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3 years with Seventeen

South Korea debut (May 2015) → Japan debut (May 2018)

3 years ago, a new rookie group with 13 members debuted. Little did they know, that 3 years later they would debut again in Japan and continue their success with millions of carats worldwide by their side. You’ve all come so far these past 3 years and carats are so proud of what you’ve all accomplished. Thank you for sharing your music to the world and providing carats with happiness (and lots of laughter)!


Alternative responses to “I love you”: Stranger Things teens edition

An Eye for An Eye

A write up and analysis of Moira’s new interactions with Soldier: 76, McCree, Reaper, and a few others.  Includes a discussion on Moira after the events of “Retribution”, and how Soldier: 76 does believe she was responsible for it.  Also discusses the different ways we can interpret Soldier’s line, and the different ways we can interpret Moira’s reply.

TL;DR: Soldier: 76 blames Moira for the events of “Retribution,” and likely for aiding in the fall of Overwatch. While he mentions “Reyes,” he never actually says what he thinks “Reyes had been planning,” leaving the line open to a discussion on if Jack is presently aware of Gabriel’s plan to infiltrate Talon.  Compared to the emotionality and intensity of Soldier’s line, Moira’s reply is oddly and almost eerily disaffected, especially compared to her interactions with Winston, Mercy, Pharah, and McCree.  Contains a small part on the increasing likelihood of a romantic angle between Gabriel and Jack.

(Italics represent actual speaking inflections and changes in tone present in the actual audio)

Moira’s research:

Winston: Overwatch had good reason to shut down your research!
Moira: I shouldn’t be surprised at such a narrow opinion coming from a jumped-up ape.

Mercy: Describing your work as “unethical” would be a kindness.
Moira: But the true question is whether or not you can deny my discoveries…(pause) …No, I didn’t think so.


Moira: Well, I must never worry about my safety when the brave agents of Helix are with us.
Pharah: Don’t be so sure about that.

The effects of “Retribution”:

Moira: Our courageous cowboy… The years haven’t changed you much, have they, Jesse?
McCree: Well, they certainly haven’t changed my feelings about working with you.

Soldier: 76: You were a disgrace to Overwatch.  If I had known what Reyes had been planning, I would never have allowed it.
Moira: It seems to me that it was convenient for you not to look too closely into Gabriel’s business…
(Audio link)

The “I don’t get paid enough for this” category:

Moira: Your condition seems relatively stable.
Reaper: No one’s accused me of that in a long time.
(Audio link)

Other things to read before this: “Long Reasons Not to Trust Moira in Retribution” and “Retribution and Reapercussions.”  Warning: true to the first one’s name, they are both very long, and they are both constructed around the idea that Moira was a double-agent working for Talon during the events of “Retribution,” and that she sold out the mission to Talon before the mission started.

Let’s clear one thing here, immediately, before any of this begins:

Both Soldier: 76 and McCree believe Moira betrayed Blackwatch during “Retribution.”  

Soldier: 76 does 100%, McCree’s opinion is very strongly implied, based on his interaction above, and on his older one with Moira:

McCree: Always thought hiring you was a mistake.
Moira: The best mistake one could ever make.

This is very important for two main reasons:

The first is that whatever happened during Gabriel’s debriefing was enough to: 1) convince McCree to stay in Blackwatch for another year or two, 2) convince McCree to remain loyal to his BW commander for another year or two, 3) convince Jack Morrison to allow Gabriel Reyes to stay in Overwatch for another two years, 4) convince Jack Morrison that Gabriel Reyes, Jesse McCree, and Genji Shimada could be allowed to operate even when their division was suspended.

(More under the cut)

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faesbeforebaes  asked:

How do you draw in the dragon age tarot card style? It sounds like a weird question but I've been trying to draw my inquisitor but I'm finding the aesthetic really hard

Hi! I felt inspired to make a lil tutorial so excuse me if it`s way too much (edit Heath here, can confirm, it is).  I`ll just describe what I do point by point and go on a small analysis of existing DAI tarots.

1) Recearch

There is a reason why I always ask for character personality descriptions. There is nothing harder than trying to draw a character you know nothing about. You always need a jumping off point for a design.

When I have a description I start looking for a card that would fit the character I was given. Sites that give short tarot card meaning descriptions are very useful. For example. Way back in the day when I was designing a tarot for my Inquisitor I settled for the Judgment card because it`s description (rebirth, a new phase, inner calling) fit the narrative so well. (Sometimes you can take one element of the specific card and play with it just to give a hint to it without feeling restricted by just copying the card.)

2) Sketches

Just recently I started doing 3 sketches for all the commissions. Putting all the ideas you have “on paper” really helps to avoid an urge to change everything when you are almost done (god knows I have those urges a lot).

These are sketches for the commission I recently posted. Commissioner chose the sketch I finished but the whole idea is to try different compositions and moods. You can see how messy and not detailed my sketches are, and tho I am trying to get better at this, I feel even like this they translate the mood and the composition fairly well.

3) DA tarot style (colour rendering and all fun stuff)

Now to the real question. The answer is really simple tbh. There is no set style for tarot cards in DAI because they had a variety of artists working on them. You honestly can`t go wrong with them. Let me elaborate on this.

I`ll show some tarot sets that look very different and then point out elements that carry over from one artist to another creating the cohesive aesthetics.

Cole cards

  • simple strong colours creating silhouettes
  • quite realistic lighting
  • implied anatomy
  • close to none ornaments

You can see that Cole cards are about contrast and emotion. They are beautiful in their simplicity, pretty much the only part that is rendered is the face because the emotion the most important to the artist.

Advisors cards (not sure if it`s the same artist but the style is more or less consistent)

  • realistic anatomy and rendering
  • nuansed colour
  • ornaments

Very different from Cole. Less impressive compositions but beautiful anatomy and rendering. Emotion is a secondary to symbolism, all of main character in the cards have pretty blant expressions but all the the attention is on their symbols ( Josie`s pen, a sword for Cullen, raven and daggers for Leliana).

Sera cards

  • flat colours
  • VERY close to arcana cards
  • little to no realistic render and lighting
  • beautiful use of textures to fill the space

Unlike the advisors cards Sera`s cards are obviously based on certain arcana and they follow if extremely close. All the focus here is on really strong composition and use of textures. Bright colours and Sera herself in those cards create incredible fun mood to highlight her character.

In conclusion.

All of the cards above have some things in common that make the looks cohesive despite different styles.

  • flat backgrounds
  • focus on the character
  • flat elemens on foreground to highlight the important symbols

You can`t go wrong with DAI style tarots, there is no one size fir all. Try finding cards online and look at them while you work in your card.  Compare, analyze and HAVE FUN.

(I really hope I was helpful)

Elementary, My Dear

Whoever thought it would be a good idea to put a preschool on Elsewhere’s campus clearly didn’t know about the… special circumstances that would make the jobs of the teachers-in-training a living hell. They also chose to have it back right up to the woods. And, unfortunately, salt lines and small children don’t really mix.

Artists and musicians have a greater risk of being Taken, but they don’t have to deal with everything the Gentry can throw at them without so much as batting an eye.

It’s the Education majors that have it the worst, especially those who are working with the elementary-age students, the Gentry’s love of children far surpassing the fascination they have with artists. Those brave enough to work in the on-campus preschool/daycare, whether part of their curriculum or not, have to fight off all kinds of threatening entities (preferably before naptime), without betraying the fact that something is dangerously wrong (The fact that children See more than adults doesn’t help matters.).

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The Girls of Class 1-A

Random thought.

I mentioned this earlier, but I love the dynamics of the six girls of Class 1-A so much. You can tell they’re all so close, and they have so many small, heartwarming moments. I love it.

There are only six girls in a class of 20 students, so you can definitely see how they stick together and have each other’s backs. You can even tell within the class dynamics that the girls kind of have their own clique.

In a male-dominated career like the hero business, having female companions and mentors is important. There are some things the girls can understand and help each other with that the guys can’t, especially when they’re growing up and developing so quickly as heroes.

One thing that has never bothered me is the choice Horikoshi made to make the hero profession so male dominant. Heroes are similar to police officers. In the real world, easily well over 80% of law enforcement is male. If BNHA is more reflective of the real world, then the hero business would most likely be heavily male dominated as well.

Unfortunately, assuming BNHA is reflective of the real world, female heroes would probably also suffer from prejudices and systemic oppression due to their gender, and BNHA has touched upon this, like during Bakugou and Uraraka’s fight during the Sports Festival. If you think about the challenges female heroes have to go through in that respect, you can see even more how important it is for the girls to be there for each other.

Orange Sky

↠ Summary: Everything would be fine if only he listened to you and spent time with you

↠ Requested | word count: 1,825

↠ Christian Yu x Reader - Angst w/ fluff

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Here are all the MHA prompts for the character expression meme. Gosh there were so many of them! I had a lot of fun and I got to draw several characters I haven’t drawn before. Aizawa even got two ones! 

Also how many times can one draw B2 before learning it by heart?

Thank you everyone who gave me these MHA prompts! I had so much fun <3