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I wanted to ask you about what you think of Rowlet's evo and of what he's based off? I heard he was based on a bird from hawaii that went extinct and so he gets the ghost type from that, do you think that's it? It sounds pretty cool

OK lets back it up, I am going to sort this out once and for all.  I think the rowlet line has many owl inspirations, but there are some main ones that stand out, and yes an extinct one is involved BUT that is not why Decidueye is a ghost type (seriously, when have we had anything remotely to do with an extinct animal or fossil that was a ghost.) 

First of all, and i have said this from the start, there is primarily barn owl (I’m talking about the whole barn owl family Tytonidae) inspiration going on here. 

Barn owls are a separate family from the true owls, the Strigidae. Barn owls are characterised by their long legs (particulary decidueyes), heart shaped facial disk ( particularly in dartrix), and distinctive black eyes (particularly in rowlet), with a ridge of feathers above the beak, somewhat like a nose (most prominent in rowlet and dartrix). Typically, they are tan/orangey-brown in colour, and paler on the underside, though colours can vary from dark brown to near white (though rowlet and decidueye certainly have the typical colouration of the most well known barn owl, THE barn owl, Tyto alba). 

Tytonidae are almost everywhere, and the common barn owl is in fact one of the most widespread land birds, living on every continent except Antarctica. Barn owls are even abundant on Hawaii (though are not native). What is key is that, all over the world, barn owls have associations with death, and the supernatural. Barn owls cannot hoot, and instead make incredibly eerie and blood-curdling, drawn out screeches (seriously, have a listen here, it’s why they are often called screech owls), and that, plus their pale ghostly appearance, completely silent flight, and nocturnal habits, they have attracted many colloquial names such as “death bird”, “ghost bird” and “demon bird” and are often considered to be birds of evil omens and the supernatural (and thus were often persecuted, despite the huge benefit of their rodent pest control). Even the Ancient Greek word for owl, strix, also means screecher, and in ancient roman and greek mythology, Strix were vampiristic birds of bad omens, that fed on human flesh and blood. 

Thus I believe that this spooky mythology surrounding these owls are one of the main reasons for Decidueye’s ghost typing.

Another inspiration could be from Hawaii’s only native owl, the Pueo

The Pueo is a true owl, one of the Strigidae, and whilst aesthetically I do not feel it has given as much inspiration as barn owls (though perhaps some of it’s facial features for decidueye), it too has supernatural associations, as it is one of the various physical forms assumed by ʻaumākua (ancestor spirits) in Hawaiian culture.

Finally, let’s talk extinct owls. There is a post going around already with a picture of this 

This is not the extinct hawaiian owl! This is Ornimegalonyx, an extinct flightless giant owl (up to 1.1m tall!) from Cuba (126,000 to 11,700 years ago).

The long legged Hawaiian owls were a lot more recent. There were four species within the genus Grallistrix, and we know very little about them (there is only a partial skeleton of each) and they were about tawny owl size, 30 - 45cm long, but with quite long legs and probably reduced wings. We know very little about them, except that they ate other birds, and may have hunted mainly on foot (the below drawing was one of the only ones I could find - remember, i’t’s based only on partial fossils).

They are thought to have lived on Hawaii until around the first millennium AD, when the first humans colonised, and the birds were probably driven out by hunting, and the possible introduction of pigs and rats. 

Could their relatively recent extinction be the reason for their ghostly typing? I think it’s a lot more likely that the ghostly folklore surrounding barn owls and the Pueo, and surrounding owls in general -  is the reason for the change in type. 

To sum up, most pokemon have multiple inspirations. Aesthetically, and also in terms of behaviour and folklore, barn owls play a big part. However, I think the Pueo has an influence too, and there may also be a nod to the long legged extinct owls too. 


So, I was on the YOI tag, and someone asked a question: Why did Yuuri touch Viktors head/hair?

I kinda want to talk about that, cause the fandom isn’t paying as much attention to this as I did.

Okay, so Yuuri most likely suffers from AvPD or Avoidant Personality Disorder. According to Wikipedia, AvPD is a personality disorder in which those affected display a pattern of social inhibition, feelings of inadequacy and inferiority, extreme sensitivity to negative evaluation, and avoidance of social interaction despite a strong desire to be close to others. Individuals with the disorder tend to describe themselves as uneasy, anxious, lonely, unwanted and isolated from others. The behavior typically begins by early adulthood, and occurs across a variety of situations. (Sorry, I can’t explain this disorder with my own words very well.)

From the story Yuuri tells at the beach and what we have already known about him, he fits the bill for this disorder very well.

Another thing with AvPD, people who have this disorder also have a hard time with physical contact in a lot of cases.

So far, we only see Yuuri initiate physical contact with Viktor twice, while he has not done so with any other character besides the dogs as far as I am aware (if I am mistaken, please correct me), even in episode one, Yuuri doesn’t want to shake hands with all those people, but Minako literally drags his hand to force him to do it. The first time was the hug in episode three when he was scared of losing Victor and the second time was here.

The first time was an extreme circumstance. Yuuri found someone who got close enough to him to earn his trust, and exposed Yuuri to physical contact and other situations that he was uncomfortable with. Once a person with AvPD trusts you, the get consumed with fear at the prospect of you rejecting or leaving them. These emotions welled up inside Yuuri and bubbled through in the form of that hug.

Now, for the hair touching scene, which was way more important than it seemed, if we take it as a fact that Yuuri has AvPD.

As I have said, people with AvPD have a hard time with any sort of physical contact, and, as we see in episode three (and the Osen scene in episode four), Yuuri is comfortable with Viktor touching him, and, under extreme circumstances, is okay touching Viktor. However, the hair scene doesn’t seem to fit into either of those categories. This is something subconscious.

As soon as he realized what he did, he gets incredibly embarrassed and confused at himself, because he probably hasn’t done anything similar before.

But most of all, I believe he is scared of Viktor rejecting him, which is why he apologized and was panicking before Viktor even brought up his insecurities about his hair. When Viktor does this, the reaction from Yuuri changes just a little bit. 

He gets overcome with a different kind of panic. Not stemming from the fear of being rejected, but from the fear that he offended the person he currently trusts and adores the most.

TL;DR Yuuri might have AvPD, and Viktor did not reject Yuuri touching him. I think that is the biggest thing we needed to take from this scene.

Did XYZ really give us a subtle and innocent, implied kiss, not just teasing and bait-and-switching? Did they really just do that? It was so subtle, I did think on first viewing nothing happened/the escalator took Serena down before she actually did anything (she looked a bit sad, but also happy– but I realize now, it was just the bittersweetness of parting), but everyone else’s reactions made it clear it was a kiss.

Like, it was subtle and clean enough for the target audience (… and certainly sailed over my head the first time around too, so, um ^^;), but obvious enough for older viewers, that was– that was really well done.

I’m so amazed that Pokemon anime just gave a conclusive and satisfying finish for a ship that involved Satoshi and a human girl? Well, he gave Iris a flower last gen, he went on “dates” and received his first kiss this gen..

That was so innocent and sweet and I fell off the SatoSere truck a long time ago (went with me not keeping up anymore, you see), but I’d imagine if I were a fan, I’d be elated.

She went from shy and unable to say a word, always hiding behind her hair, following the path laid out for her:

To someone who can stand up to pursue her own dreams and actually express her feelings bravely:

(Satoshi’s lack of reaction was a biiit worrying, but on closer look, his eyes are sparkling when she comes close and they’re all warmly aglow until she’s halfway down and he smiles, so he’s– stunned, but it wasn’t unwanted or negative, so).

Even so, that was so innocent and sweet, I’m impressed.

(There were still those male-gaze-y low angles I’m really put off by, but look, the kiss is my focus here and I’m really happy they did it in such a subtle way, okay.)

I really am.


it’s commission time again!

hi friends, it’s your girl Ceri here, unemployed once more! I’m opening up my private commissions (which I don’t do often), now with a nifty little page on my nifty (and incredibly under-construction) website. 

You can find all the info you might need by clicking right here! And if there’s anything you don’t see/want more clarification on, absolutely don’t hesitate to send me an email at

love you ♥


I got some asks about my sister and answered one, but answered it privately on accident, so I got them to send the text back over so I could post it for Posterity™. So here is an explanation of what happened with my older sister:

My sister got bacterial meningitis when she was a few months old and as a result has severe brain damage and a seizure disorder. We’ve tried for years to control her seizures but therapy, an implant, and no amount of heavy duty seizure meds could stop her from having bad seizures that resulted in a flatline of brain activity for a short time post seizure (note: these are the BAD kinds of seizures that are VERY risky)

It got to the point where brain surgery was the only option. So last summer (2015, summer before my freshman year of college) she underwent a Corpus callosotomy at Vanderbilt. This means they split the two hemispheres of your brain so that basically, if a seizure starts causing problems in one area of her brain, they are isolated to that hemisphere of the brain, whereas before they would “generalize” (become the life-threatening full-body seizures). It’s kind of like quarantining the seizure to one half of the brain. Which was awesome!!

But what was not awesome was recovery. They thought she’d bounce back, but her “neuroplasticity” was not as good as they initially thought, so she didn’t. She didn’t wake up for about a day and even then could only stay in a state of semi-consciousness before sleeping again. She had also gone completely mute, which was also not expected or normal. Along with that, she could no swallow, walk, stand, or even sit up on her own.
She moved with my mom to an amazing facility in Atlanta called Children’s Hospital of Atlanta (BEST PLACE EVER), which conveniently was also the city I was moving into for school. So me and my dad and my sister visited as often as we could and Madison got better every time, but it was sad to see her struggle so so much with things that used to be easy for her. I bought elastic headbands in bulk on Amazon because they helped her feel super cute and covered up the incision when it was healing (her favorites were yellow, because that is her favorite color). The Madison we knew was still in there, but her brain had to remap all the functions that it knew before it got separated into two halves. She also had some of those split brain symptoms, where two halves of your brain act independently–even today she’ll sometimes reach for a pencil with two hands instead of one, and then get confused when she realizes her hands aren’t really agreeing. 
I remember when I managed to get her to talk for the first time after surgery by playing a game she enjoys–basically, I make her laugh by acting silly. I call my mom or dad by someone else’s name (like, call them my grandparents, or or dog’s names, or Santa Claus, whatever works) and they would look at Madison as I said this, she would look at them, and they would be like “umm that’s not my name!!” It sounds silly, but the options in a hospital room are pretty limited, and this game LITERALLY never fails to make Madison COMPLETELY lose it laughing until she can’t anymore. Plus, you can keep going forever, just calling people by silly names. Before surgery she usually would go “no, that’s mommy!!” or whoever it was, but since she couldn’t speak, she just laughed. But one day I pressed for an answer. I pointed at my mom and called her some silly name, which she and Madison laughed at, and then I said “wait, that’s not it? Well then what is it?” it took a lot of encouraging and a while for the words to come to her, but she managed to say “mommy!”. I did the same with my dad and she said “dad!” At this point, this was the first time we heard her speak since surgery, and since there werent any guarantees, up until then we didn’t know if she’d ever be able to speak again. But she DID. Me and my mom couldn’t stop laughing, and all of us were all crying too. It was such a special moment, I love telling that story. And there’s a lot more, like the first time she was able to move her left side of her body again, the first time she was able to stand, the first time she was able to walk the whole floor on her walker, the first time she went up the stairs in physical therapy…

Anyways this is way longer than this probably warranted but even though this was a year ago, I still have so many FEELINGS. Madison still has some seizures after her surgery, but they are not “generalized” and mostly occur during her sleep, so they’re basically harmless. She’s also gotten her seizure medication dosages lowered significantly, which is amazing because they were REALLY heavy duty, the side effects were “feel like you have the flu all the time, and also feel tired 24/7”. Before this year, we had never known a Madison who wasnt on these medications, and she is so energetic and happy!! The surgery has dramatically improved her quality of life and helps us all sleep easier because it means that its impossible for her to have a seizure that would actually be life-threatening. Anyways that’s my story, I grew up walking into my school holding hands with Madison everyday, and I love her like. AGGRESSIVELY. She’s great. It was a hard time after surgery, but it was so worth it for her.

Dear Disney XD,

@disneyxd Four months after the finale, still no reruns in America or news of a third season, and yet Wander Over Yonder still has all of this support. Did you ever imagine this sort of response when your executives decided to cancel the show? Do you still believe that 80 episodes are enough? Do you think that if that were true then there would be a campaign this strong or a fanbase this devoted saying otherwise?

37,000 supporters. More than the Gravity Falls fandom (your biggest fandom and most successful Disney XD show) trying to get their show on DVD. More than the campaign to save Disney Infinity, which Disney sold 3 million copies of.

This campaign has been going on since March 5th 2016. That’s nearly eight months. Yet the campaign is still going strong.

If Wander Over Yonder wasn’t a show worth saving, then this campaign wouldn’t exist or it would definitely never have this much support.

We understand.

You decide what shows are made and renewed because you are the ones with the money, you are the ones in charge, you know what keeps your network afloat. But what is television without the viewers? What is Disney XD  without its viewers? Both sides are just as important and need each other, so surely there should be some middle ground where both sides can meet and the argument considered and then the network and viewers can work together to make Disney XD even better! (Especially in cases like this where there are thousands of people all supporting and wanting the same thing.)

When it’s one sided, the other side can feel disconnected. That their opinion means nothing when the channel is also meant to be tailored for them. Listening to or at least acknowledging your viewers and their concerns can help to improve your network and help you connect with them to keep them engaged and coming back for more. You don’t have to start approving more things (We know how much you have to put up with campaign-wise and a lot of fans don’t really know what’s best) but at least consider what the other side is trying to say and go from there.

Your slogan is “The Future Is Now.” Then let’s make a better future right now for Disney XD by working together. Not just for the SaveWOY campaign but to ensure that the network, the viewers and the people who work for you are all happy or at least understand each other.

Right now the only reason we were given for the cancelation of Wander Over Yonder was that “80 episodes are enough.” We have heard nothing else on the matter despite trying to reach out to you to discuss it.

Please pass this on to the @disneyxd executives. Reach out to us. Work with us. We want to hear your side of the story, your true reasons. Then we can share ours and hopefully together we can work out a solution where both sides are happy or at the very least, come to a mutual understanding. 

Tonight for Trending Twenty-Seventh, the SaveWOY supporters will come together in another attempt to reach out to you. Please answer our call.

yixing’s “lose control” mv explanation

ok so the mv begins like this:

What’s behind the text reminding us of the song’s title and the fact that it was written, composed, and arranged by the talented Zhang Yixing? Presumably the ocean? Foreshadowing perhaps?

Yes. Sprinkled throughout the mv are scenes of Yixing dancing on this water-like surface before the moon. 

We learn that this water-like surface is actually the ocean when Yixing falls deep into the water.

So what does this mean? Well let’s take a closer look at these two images, the moon and the ocean. From a scientific standpoint, the connection between the moon and ocean is that the gravitational force of the moon contributes to the rise and fall of sea levels. These are also called tides. Familiar?

Yixing endorses the detergent brand Tide. There you have it folks, endorsement king Zhang Yixing keeps his brand pure by dedicating Lose Control to Tide. Thanks for reading and purchase Yixing’s 1st mini album Lose Control on iTunes and purchase Tide at your local grocery store or Wallmart.

haikyuu 228 spoilers 

Koganegawa asking Kags why he doesn’t have any sports tape on his fingers, Kageyama says it’s because he does 100 push ups, 100 sit ups, 100 squats 10km run a day using only his fingers.

Jks but he says something like that - that he’s been training his fingers because sports tape makes everything feel off and even a 0.1mm difference goes a long way… 

and Kageyama says he keeps his nails perfectly trimmed 

Koganegawa says he’s going to start doing all that too, and Futakuchi says ‘you won’t last three days.’

Kageyama trying to call Koganegawa’s name but he says KANEKOGAWA , LOL 

tsukki is like lmao nice try, it’s KO-GA-NE-GA-WA 


bonus: Koganegawa’s bandaged fingers haha

Things I Dislike: FFXIV Edition

Warning: Long post. Personal things I’ve experienced that I decided to make a list over.

  • “It’s easy content, we can ignore mechanics”
  • “Learning party no bonus pls”
  • Astrologians that insist on Nocturnal when paired with a scholar
  • Berserk macros that need to include a 10 second countdown to pacification (and inform you every second)
  • Bringing drama from another game to harass someone on XIV.
  • Cleric stance discourse
  • DPS that won’t move from AoEs because “Muh stacks”
  • Drama llamas.
  • Error 2002
  • Error 90K
  • Getting Rick Rolled by a tinyurl in someone’s search info (This one’s funny)
  • Getting to a timed node at the last few seconds and being unable to gather from it
  • Groups that insist on one-tanking Bismarck EX
  • Groups that insist that you should give the loot you won to someone who’s been here longer/played longer than you, or that you should split the profit you earned from something you sold.
  • Guildhoppers that try to loot all they can from an FC chest before leaving to find their next target
  • Healers below the ilevel for content like Creator who make a PF group to bypass the ilevel limit for the sake of getting carried
    • Who insist that they’re a really good healer, even if their gear is lousy.
      • Spoiler: You aren’t good enough for this content. You need to be able to output heals in damage-intensive fights. The ilevel limit isn’t some conspiracy to ‘keep your great heals out’.
  • Healers in PotD talking about how great it is that they can not pay attention and just cast regens and AFK and not even worry, while the group wipes because they spent all this time talking instead of healing.
  • Healers that don’t have swiftcast
  • Healers that sit in cleric stance and never heal while the raid wipes
  • Joining a Prae/Castrum group for cutscene viewing and having that one person that skips them anyway and runs ahead to start/pull everything.
  • Linkshells that advertise themselves as open-minded but are extremely hive-minded.
    • Especially those that will invite someone in and prey on them to get as much use from them as they can before discarding them.
  • Lootmaster farm parties that leave after they get their bird/drop.
  • Losing a roll on something by 1, 2, or 3
    • Especially when that something’s a pony or music scroll
    • Or minion
  • Machinists spamming blank shot whenever they can with multiple melee DPS in the party
  • Ninjas that goad casters.
  • Non-tanks that start the countdown timer
  • Offensive names that people try to get away with and curse people out over when they think they might be reported.
  • People that aggro something to drop an AoE on others trying to gather from an unspoiled node
    • Especially after already starting to gather.
  • People that cancel a countdown timer without reason
  • People that criticize a DPS for pulling aggro instead of advising the tank to use flash more than once in a pull.
  • People that die from/get hit by the same mechanics in a fight you’ve been doing for 2 hours, and insist things are fine/it’s unavoidable.
  • People that harass others for ERP because their tumblr contains NSFW content.
    • Or who harass others for any kind of RP, period.
  • People that spam, and I mean SPAM, 15 line macros/macros with a sound effect on every line/macros with 15 sound effects on every line.
  • People that try to run Expert/60 dungeons while not having any of their job quest skills from 50 - 60
  • People that try to vote abandon at the last boss of an instance because others are expecting a readycheck.
  • People that try to votekick someone from a duty finder group because the person didn’t agree to pass on loot they’ve been “trying to get all morning”.
  • People who won’t accept the res and insist that the rest of the party ‘carry them’.
  • Pulling far too many adds in a dungeon that syncs your ilevel down.
  • Pulling the boss before all the alliance groups are in the boss area.
  • Pulling the boss while someone’s disconnected, despite the group telling everyone this.
  • Retainers bringing back fish
  • RMT bots
  • Scholars that literally go on follow and let their fairy heal in level 35+ dungeons
  • Spiteful people that loot FC chests/kick people/break down airships/steal what they can from a Free Company before they leave on bad terms.
    • It’s one thing to move them to a rank that limits things before they leave. It’s another thing to punish every other member for their behavior or suspected behavior over one person.
  • Tanks not using cooldowns, especially for tankbusters or heavy damage phases/attacks/mechanics.
  • Tanks that insist DPS stances are necessary for their damage output (as MT)
  • Tanks that start the timer and pull 4+ seconds before it finishes
  • Tanks that stay out of dampening fields because “I’m 60, this is 50 content, gigaflare can’t kil-”
  • Tanks that won’t run into healer fields, at all.
  • Tanks wasting the LB that could have either saved the group from a wipe, or been saved for a caster LB pull next attempt.
  • Tanks without provoke
  • The uselessness of the Blacklist feature in some regards
    • Can’t stop people from stalking you
    • Can’t prevent you getting queued with someone on your blacklist
    • Doesn’t remove you from their friends list.
      • All it does is prevent you from seeing/hearing from them. It doesn’t stop them from hounding you, or trying to harass/stalk you. It could be so much better.
  • UNDERCUTTERS / Market Board Crashers
    • If you undercut by 1 - 500 gil (based on item’s value), fine. But if you go “hey, that glamour prism is selling for about 7.5K each minimum, let’s drop it to 2300 in 100 stacks of 1 and 2″, please. Just don’t. 
  • Wiping multiple times from tanks failing to swap properly, who then blame the DPS ‘but forgive them’. 
  • Wiping once and then leaving/trying to abandon.

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Zen and V taking care of MC and being taken care of? I'm really entertained by your posts hahaha

Ahhhhh what a nice prompt to write to relieve some of the enormous school stress from this past week.

Zen - Taking Care of You

  • his time has come
  • he is going to PAMPER HIS PRINCESS
  • Okay, so Zen doesn’t like that you’re sick, but he is so hyped for the chance to attend to all of your needs.
  • like - he brings you orange juice, he feeds you soup, he makes you lay in bed while he frets you… he won’t even let you get your own tissues
  • like if this man could just blow ur nose for you he would
  • that’s gross, zen
  • He tries to actually cook for you but Zen is a useless mess who would be emotionally and physically destroyed by chef Ramsay Lamsay
  • so after cleaning up his shame he just gets something from the store (and picks up some goldfish bread on the way back)
  • (goldfish bread: the natural panacea)
  • Zen, of course, can’t help but be theatrical, and during this process he breaks out a doctors outfit he had stashed away from a musical version of a Korean Medical Drama he’d starred in.
  • the resulting flirting is just as embarrassing as you’d imagine
  • “Wanna study anatomy with me? *winky-face*”
  • “ICU in my dreams, babe~”
  • “I don’t even need to take your temperature to know you’re hot.”
  • Zen is a huge embarrassment but it’s hard not to find that grin of his charming.

Being Taken Care Of

  • Zen isn’t used to being taken care of so like
  • on the one hand, he’s saying ‘oh you don’t need to, I’ll get better in a flash, I promise!’ but on the other
  • he’s… really enjoying this. Having you look at him and only at him with those concerned eyes is just…
  • driving him kind of nuts.
  • ESPECIALLY when you get the great idea of repeating the trick he used on you - that is, getting your hands on a nurse uniform to tease him with.
  • ok so when he first sees you in it, he immediately just shoves you out of the room and slams the door
  • oh, should you have dressed up as a vet, then?
  • it’s frustrating b/c he can’t even do anything without getting his germs on you and he is not making you sick.
  • (he takes pictures though)
  • (he takes lots of pictures)
  • He is mostly a really good patient though, except when he gets incredibly flustered lmao

V - Taking Care of You

  • imho he’s probably the best caretaker, he’s sweet, supportive, giving, and like
  • just rly thoughtful
  • He’s already got medicine ready when you first say your throat is itchy
  • and he literally never complains even when you sound like an elephant with all your nose blowing
  • He knows all the little tricks - gargling salt, honey in tea, ginger for stomach aches…
  • basically, he’s got his shit together (it’s one of the few areas of his life where he does lmao)
  • You mostly relax on the couch with him and watch stupid television
  • (well. uh. listen in his case.)
  • and he feels really bad when you comment on things in a raspy voice and
  • he’s a worried puppy
  • To cheer you up and make you laugh he tries to diss what’s happening on screen but it’s just
  • V is really bad at insulting things
  • “This plot is…….”
  • “…”
  • “….”
  • “…………not………. very realistic.”
  • (it’s ok V u tried.)

Being Taken Care Of

  • OK so you wrap V in blankets and scarves b/c he has a chill and OH MY GOD
  • just the top of his face is poking out, his cute lil nose peeking over ur rainbow knit afghan and
  • ugh
  • ugh!!!
  • who gave this asshole the right to be this cute!
  • u need to call the COPS ON HIM
  • Okay anyway, V is a great patient. He sits still, does what he’s told, and just
  • just looks so cute and miserable and CUTE
  • you just wanna HUG HIM AND MAKE IT ALL BETTER while he flushes from the fever
  • He feels really bad for troubling you but like
  • GOD
  • there is no way you can leave this sleepy, sick, pathetic man alone for 2 seconds. he’s too precious.
  • save him.