On those long drives south, you will pass fields of wind turbines.
They will stand so stoically, you will briefly ponder how they got there,
and how they can be so perfect.
You will realize they were put there for that very purpose.

You will pass billboards for businesses
that feel like home to somebody,
but to you are only brief glimpses to be immediately forgotten.
You will pass oddities.
A beaten down store that sells only bottled water, advertised proudly on sun-faded signs.
A barn on the side of the road with “REPENT” painted in large letters across the roof,
surrounded only by emptiness for miles in all directions.
Large animal statues that at one point,
long ago,
were built for a reason.
Mostly, however, you will pass normality, in all of its bustling stillness.

Wherever you are at 5:37 p.m., the sky will look beautiful.
And it will look beautiful until nighttime falls, masking the vast web of highways
in a blanket of familiarity,
because darkness looks the same from one side of the world to the other.

You will spend hours counting down the miles until you are home,
and once you are home,
you will wish that you were anywhere else.
Home is lonely. You will be reminded of this.
Reality will fall like dust across your suitcase,
now only a chore to be unpacked.
And when it begins raining in your backyard,
you will wonder how the weather is
in Decatur.

—  G.S.

I like to believe that you left because you couldn’t take it anymore and by ‘it’ I mean the distance between us.

From the beginning, we were just doomed to fail. Too much distance, lives that were just too different from each other.

Maybe we were never meant to be after all, or maybe just not back then. What I do know, is that you’ll never leave my mind.

And maybe, somewhere in the future,
we’ll meet again and make up for all the lost time, for everything we’ve missed while we were away from each other.

I like to believe.

—  L.N. | distance has torn us apart
Γάμα τα όλα κι έλα να με πάρεις αγκαλιά!

A while back, my current girlfriend and I played a game called Firewatch over Skype, and it was a nightly thing that I looked forwards to. I’d already played it before her, so watching her reactions, even if I couldn’t hear anything, was fun. A few days later, she was doing an art stream, and I thought I recognized the music playing. It sounded like… home. It sounded like 



Sure enough, she tabs out so I can see what it is, and it’s the Firewatch soundtrack.

And if it’s okay with you, I wanted to share the song that makes me think of her, and warm sunsets, and starlit skies and campfires. Maybe it’ll resonate with someone else out there far away from their love, and maybe this song will make them feel closer.


Long Distance

If hands
could reach
right through
this screen

I’d rest
your head
my knees

I’d stroke
your hair
‘til you

That we’ll
our hopes
and dreams

This year
like those
now too
shall pass

And though
at times
it won’t
be fast

We’ll close
the distance
our words

Which now
the world
will all
have heard


If hands
that write
could bring
you close

I’d write
to bear
us both

I’d write
until my

You must
you’re all
I need

// A.S