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You want to know what this is? This is the one moment we’ve all been waiting for. This is the moment where Clarke reaches that turning point with Lexa. Not only is this yet another completely vulnerable Lexa scene, but Clarke opens herself up too. She gives Lexa the tiniest glimpse before shutting herself away and locking it up tight again.

Clarke and Lexa are talking about Ontari and the ambassadors, but the subtext is so blatant. Clarke tells Lexa that the only reason she was on her side was because she was doing what was right for her people. (How often as she used that overly rehearsed line by now? Honestly, Clarke.) Clarke then asks Lexa how she plans to move on after her ambassadors betrayed her, but we know the words are much more personal than they seem, since we know Lexa betrayed Clarke. Clarke’s prodding. She’s searching for answers. Lexa says they were doing what they thought was best for their people. Just like Lexa was at Mount Weather, just like Clarke was when she joined the Coalition. Then we see it click in Clarke’s mind, she finally gets it. Lexa betrayed her at Mount Weather for her people, and Clarke was just an unfortunate casualty. Clarke then cuts the conversation, because what is she supposed to say? She shuts herself off completely, she doesn’t let the conversation get any deeper. Why? Probably because she doesn’t trust herself and her feelings. She probably doesn’t want to trust Lexa, doesn’t want to have those feelings again, yet look at the way she looks at her. Clarke, please. Chill. (Another reason could be that she’s gotten all that she needs from the conversation. She’s gotten what she was searching for with Lexa, and she can finally start moving on.)

This scene is 3x04′s bow scene. It’s all Lexa and no Commander, with absolutely no bullshit. Lexa thanks her, twice, because Clarke is the reason she’s still alive. Technically Clarke didn’t have to, of course, but she’s put her faith in Lexa that she’ll do right by her people. This one moment seals everything. Once again, Lexa has caught Clarke off guard with her sincerity. Not to mention, Lexa has never looked at Clarke with more adoration, and you can most certainly see it in Clarke’s eyes too. Beautifully portrayed, as always. This entire idea is also emphasized by the fact that it seems to be the last quiet moment before shit hits the fan in 3x05, much like the kiss was the last quiet moment before the war in 2x14. (requested by anonymous)

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why do you like jikook? vkook is life <3

How is this even a question? lmao vkook is life (I ship everyone with everyone) mmhm, but jikook is literally the entire universe.. just look at these moments


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Look how giggly they are together

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I mean yeah, sometimes jungkook teases jimin

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But bro, Jungkook goes in for the kill a lot of times. HE WANTS JIMIN

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No I lied, they’re HUSBANDS.

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well, how did you do the effect on them when the clothing swapped to the next one?

Oh!  I use photoshop for these gifs, but I’m sure that other programs have some equivalent functions.  So first, you take your pictures and put them in one file.

Open up the timeline tab (Window–>Timeline)

Duplicate the outfit pic you want to blur for your transition.

Apply a horizontal motion blur.  Adjust how extreme you want the blur to be.

Create a frame on your timeline for each layer.  

I find that having the blurred version of an outfit before the clear picture of the outfit looks better than the other way around.  

I use a 3 second delay on the still frames and keep it on “no delay” for the blurred frames.

And there you have it~ I hope that made sense. :3


So I know not everyone has seen Transformers Super GOD Masterforce, the series with the greatest title in TV history, but I wanted to share with you, from memory, my favorite character from that show: King Poseidon, the loud and disproportionally angry Seacon Combiner with a heart of dirt.

He was in a handful of episodes and didn’t really do much (which is impressive since there are a lot of useless characters in Masterforce and only a handful regularly do things) but he gets defeated so often and I remember him sucking so much that I kinda love him.


Anonymous asked for a rec of possessive!Derek fics so here you go!

As usual can you please make sure to check the tags and warnings before you read! 

Cat Farming in the Cascades (1/1 | 3,043 | Rated E)

Derek has no idea why, but Stiles has this really horrible, absolutely unconscious habit of fondling himself. All the time. In public, in private, it doesn’t matter.

Really, this is probably at least partially Derek’s fault. Because he didn’t somehow stop Stiles’ behavior back when he’d had the chance, and the kid apparently never learned not to touch himself in public. So now he’s doing it enough that random people are taking videos of him fondling his junk in his university classes. Oh god.

Take a Glorious Bite Out of the Whole World (1/1 | 5,472 | Rated E)

Stiles gets a tattoo when he turns eighteen. Derek notices. Quietly.


The tattoo is vein-like and strange, but it’s so very…right. It’s not necessarily a picture, but free-flowing lines that wind around his arm and dip and dance around his scars. It makes him feel free, makes him feel powerful.

He goes in for his second tattoo when he’s about to leave for school in Southern California.

It’s not so much of a second one as a continuation. He decides that, though the pattern isn’t of branches it acts like them, so he branches it down over his shoulder and down to the center of his back, kind of like draping a toga. At the center of his back the lines concentrate and sort of circle. He adds a splash of jade-shaded almond shapes and feels stronger somewhere deep inside.

He Gets Me High (1/1 | 11,562 | Rated E)

Stiles and Derek act like a couple. But they’re not. Seriously! Derek has a boyfriend and Stiles has a girlfriend. They’re just friends, overly-attached and possessive friends, but that’s it. Right? 

Mirror, Mirror (2 works | 5,103 | Rated E)

Kink meme fill: Established relationship. After someone flirts with Stiles, Derek needs to show him who he belongs to by fucking him in a room full of mirrors so he can see himself stretched open. Bonus points if Derek forces Stiles to watch as his hole is stretched to accommodate Derek’s knot.

no aphrodisiac like loneliness (2 works | 19,705 | Rated E)

Stiles is 27 now, with a master’s degree and a career and a house and a serious boyfriend and a life in San Francisco that doesn’t include Derek. But then Stiles unexpectedly shows back up in Beacon Hills, and Derek would recognize that scent anywhere.

famous last words (6/6 | 16,957 | Rated E)

(No, he doesn’t belong in porn anonymous—it’s not an addiction. It isn’t, he swears.)

I Totally Planned on the Walk of Shame (1/1 | 14,960 | Rated E)

Stiles wiggled a bit to adjust the fit of his skinny jeans and winced slightly. There was a fine line between paint and pants and he was pretty sure that line had frowned at him in disapproval two sizes back. He popped a few breath mints and resisted the urge to run nervous hands through his hair lest he ruin all of Lydia’s hard work. Stiles took a deep breath, sent up a prayer, and stepped into line at Howl, the most underground of underground nightclubs that Beacon Hills had to offer.

Not that Beacon Hills had any other underground nightclubs but still, Stiles was there, ready to unleash his inner beast and walk on the wild side.

Jazz hands.

sleep on the floor, dream about me (1/1 | 4,887 | Rated E)

When she woke up in her room, everything smelled like puke and blood and Derek was leaning over her, palm pressed against her forehead.

“Well,” he said. “That was dramatic.”

“Yeah,” Stiles coughed and wished to stop breathing if only so she didn’t have to taste the inside of her mouth any longer. “Sorry about that.”

“Later on, when you’re able to really appreciate it, I will kill you for this.”

(K)Not Exactly According to Plan ( 2 works | 3,812 | Rated E)

Finding his mate is nothing like Derek expected.

He expected relief, a bone deep feeling of peace and contentment, whole hearted acceptance and soul freeing joy. Actually, given the last few years of Derek’s life saying he expected anything good is a bit of an overstatement. Derek had hoped though. He’d hoped that when he felt that connection, was overcome by that urge to touch and mark and claim, and finally found his mate it would be a new beginning, a sign of better things to come.

Instead he found Stiles –hahaha hell no you can’t know my first name-Stilinski and he’s the complete and total opposite of what Derek thought he wanted in a mate.

Control (1/1 | 3,953 | Not Rated)

Stiles, fed up with Derek’s I-Ruin-Fun attitude, skips out on the pack meeting. Meanwhile Derek, tired of pushing Stiles away, decides to let his wolf take control in order to secure his mate by his side. One-shot.

Discordant Chaos (1/1 | 3,148 | Rated E)

“Jesus, we really are some kind of fucked up, aren’t we, just completely toxic to each other.”

(Or the one where Derek and Stiles are assholes and Stiles gets Scott caught up in the middle of their shit. But it’s all good, because Scott’s an asshole, too.)

“We’re going clubbing!” (1/1 | 2,526 | PG-13)

“I’m sorry we’re doing what?!” Stiles was incredulous. They couldn’t be serious. Really they couldn’t be. Lydia and Erica were staring at him in amusement. They must be joking.

“Yes Stiles,” They replied in ominous harmony. “We’re going clubbing.”

“I’m looking at you and hearing clubbing but my head is saying no they can’t mean that. They can’t mean let’s take a group of adolescent werewolves, who can barely contain themselves on a good day! to a club, with people. Real people. But it’s okay. Because I know Derek would never agree to this.”

“Actually,” Lydia looked evil, with the current smirk she was sporting, “Actually he already did.”

The Hale Beast (1 works | 17,707 | Rated M)

Stiles would rather be at home playing X-Box than attending the ceremony inaugurating the Wolf nation’s sovereignty over the Argent kingdom, but he’s the Sheriff’s son so those are the breaks. What he doesn’t expect is the feral werewolf Prince Derek AKA The Beast to take an interest in him.

He was alone with the Beast. His heart started pounding its way up into his throat. A burst of static came from his cell phone.
“Scott! Oh my god! He’s here! The Hale Beast is here with me and I’m alone and no one is here to witness when he kills me…to death!”

Obsession (1/1 | 2,399 | Rated M)

Derek gets hit by a witch’s curse and is confined to his loft as his uncle searches for a cure and Isaac stands guard. But as the curse grows worse and Derek’s obsession with a certain pale skinned person becomes increasingly intense, how long can the team keep Derek and Stiles apart, especially when Stiles decides to take matters into his own hands? 

First ever DnD 4e game

Contest: the party consisted of a elven bard, deva avenger, human rogue, human ranger and human fighter (me). We were in a heavily fortified city and had just installed a new leader with my character rolling a natural 20 intimidate on 16 heavily armed soldiers and the opposing leader. Anyway our rogue (ooc) hadnt been with us for a couple of games so our DM masterfully tweak the game that he had fallen into a coma due to a stone he picked up. I decided to have fun with his unconscious state:

Me: does anyone in the party have any charcoal or writing implement?

Avenger: i do

Me: Give it to me i want to do something to the rogue

Avenger: *gives me the charcoal stick thinking im going to draw on the rogue’s face*

Me: I draw a sheriff’s moustache on his mouth and then a giant penis on his forehead

Me to a crowd of people: Everyone listen to me! this man is to now be known as Sheriff Dick. Remember that name well for his name is Sheriff Dick.

DM: roll diplomacy

Me: passes dip check

DM: ok everyone in this city and the nearby surrounding towns and villages will now refer to your rogue as Sheriff Dick

SENRAN KAGURA Estival Versus - Localization Blog #2

When you localize for a game company that’s known for LEs, editing the game’s script itself is only part of the project. Our LE extras can be text-heavy too – ask Tom, who wrote every word of Adol’s travel journal for Ys: Memories of Celceta from scratch. For Estival Versus, since the dual CD soundtrack containing 70 tracks didn’t need much help from our localization side, series translator Jason and I had to work together to create all the text for the art book and collectible “pin-up cards” to complete the LE package.

The art book, at 108 pages, is a hefty one, featuring illustrated bios of each character, translated pages of game-related manga, and various images of the characters at work and play. The bulk of my part, besides working with Jason on the dialogue for the manga, was updating the bios. With Estival being a sequel to Shinovi Versus, 20 of the characters already had bios, written for the syllabus in Shinovi’s LE. Those, though, were written as basic introductions to the characters, using only what was established about them prior to the start of the game.

On that note, spoilers for Shinovi Versus below…

To update the bios for Estival, I looked back on what the characters had experienced since the beginning of the first game – keeping track of which story elements made it into Estival, thereby becoming official, and which were left by the wayside. (Just as well; it would have gotten old to end almost every bio with “Left for dead by New Hebijo.”) Since the start of Shinovi Versus, not only have the characters learned and bonded more, but we as the players have learned more about them, so the new bios reflect both those things.

Those bios also appear in many of the LE’s pin-up cards, where each of the six sets contains ten cards highlighting each of the five lovely ladies in a faction in two distinct ways. Each character has one card showing them in a casual outfit, with info on their background and personality, and another card that shows them ready for battle, complete with combat stats and tips for playing them effectively. Many of the characters’ moves and stats have changed since the last game (sorry, Hibari fans, no more infinite butt stomps), so Jason and I rewrote the combat cards to match. The final results are 6 distinct packs of 10 high-quality, holographic collectibles – in fact, part of the reason they’re not all packaged into every box is because that would have driven up the price too high, hence each LE coming with one pack chosen at random. Here’s a sneak peek at the 10 cards in the Hanzo pack, where we’ve simulated the effect that the holographic foil is supposed to have.

As for the game itself, the NA release of Estival will include the base game, up to version 1.06, on the disc/game card. Series veterans might already know that Estival has had a great many content update patches in Japan since its initial release, and so, upon taking the game online for the first time, you’ll be able to download them all up to at least version 1.17.

Why is all that not on the disc? A couple of back-end reasons, but the main one is that, while there’d be room enough on a Blu-Ray, there wouldn’t be enough room on a Vita card.

What’s in the title updates? Right off the bat, you’ll get Rin and Daidōji for free, as they were in the Japanese version 1.07. You’ll also get new multiplayer match types (ever wanted to take the shinobi girls into mecha combat?), various game balancing tweaks, some new menu features, and numerous other goodies. You can see what’s in the patches by pressing the Square button on the main menu, and there just might be a little more content beyond all that on the way…

Premium DLC items, which we’re planning to roll out on day one (since Japan has already had them available for a while), include a variety of new scenarios and characters. Sadly, we couldn’t get the licensing rights to the three Ikkitosen characters from the Japanese version, but you will be able to play as Naraku, Kagura, Ayane from Dead or Alive, and Ayame the shop girl. Another featured DLC item is the “Dual Shinobi Hearts Ticket,” which presents several new missions pairing various characters up in comedy duos. Besides that, and besides all the costume items, you can also check out various Special Missions, which pit various groups of characters against one another in special circumstances. (The PS4 version, which can present ten-character matches to the Vita’s four, has a few more of these scenarios available than the Vita version does.)

The Dual Shinobi Hearts missions and Special missions were particularly fun to localize. Some of them pair up characters you don’t usually see together, some show new sides of the character duos we already know – witness Rin’s reaction to learning Daidōji’s one weakness – and some lean on the fourth wall in fun and inventive ways.

We’re still trying to finalize the release date and should have an official announcement soon, but the girls should be just about a month away from busting loose now as we’re targeting mid-March. Let’s see if the energetic shinobi can stand being cooped up for that much longer…