as she wrapped her arms around you when you sat next to her but that didn’t stop you from begging her forgiveness “You probably still feel like shit… so its okay, karma” her voice lead off with laughter you looked at her nodding “trash is how i feel, i was a bitch to you and Yoongi is probably done with me” your head resting on her chest she let out another laugh “Ice cream?” Her voice promising a happy frozen neverland.

Yoongi showed up later that day seeing you two cuddle up on the couch with enough ice cream for a soccer team you each had a spoon digging in and watching reruns of family guy on Netflix He put distance between himself and (y/f/n) sitting at the end of your feet on the couch it was quiet for about six minutes before you spoke “I’m sorry, I dont want you to be uncomfortable around each other.” Looking at both of them seeing their reactions (y/f/n) smiled at you Yoongi reached over and pushed your hair back “It’s good we’re good.” Her voice rang out “But i have a question.” Worry hit your face “did I really say I loved that weirdo from the club?” You relaxed and laughed nodding your head vigorously almost choking on your laughter her face bunched up as she whined out an eww before laughing with you Yoongi looking at you both like you lost your mind “Look, you dont understand he was like and Italian looking rat” she said towards yoongi tears in both your eyes from laughing to much.


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Dancing with your boyfriend and your best friend was supposed to be fun but not when your best friend and boyfriend hated each other. Complete opposites that didnt attract, JHope was happy and energetic and sweet, (y/f/n) was quiet and sleepy and slightly rude but in a loveable angry fuzzy little bunny kind of way they clashed when y'all would dance together not agreeing on a song not even a genre but when they did it was beautiful like woah mystical unicorn beautiful they danced perfectly in sync with the music flipping on the exact same beat as the music ended “Oh (y/f/n) you did well!” Jhopes voice echoed in the practice room you watched as she nodded towards him before slinging her bag over her shoulder bidding farewell to the boys gathered in the corner as soon as the door shut Jhopes voice rang through “Ah jagiya why is she so mean” he looked at you with sad puppy eyes you laughed at him slightly before hugging him  “She’s not mean.” Looking up at him his eyebrows knotted “Why does she hate me then?” He was joking but also literally asking before you could answer Sugas voice broke the air “Let go eat.” Smiling as you pulled Hoseok behind you out the door.

You would take that day over and over again rather then today Jhope was being himself maybe a little extra and (y/f/n) wasn’t having any of it what so ever you sat back on the couch stunned as she screamed at Hoseok insulting him and being over sarcastic as her hands reached to her hair she let out one final blow “I can’t believe my best friend is stupid enough to like someone as fucking gay as you"  her voice rang through the room loud and clear making suga and namjoon cringe with the volume Hoseok wasnt the type to be confrontational but today was different as he insulted her right back "Yeah you would know gay because your so inlove with your danm self, yet your self esteem is so low, your such a bad friend to call her stupid, your such a bitch.” He ended the fight as soon as he was done your best friends seething anger was gone her voice was calm and only a decimal above a whisper “Your right im a bitch, a bad friend and have low self esteem, you wanna know what else im bad at forgiving, go fuck yourself both of you.” Her voice may be calm but her aura was deadly as she grabbed her phone off the table you were gonna stop her but as soon as you got arms length her voice shaky and thick she breathed out “Dont fucking touch me.” Turning away from you and walking out the door Hoseok still standing in the same position nobody understood what she said like you did you were the only person she had ever forgiven you made mistakes and hurt her unintentionally before with your last boyfriend maybe that was another reason she didn’t like Hoseok you couldnt stop your tears they were warm on your cool cheeks Hoseok hugged you, you grew up together she was your rock she would protect you with her life but today might have ended it all, you looked up at him tears in your eyes you didn’t know what to say this was all your fault you could of stopped the fight before it escalated to this your best friend was gone and your boyfriend was holding himself back from crying with you he apologized over and over again but it didnt register in your mind. Who would’ve thought Hoseok would propose three months after that you contacted (y/f/n) through out the months only receiving a cold shoulder until tonight you went ro your shared apartment to pick up the rest of your stuff walking through that door seeing her leaned up against the wall bottle of liquor in her hands another a few feet away prescription pills spread out on the floor tears streaking her red face her head slumped up against the wall eyes closed music blaring she disnt move when you opened the door you walked towards her Hoseok turning the speakers down drowning put the heavy rock music your hand shoved at her shoulder lightly trying to wake her again saying her name shoving harder smacking her face trying to wake her up your voice rang out to Hoseok begging for help as you started crying shaking her now slumped over form on the floor she wasnt responsive ending up at the emergency room she didnt wake up even after her stomach was pumped they had to inject her with adrenaline to get her faint heart beat back it grew louder over the time she was transferred to ICU with a seventy two hour suicide watch as they did multiple test on her heart in the end you and Hoseok saved her life just in the nic of time you moved back in with her and shes helping you plan the wedding you and Hoseok switch back and forth on taking her to therapy once a week. She apologized and forgave Hoseok the moment her eyes opened in the ICU and asked you for some odd reason if you would take her to the beach you didnt explain what happened she already knew.


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Rap Monster

You opened the door to see your bestfriend, you greeted her with a bright smile and surprised hey as she walked in past you “Look, Monnie my girl is your girl. In two differnt ways so put your heels on were going out.” She stated walking towards the navy blue couch he comfortably lounged on he looked up at her holding her gaze before letting a sigh out standing slipping his trainers on it was waste to fight a fight you knew you were gonna lose, She linked arms with him tugging him towards the door “I love you Y/N"  she said turning the door handle before he could make up an excuse "I love you too, Bye baby love you.” You said knowing that you couldnt change your best friends mind as her red bottomed heels sounded across the cement outside the door “I love you kitten” your boyfriends voice rang out before the door closed behind them. You sipped your tea wondering what she had planed for him.

They sat down at the sports bar across the block the bartender greeting (y/f/n) by her last name “You betting tonight?” The bartender asked as he threw the hand towel over his shoulder pouring drinks for both of them “Nah, not today Mark” her red lipstick rimmed the glass of whiskey as soon as the words left her mouth Mark looked down and shook his head “That’s a shame dear. Your sitting with a genius man word of the wise, don’t bet with her” leaving them with a smile and tending to other customers Namjoon drank in silence next to her until the game was over and five or six drinks gone it was late maybe two in the morning when the conversation picked up on a deeper level, Astronomy turned to the philosophical meaning of life as the night got later stumbling inside giggling like school girls at five in the morning wasn’t their smartest move as soon as they slipped their shoes off they were hushed by you and Suga the only other person who was still up surprisingly still working on a saturday night / sunday morning your bestfriend looked at namjoon standing up straight acting like it wasn’t her laughing like Seokjin made her favorite dad joke again Namjoon straightened to looking at her with wide eyes before they both broke out in giggles shushing each other stumbling towards the couch together it took about ten minutes before they crashed sleeping propped up on each other you thought to yourself that this was your moment as you took your phone out snapping picture's  (y/f/n) mouth open slightly sitting sideways her headleaning awkwardly on Namjoons shoulder and his up against the back of her hair both letting out snores. They might not be buddy buddy but they were hangover homies the next day.


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Ballet dancing was your bestfriends life well that and being the life of the party one of her boyfriends joined you and Jimin for dinner tonight, after an awkward dinner you ended up at a club with her dragging you out to the dance floor hips grinding and bodys smashed together her eyes had the streak of wild light as the rooms energy tried to catch up to her the thumping bass speakers matched the rythm of her hips as she directed you, your body joinig her. The explicit lyrics falling from her plump lips as her energy enveloped you, your lips whispered the words in match with her your hips following hers dissconecting from the world for a moment as Jimin’s eye’s lingered on you your’s showing the wild streak just like hers the purple and green strobe lights reflected back to him off your wild orbs dragging him in as he pulled you off the dance floor he was no longer having a good time but you didnt notice the guys watching you and (y/f/n) slowly closing in like predators, He did. He pulled you out to the parking lot behind the club before speaking “Let’s go home, Im tired.” His eye’s staring back at you looking puppy-ish, You had a stressful day no week at work and wanted the release, needed the release “Tired of (y/f/n)?” You asked rolling your eyes at him attitude clear in your voice he tried to explain but you cut him off before he could continue “You know what im tired of, You both hating each other.” You were angry most likely induced from the alcohol in your bloodstream his voice kept ringing in your ears but at this point you weren’t listening until (y/f/n) stepped in the glow of the neon sign her voice laced with venom “Slut!” She scoffed stumbling toward you “If that’s what you think of me why let sweet little (y/n) around such a dirty whore” slurred insults passed her lips you dont know if it was the drinks or the commotion but tears started running down your cheeks dragging black mascara smears along with them falling faster after each insult they through back in forth at each other, you were full out sobbing now as you spoke “Stop, Both of you, Acting like children, do you both hate me.” You cried as you leaned against the dirty wall about to fall to the ground both Jimin and (y/f/n) rushed to help you. “Just take care of her Park.” Her voice thick as she kissed your head and turned walking away from you, you would of replied or kissed her cheek and told her to be safe if you knew that was gonna be the last time you saw (y/f/n).

It had been four months you called her voicemail answered everytime and went by her apartment called her work but she hadnt shown anywhere walking in from work you slipped your shoes off reading the text from Jimin asking you to come eat with him and the boys sending a quick reply slipping in to something more comfortable before heading to the dorm when Namjoon opened the door and stepped aside allowing you to see straight past him your eyes widened and throat closed you froze seeing a makeup free bestfriend not even a trace of mascara she always caked her face she was a prima ballerina it was just in her nature her hair tied up and lips chapped she still held the same wild energy in her eyes as her smile stretched rushing in to your arms Jimins voice rang out “Surprise.” You ended up circled around the couch together with the boys for a story time Jimin and (y/f/n) told you about her visits to the rehab center, therapist and Jimin going with her to her AA meetings.


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“Y/N” your best friend whined out throwing another gummy bear at you she was on the floor infront of the couch you and Tae were cuddled up on she wanted to go out instead of sitting inside since it was the first sunny day after a week straight of grey skies and rain but your warmth wasnt from the sun outside but from the slightly annoyed hooded man behide you she threw another one geting you out of your daze as it hit you on the cheek bouncing off and hitting Taeyhung in the face he pushed you off him “Go and take her with you” He picked up the gummy bears and threw them on the floor your freind picking them up let out a sign “It was an accident don’t get your panties in a twist and stop acting like a dick” she stood grabbing her jacket before leaving you both in shook at her abnomal outbreak as the door slammed behind her your bestfriend was the most innocent gummy child you had even known turning towards him qeustioning him without speaking “It’s just a tantrum, she’s being childish (y/n)” he rolled his eyes slightly smacking his shoulder signing in dissapointment as you got up slipping your shoes on they were both being childish it seemed to you Taeyhung tried to hug you from behind and appoligizing “Save it Tae, I’m Going home.” you slung your bag over your shoulder Suga opening the door before you could walking in as you walked out you heard him ask Tae what happened…

The next morning you walked in to your favorite coffee shop the scent of esspresso filling your lungs as you took a deep breath even for the begining of spring its was unusually cold your eyes scanned the room and (y/f/n)’s hair caught your eyes sitting with Taeyhung out of all people neither of them were answering your text this morning you just thought it was too early for them they waved you over smiles on both of them Taeyhung spoke “do you have plans today kitten?” you sat still shocked at the sight shaking your head no “Good then you can join me and (y/f/n) at the cemetery today” Tae finnished reaching for your hand to hold, your eyebrows knotted up in confusion “Yesterday was Goldies birthday how could you forget so insensitive” Tae joked sucking his theeth in between scolding you, you looked at your best friend why would they be going to the ccemetery to celebrate her gold fish’s birthday then it clicked Goldie had been flushed out to the big blue and (y/f/n) outburst yesterday was based on the demise of her tiny finned friend “First, we have to stop and get flowers.” you said grabbing your friends hand linked between both of them you left. The entire way there Tae tried his best to cheer up (y/f/n).


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One word to describe two people who were oh so dear to you 'Competitive’ the games between your bestfriend and boyfriend never ended and when they did it was never good it felt more like a fight then a game both Jungkook and (y/f/n) would get harsh sometimes vulgar. You sat between the two on the couch as they played overwatch yelling at eachother for no apparent reason Jungkook jumped up off the couch claiming the win with a victory shout “Your such a child.” Your friend sucked her theeth putting the controller down Jungkook looked past you to her beginning another argument “Don’t be a sore loser, take it back, child.” His voice taunting her if it wasnt for their completely different looks you’d think they were siblings they insulted each other back and forth starting a pillow fight hitting each other until your voice rings out “Your both children.” They stopped as you raise your voice Jungkook looking at you his hair in every direction “He started it, he’s the freaking child.” (Y/f/n) voice broke as she stood up hitting her knee om the table sucking in a breath you rushed over to her helping her to the couch checking if she was okay you three ended up watching a movie you picked instead of letting them fight over which one two movies later and Jungkook was getting antsy as you and your cuddle buddy giggled at the whispered jokes “I feel like the third wheel when (y/f/n) is here.” Jungkook whined “Loser.” Your friend joked back at him his reaction told you enough tou didnt need to hear the whispered insult directed back at her as he stood up and ignored your pleas walking off to his bedroom slamming the door behind him your friend rolled her eyes slipping her shoes on and leaving but not before letting one more whip out “Is he your child or boyfriend?” She didn’t slam the door just shut it and left leaving you to clean up the mess walking in to Jungkook’s room “Is she your friend or your child” he mocked (y/f/n) as he pulled you down to lay with him “Kookie, why?” You relaxed into him he knotted his eyebrows together “Why lay with me, Jagiya?” He tried to be cute, your eyes stern but heart skipping a beat “She gets under my skin” his voice muffled by pillows the door swung open showing Hoseok with (y/f/n) over his shoulder laughing like maniacs “I found her in ths parking lot!"Jhope laughed as he threw her on Jungkooks bed she laughed her way up towards the pillows laying on the other side of kookie the only free room left after half an hour of silence (y/f/n) spoke "Hey kook, I’m the third wheel okay.” Her voice mouse-y almost you liked there bickering and play fighting but you loved when they got along his arm wrapped around her shoulders before falling asleep with you on his chest and (y/f/n) on his arm.

There’s a great resemblance
between insecurities
and rabid dogs;

a constant need to choke hold
to keep them from launching
at you,

while each bite
pushes you closer
to a morbid finality.

—  Afreen Razvi, An Invisible Demon
And after all
these years,
even after all
the heartaches,
seeing you again
made me
remember that
my love for you
will always flow
like a river,
I couldn’t
pull it back.
I couldn’t
make it stop.
—  ma.c.a // It will never go away

Don’t fall in love with a woman who reads, a woman who feels too much, a woman who writes. 

Don’t fall in love with an educated, magical, delusional, crazy woman. Don’t fall in love with a woman who thinks, who knows what she knows and also knows how to fly; a woman sure of herself. 

Don’t fall in love with a woman who laughs or cries making love, knows how to turn her spirit into flesh; let alone that one who loves poetry (these are the most dangerous) or spends half an hour contemplating a painting and isn’t able to live without music. 

Don’t fall in love with a woman who is interested in politics and is rebellious and feels a huge horror from injustice. One who does not like to watch television at all. Or a woman who is beautiful no matter the features of her face or her body. 

Don’t fall in love with a woman who is intense, entertaining, lucid and irrelevant. Don’t wish to fall in love with a woman like that. Because when you fall in love with a woman like that, whether she stays with you or not, whether she loves you or not, from a woman like that, you never come back. 

—  Martha Riveria Garrido
I will
always hope
that someday,
you will
be brave
to break
the barriers
that’s been
keeping you
away from
your dreams.
I hope
that someday,
you will be
strong enough
to fight
for your own
—  ma.c.a // I hope you won’t give up on yourself

Θέλω να ζητήσω συγνώμη από όλες τις κοπέλες που αποκάλεσα όμορφες,πριν τις αποκαλέσω έξυπνες ή γενναίες.Λυπάμαι που το έκανα να ακουστεί σαν να πρέπει να είσαι περήφανη για κάτι τόσο απλό με το οποίο έχεις γεννηθεί,την στιγμή που η ψυχή σου έχει περάσει τόσα δύσκολα.Από τώρα και στο εξής θα λέω “είσαι δυνατή” ή “είσαι αξιοσημείωτη”.Όχι επειδή πιστεύω ότι δεν είσαι όμορφη,αλλά επειδή είσαι πολλά περισσότερα από αυτό.

-Rupi Kaur

Let’s be strangers again. Like we never knew each other, as if we’ve never been lovers. Think of me as someone who doesn’t know you personally. Spill out everything that hurts you. Tell me about your heartbreaks and all the things that suffocating you. I’ll listen to all of the things you’ve done in the past not caring if it will change my perspective or not. Tell me, how it hurts. And how much it pains you. As if you’re talking to someone you thought you’ll never see again. As if you knew your secrets will still be safe. Let us go back to our beginnings. Let us walk towards the start. Let us be unknown to each other once more. Maybe we will fall in love with each other after it all.
—  ma.c.a // I love to believe that “Maybe”

“What really knocks me out is a book that, when you’re all done reading it, you wish the author that wrote it was a terrific friend of yours and you could call him up on the phone whenever you felt like it. That doesn’t happen much, though.”