Look I can’t promise you perfection because I’m far from it. But I can promise you that I’ll always be patient with you even on my bad days. I can promisw that I’ll love you through every bad day, every runny nose, and all the tears in the world. I can promise you that I won’t just give up on you but I will know when to walk away. I will admit when I’m wrong but not boast when I’m right. I’ll support you in whatever you want to do even if I disagree. But most importantly, I promise to stay by your side and show you everyday how beautiful you are.
—  I can promise you that
Esta es nuestra historia Es un nuevo inicio Cariño toma mi mano Siente lo que estamos Viviendo No soy un príncipe ni mucho menos la respuesta de todo Pero vamos soy un tonto que te hará feliz Dame tu mano y viviremos más de una historia Mira mis ojos mira mi cuerpo No es perfecto Pero si te acercas a mi te abrazare y te aseguro que no querrás irte. Vamos por favor cree en esto.
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I had the shittiest dream.

I was in a group of people with Ger and we were hanging out in a hotel room together. I wasn’t dressed, so I told Ger I’d be right back so I could put some clothes on before we go out. I came out and everyone was gone. Even Gerald. I was confused and peeked outside the hotel room to see if they were waiting for me in the hallway, and nada. I went down to the lobby to look for them and once again, nada. They had left without me. I called Ger a thousand times but he wouldn’t pick up his phone. Frustrated, I went upstairs and just went to bed. 

They all came back hours later and as soon as Ger walked through the door I absolutely lost it. “Why did you leave without me? Why didn’t you answer your phone?” Much to my dismay, he totally didn’t understand why I was so upset. He told me to calm down and that it wasn’t a big deal. That everyone wanted to go and didn’t feel like waiting for me. 

I was so upset that I packed my things and left him there. 


I texted Gerbear in the morning being all “YOURE THE ABSOLUTE WORST BOYFRIEND IN MY DREAMS SOMETIMES!” ahahahahaha ^-^

Gerald is such a good boyfriend so it’s confusing to me when I have dreams like this. Even he said in reply that I know he would never do something like that, and I absolutely do. Stupid brain having random ass dreams. 

It wasn’t the distance that scared her. She was scared of the idea that he’ll find someone better in between their distance apart.
—  This is killing me.
Non c'è cura per la mia malinconia, non sono mai stato bravo a gestire la nostalgia, eri tu a mandarla via.
—  Raige.
To all you long distance lovers ❤️

Here’s to you. There is nothing harder than being miles from the one person you wish you were an arms reach from. There’s nothing more difficult than sleeping on FaceTime instead of sleeping in their arms and losing connection when your wifi sucks. There’s nothing harder than squeezing your pillow when you want to be squeezing them. There is nothing worse than going out with your friends and wishing they were sitting right there by your side enjoying the same moments and making the same memories you were. But these sad moments and lonely nights build the strongest relationships. You learn how important communication is and how nothing can stop you from loving the one person who has broken down your walls. you cherish the moments you have and take in the everything that others take advantage of. You build the most successful relationships and one day the distance will no longer be a factor and your love will never leave your arms. keep pushing until you get there and never let the distance win. love is stronger. You’re stronger.